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Horny Fucker Sam Williams Gives Hot Twink The Ride Of His Life! (Big Fare Scene #1 HD)

4.6/5 (Total votes: 58)
Added: 11/July/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to give or receive a blow-job whilst sat in a drive-through car-wash, then wonder no more! Sam Williams takes Ryan Torres on a trip to the country – via a nearby garage – and soon discovers that his passenger has a taste for the risqué. As a result, a brief session of fellatio ensues, with Torres making the most of the opportunity to slurp on the taxi-man’s gearstick! But it’s not until the two lads make it to the woods that the action really intensifies; with Torres once again making a beeline for Williams’s dick, this time in the boot of the car.

To be fair, by this point it’s pretty obvious that the young fair-headed buddy is positively gagging for his companion’s big fat knob – a fact that’s only underlined by the eager way with which he slurps on every aching inch on offer. Indeed, Torres is soon pouting out his arse like a bitch on heat, gasping for Williams to first finger his hot, wet hole and then follow on through with his cock – an invitation that a lad like Williams is never, ever gonna turn down!

The look of sweet contentment on Torres’s face when he feels his pucker being filled with all that man-meat is a picture in itself; and it’s not long before the filthy-minded pup has positioned himself on the swollen pole cowboy-style and is riding it with his rump for all he’s worth. Given this level of raw intensity, it’s perhaps not exactly surprising that the fellow is soon creaming like a fuckin’ whore; before Williams knocks out his own pent-up load moments later, leaving Torres to finger the resultant spooge onto his buddy’s lips. Magic!

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Oh my, this was absolutely fantastic! such nice guys, with such nice bodies, a really cool setting, very nice intensity and Sam being unusually smooth. Thanks staxus for making every single cent spent on a subscription to staxus well worth it =D

biggerthebetter, 11/July/2015

Sam Williams shaven is a crime against nature! His nice rough scruffy manly hairy look contrasting the other twinks on this site is what makes him my favourite performer, but this smoothness really is a turn-off for me... Boooh, bring back old hot Sam!

Student86Bel, 11/July/2015

Nice to see Sam shaven!! Maybe next time could go for a total shave with no hair on chest, stomach or around his glorious fuckstick and ball bags

Cranberry, 11/July/2015

Aside of this usual constroversy of weather Sam is better off with or without hair, I feel all in all he is GORGEOUS, sexy, available for all, and it is always a pleasure to see him in both active or passive rough action ! ( one of my favorite model here with Arthur Kral ! ) His partner here has also a fantastic asshole which is well offered to our admiring eyes ! Great / thanks for this super hot scene.

Christian, 11/July/2015

Wow, great couple..both are cute + sexy..I`m especially a fan of Ryan..he is so well acting, has a perfect trained body and yummy his asshole. Would put my tongue into it as deep as possible..nice is also the unusual beginning..great

Chris, 11/July/2015

Cette scène est excellente et très chaude. A titre personnel, je préfère voir le très séduisant et charismatique Sam rasé. D'autre part, j'ai voté pour STAXUS sur six des sept points pour lesquels vous êtes nominé sur "hustlaballawards". Je souhaite que vous y remportiez un triomphe eu égard à vos fantastiques vidéos sans équivalent crédible dans l'industrie.

Pascaloux, 11/July/2015

Sorry for being a bit like a broken record, but about the schedule for this month, will we get to see one of this hot interracial scenes with Kris Blent (shared on twitter) now in july or will they be published in august/later this fall =D ?

biggerthebetter, 12/July/2015

Today we are already the 12th July. This topic of publishing the awaited schedule on time regularly end of the month for the next, sounds a bit ridiculous now !

Christian, 12/July/2015

J'ai moi-même très souvent réclamé la publication du calendrier du mois. Je vais cesser de le faire désormais et j'invite les autres membres à en faire autant. Si STAXUS brille de mille feux pour ses exceptionnels clips, il n'est pas bon du tout dans cette affaire de calendrier et semble avoir perdu du vue ce dicton français : "le client est roi". Je ne doute pas un instant que ces Messieurs soient débordés mais qu'ils se rassurent, ils ne sont pas les seuls dans le monde du travail d'aujourd'hui.

