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Two Loved-Up Tourists Head For A Spunky Fresh-Faced Fuck! (Tour Guide Scene #1) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 95)
Added: 12/June/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


David Sky and Ray Mannix are in love – with each other, with life, with the city of Prague – and what better way than to express their array of affections than by sitting down together with a tourist guide and using it as the perfect excuse to explore their surroundings, i.e. each other’s handsome bodies and thick, meaty, uncut love-sticks! Indeed, any pretence that they’ve actually got any interest in the sights and sounds of the Czech capital is very quickly washed away with a veritable tsunami of almost over-energetic cock-sucking; each fellow taking it in turns to slurp on all that gorgeous man-meat, before they finally slip into 69-position on the sofa and mutually work all that gorgeous dick into a frenzy.

For young cock-whore like Mannix, however, a session sucking cock – as fantastically pleasurable as it is – is never really going to be enough to negate his overriding appetite for hardcore action. As such, it’ll surely come as no surprise when the budding little cum-bucket finally stakes his claim on Sky’s rampant knob, sliding down on its length and riding it for all that it’s worth.

It’s a sight that’s almost certainly gonna have you burgeoning on the point of over-excited appreciation; but make sure you edge yourself enough to savour every ball-churning inch of this performance, which culminates in Mannix quite literally having the spunk knocked out of him by his ass-crazed buddy. That leaves Sky to call it a day by releasing a fine stream of jizz right across Mannix’s crack, leaving the hyper-sexed bottom with a Cheshire Cat smile and a jizzed-up ass!

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Great job, guys - well done! What a great pairing! It's the first time I've seen David Sky, and he is gorgeous, from his hairstyle to his tattoos and piercings. And what a cock - beautifully shaped and veined. The contrast between his smallish build and his huge cock is a real turn-on. Ray was very much the dominant partner, and David's submission was extremely arousing. As with his last scene, Ray's bottoming was first-class, but he was a great top too - who knew??? Can't wait to see more from both these guys. The shooting was great too (both camerawork and cumshots!!). I could go on but I need to go and clean myself up. Hats off to all involved.

Aino Wave, 12/June/2015

The new guy here is David Sky. Not Ruben Bart. And David , hombre , me gustas mucho lol (I enjoy you a lot). I've seen spanish David in another 'place' (it doesnt matter where) and all I can say is that I was hoping to see you somewhere again one of these days. And Staxus caught you. Very nice, David. I truly beleive that we're gonna have more from you. I believe you will have lots of fans here ;) . Bienvenido, David !

Vaclav, 12/June/2015

When I was texting my previous comment, David 'was' Ruben on the profile (pic). When I submitted my comment, the error has already been noticed by someone at Staxus ;) . That's why i wrote "the new guy here is David. Not Ruben". Done ;)

Vaclav, 12/June/2015

would've been ALOT hotter had there been some cum eating...

mwhisky, 12/June/2015

This movie is a good example for why I like Staxus. Two handsome young guys fuck, combined with a very good camera work. I´m in love with David, so please (!!!) make sure we get much more videos with him! He´s one of the cutest boys around and the cutest of all new models in the last time.

Andi, 12/June/2015

What a treat again Staxus! Lovely, horny boys. This is why I joined the site!

hetloo, 12/June/2015

Great models and big fusion between them. Waiting them again, hope they like facials...

LOLOPISS, 12/June/2015

And why net a trio, or more with Pyotr, Ariel, Tim......Wow

LOLOPISS, 12/June/2015

Wow, hot hotter the hottest..this is such a horny vid with those two fantastic and beautiful boys..Spanish boy David is extremely cute not to mention Ray...Oh my god had an explosion of cum..wonderful staxus!

Chris, 12/June/2015

David is amazing! After getting tired of seeing Noah lately I definitely have a new favorite! I am sure we will see more of him!

secondsky, 12/June/2015

Two really hot and sweet guys! Great match, and each one a nice sight bottom or top. Not so much a friend of undercuts, but otherwise great looks from top to bottom, and such cute faces! With David particularly, of course, as has been said before, the contrast between his enormous dick and his modest body size (which I remember to be more like 160cm in real life in fact) makes it all the more impressive :)) Five stars from me for this one.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 13/June/2015

Love flip flops and was long time we had not seen any on the site. These boys are so cute and very passionate. Fire sparkles between them and it shows. Great cummy finish.

Christian, 13/June/2015

@Steve, I love Staxus, love the remastering of old clips, but honestly, biggerthebetter (see his comment on 8 June) has a point! Let's count: May 2014 16 Updates, June 16, July 18(!), August 17, September 15, October 16, November 15, December has 16. Now the actual year: January 2015 has 16 Updates, February 14 (the month is short), March 15; April 2015 has only 13 Updates. And now May has even one less: 12 Updates and 4 Remastered clips. The remastered clips are not the problem. But since April the number of new Updates has dropped from an average of 16 to 13 and 12. That's a fact. And I believe that we have the right as members of the site to ask questions about it, politly, as biggerthebetter and I are doing. Therefore I finish with the same question: Please explain :)

steekvast, 13/June/2015

hi production varies according to cashflow, weather conditions, model availability, staff holidays etc etc - hence the number of scenes per month can vary. we also flex this to see the effect on sign ups - so we tried daily updates at one point - this did not improve sales and was bankrupting us - so we cut it back. We also decided to invest more in the models - more foreign models (more costs for travel, hotels etc) and more exclusives - to afford this this means we shoot a bit less than before, but i hope with better models and better production, we now aim to shoot 12 scenes per month- if memberships rise then we can produce more - its as simple as that. the classic scenes have no effect on this at all. so from now on you can basically expect 12 new scenes per month. but i hope stronger and stronger quality. all the best steve

steve, 15/June/2015

Good answer. Fewer but better scenes shouldn't be a problem for anybody, I imagine - and most recent scenes have been fantastic! But where's Yuri?????

Aino Wave, 16/June/2015

This is a great scene! I love both of these models, and I like the way they stay totally hard while bottoming. Good camera work too - it is a nice mix of close ups of dicks and asses, along with shots showing their faces too.

Maike, 16/June/2015

I loved this. The boys we adorable. David Sky is a keeper. I hope you fly him in often or convince him to move so he can work more...

❤dr, 17/June/2015

All recent updates (including the remasters) have been marvelous. This one tops all of them. David and Ray are so natural. It looks like they are boyfriends.

Spineur, 20/June/2015

Steve - thanks for this window into your decision-making -- you have a fantastic size and nobody can complain about too few updates. Twelve per month is plenty! And the remastered scenes in hi res are a BIG draw for me -- any chance more classic orgies like German Bitch Gang Bang might be offered in hi res?

fuckworthy, 08/July/2015

Two holy Creatures in the God's Love. The Future of Humanity is homosexual Love !!!

Paolo Rome, 20/July/2015

The homosexual Fornication is a holy Ceremony.

Paolo, 20/July/2015

i wrote Nonsense

PaoloRome, 22/July/2015

i am crazy for RAY! i love his insane gay ardor! his penis thrills me, as he is SO ERECT for his partners.....let him know that HE is ADORED!

heyjjh, 09/November/2015

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