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Cock-Hungry Blond Gets His Ass-Hole Fingered, Fucked & Jizzed! (Oil Up Scene #2 HD)

4.8/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 02/July/2015
Duration: 32 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


You only have to take one glance at this sumptuous pairing to realise that young Noah Matous wouldn’t ever stand a chance in any one-on-one contest between him and Shane Barret; although ironically it’s Matous who starts this scene as the more physical party, training away in the park whilst Barret encourages him from the sidelines. Indeed, given their long-held reputations as horny top and power bottom respectively, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows these guys that there’s really only going to be one outcome and that Matous’s ass-hole is gonna be seeing a whole lot of action before it’s a wrap.

That, of course, could result in the scene being somewhat staid and formulaic – were it not for the fact that Matous, in particular, is the kind of fellow most of us could quite easily sit and watch all day long without any trouble at all. Add in a dynamo like Barret to the mix, give the shaved, hairless fuckers a bottle of oil to grease up the action ... and you have the makings of a bloody classic!

So sit back, unzip and savour the sight of these two hyper-horny buggers doing what comes oh so naturally to them; writhing all over each others’ bodies to start, then taking it in turns to feast on all that cock and sweet, sweet ass! Culminating, of course, in Barret burying the hatchet right between Matous’s butt-cheeks – a move that never, ever fails to quickly get the doe-eyed twink towards a very sticky crescendo. But it’s Barret’s signing off that takes the ultimate accolade – a stupendous, multi-shot barrage of jizz that leaves his buddy’s pucker literally oozing with sperm!

Member comments: add comment

Perfect guys, perfectly filmed, in a perfect scene.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 02/July/2015

Noah is a dreamboat. He is what keeps my membership current. Luv him in every scene. He really needs to take it raw in a gang bang.

pounditraw, 02/July/2015

YES Noah and Shane ! When 2 boys get in touch the way you did, i think it's easy to achieve what we see. Noah is...well, he is what we all know ! And Shane, in this oil moment, did the rest for us to have/watch a great session. And Shane, that cumshot of yours ;) ... oh oh ;)

Vaclav, 02/July/2015

Je suis d accord pour que fassiez une belle scéne gandbang avec noah et plein de mecs qui s occupe de lui

toine , 02/July/2015

This is sooo amazing, a show of so much passion & I loved every moment of these 2 horny Boys I have a special folder for Noah I Love Him soooo very much xxxx

Neville, 02/July/2015

All in all a wonderful scene with some great moments to remember: Especially the footplaying Noah and Shane´s cock were great - and Shane´s cumshot ofc!

Andi, 02/July/2015

Liked the intro a lot, though subtitles are missing. Also nice that Shane gave a bit of a lesson of his MMA fighting skills. Little sweet Noah deserves the best tops which Staxus can get their hands on and Shane def is a great top. @pounditraw @toine A gangbang for sweet Noah is already planned ;-)

secondsky, 02/July/2015

Cute,little Noah oiled up and fucked hard by the muscular and dominate Shane was a dream scene come true. And Noah's sweet ,little ass gettin' covered in creamy cum was fuckin' awesome. Thanx Staxus!!

Dee Pee Zee, 02/July/2015

Perfect, Noah, superstar

JUMP8R, 02/July/2015

Seeing Noah oiled up in his Pump's was ehough to get me excited! Almost lost it when Shane was blowing him near the middle! Wish I could've sucked Noah dry where Shane left off ;)

mwhisky, 02/July/2015

J'ai téléchargé et visionné cette vidéo uniquement pour la présence du sensationnel petit Noah. Quant à Schane et malgré le fait qu'il ait été performant, je n'oublie pas qu'il est gay pour de l'argent et a déjà fait du porno hétéro et qu'à ce titre, je ne souhaite plus le voir sur le site. Pour le reste, ce clip a été excellemment réalisé et le petit Noah a livré une prestation remarquable à la hauteur de son talent qui est immense.

Pascaloux, 02/July/2015

This went straight to my favorites. Two really hot guys with oiled up hot bodies, nice intensive sex, ass to mouth. The size of Shane's load was insane =D if I had not seen the cumshot itself just a picture of Noah's ass with Shane's load splattered allover it I would have guessed that it would have been the cumload from 2 or 3 guys, Shane's cock is like a fire hose - with cum =D If I could have a magic wish it would have been really nice if Jace would have joined in to dp Noah, but nevertheless this scene is pretty much perfection =)

biggerthebetter, 02/July/2015

Awesome scene, guys. First my fetish with oil is being satisfied just fine - Staxus, can you do the same with my other fetishes? Second, the stupendous fuck and the even more stupendous cumshot of Shane. The dirty, but oh so very hot shots of Noah's fucked arsehole and all the cum - great porn. Thanks!

London81, 03/July/2015

First Noah is awsome. But this was far from his best scene so far. It was ok but I didn't think it was his best.

bobby, 04/July/2015

Shane playing and fucking with Noah is so good and the final cummy shot is great / Super.

Christian, 10/July/2015

Ne plus ultra. A perfect pairing for the storyline. Beautifully enacted.

Dong, 13/February/2016

MORE ass to mouth please!

Tony, 04/November/2016

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