Pascaloux, 12/July/2015

Je suis très surpris de la suppression immédiate de mon commentaire de mécontentement sur la publication du calendrier. Vous ne semblez pas avoir tenu compte que je suis client du site depuis très longtemps et que j'ai très souvent fait des commentaires très favorables et mérités sur vos réalisations. Manifestement, vous acceptez les éloges mais beaucoup moins les critiques. Désormais, soyez rassurés, je ne suis plus près de vous importuner.

Pascaloux, 12/July/2015

@ Pascaloux : would it be true... ! We don't believe this : you'll be back very soon.

Christian, 12/July/2015

@biggerthebetter How old are you? Fucking 12? Where the schedule, wheres the schedule, wheres the schedule... Jesus man give it a rest. You sound like some spolit little girl whose mummy wont give her the dolly she wants. Its quite obvious that there is no schedule now as a) The guys are probably too busy to do one or b) They want to keep it flexible so they can change it to add new scenes as and when needed. Now please do everyone on here a favour and shut up about it. You've even got old Frenchies corsette in a twist now. Félicitations!

Joel K, 13/July/2015

Sam Williams WAS my favorite staxus model. Now you've gone and ruined him. He is no longer the total STUD I was crazy about. He looks worse than a shaved bald puppy dog. Where is all his beautiful leg,ass, and groin hair not to mention his fantastically sexy treasure trail, chest hair and scruffy beard. Please bring SAM back. You've totally ruined him.

lonesomeinkc, 13/July/2015

Hi guys! I'm sorry about the schedule, sometimes we shift it around quite a lot and then I don't publish anything until it's 99% final.</br></br> Here's what you will see in the remaining part of July:</br> July 15: Dick Casey & Ray Mannix</br> July 17: Florian Mraz & Passenger X</br> July 19: Jose Manuel & Carey Lexes (Classic)</br> July 21: Ray Mannix & Roman Smid</br> July 23: Kris Blent & Yuri Adamov</br> July 25: Alex Stevens & Jose Fernando (Classic)</br> July 27: Joel Vargas & Kyle Willis</br> July 29: Nick Vargas & Ruben Bart</br> July 31: Thomas Dyk, Kamil Fox & Andy Shut (classic)</br></br> @Pascaloux: Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que supprimé commentaire que vous faites allusion, nous ne supprimons pas de commentaires. Soyez assuré que nous apprécions nos clients profondément, mais nous sommes plus concentrés sur la production de vidéos et de modèles de qualité plutôt que de se concentrer sur des tâches moins importantes telles que le calendrier de vidéos. Je sais que certains d'entre vous aiment voir le calendrier de l'avant, mais s'il vous plaît comprendre parfois nous changeons vidéos autour fortement et il est difficile pour moi de construire un calendrier et ensuite modifier l'ordre comme alors tous les membres se plaignent que nous ne respectons pas le calendrier .

Staxus - Andy, 13/July/2015

@Joel K, lol that analogy was really funny =) I do get a bit over-inquisitive at times ;) However don't be so mean to Pascaloux he's a member like all of us and should be respected.

biggerthebetter, 13/July/2015

Andy, Je vous remercie pour vos explications précises sur l'ordre de vos priorités et qui m'ont pleinement convaincu. Il est dommage que vous ne les ayez pas fournies plus tôt car cela aurait évité des polémiques et des relances parfaitement inutiles pour cette affaire de calendrier. J'admets aussi que j'ai manqué de tact et de discernement dans mon intervention. Cordialement.

Pascaloux, 13/July/2015

Sam is ALWAYS GORGEOUS, and gorgeous plus when smoother... another great scene.

London81, 15/July/2015

Gorgeously shot. A hot romp in the back of the car in the middle of the woods, what an excellent concept! And of course, the added bonus of sex in a car wash is hot too! Sam Williams is gorgeous, and Ryan is beautiful.

Jason, 22/July/2015

Love Sam with his partially shaved pubes! very hot scene. Would love it more if we got to see Sam cum in Ryan's hole.

late4swim, 28/February/2016

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