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Ray Mannix Gets Commissioned To A Hard-Cocked, Spermy Ride! (Big Fare Scene #2 HD)

4.6/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 15/July/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Director John Smith sends Ray Mannix out on a mission – take a car for a spin, track down Dick Casey on his way to the shopping mall and have sex with him. Whether or not Casey is in on the ploy is open to debate, of course; but what ensues is a fantastic, arguably risqué escapade that will almost certainly have you tugging at your zipper even before Mannix has pulled up in a lay-by and the two fellows are reaching for their dicks. What ensues is a brief but sensuous exchange of blow-jobs – the guy being blown keeping a keen eye out for anyone who might disturb them – before Mannix revs up the engine once again and the two beauties head for a quieter place to consummate their overriding lust.

Cue the introduction of a semi-derelict building for the second part of this coupling, which very quickly sees Casey rimming and fingering his buddy’s tight little ass; prior to him burying the entire length of his handsome, uncut pole right up his butt. It’s a move that, not surprisingly, has Mannix gasping and groaning in delight; as Casey eventually drills the fellow down onto the floor and continues to bang away at the blond boy’s pert little pucker like a demon possessed!

As a result it’s probably not at all surprising that the horny bottom is soon on the verge of sticky ecstasy, with Casey actually wanking his mate off as he carries on fucking. A cascade of jizz hits the floor as a result; but it’s arguably nothing in comparison to the flood of man-batter that bursts out of the end of Casey’s bell-end soon afterwards, coating the stud’s abs with a stream of tasty sperm!

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when I read the scheduled plan before this video had been published I already knew it will become fantastic..but what I got to see was just about the limit.Dick Casey and Ray this combination is the best here ever much passion and lustful acting!..besides the camera view and filming in the taxi is very nice to watch..have seen it in a video before..the tension rises till Ray the "taxidriver:-)" touches Dick and then Dick is extradited to the sexhungry always willing young czech Ray...oh my a fairytale..a video as its best!

Chris, 15/July/2015

Loved it, reminds me of experience I had when young, so cars are still one of my fave props! Both guys well matched and lots of feeling.

randybob, 15/July/2015

Great scene, cute,little Ray with hunky Dick are the perfect combo, the car section brought back many good memories. When will we see Reuben Bart again? Would love to see him getting fucked in the back of a car.

Dee Pee Zee, 15/July/2015

With old timer Dick Casey, who is fit and strong, we know what we get : hot classical good sex.

Christian, 15/July/2015

@DeePeeZee: Ruben Bart's next scene on Staxus is a hot soccer-themed scene with Nick Vargas on July 30, then with David Sky on August 18 !

Staxus - Andy, 15/July/2015

It's awesome that guys can pop a boner anytime and anywhere LOL. This was awesome. I can't wait to see Ruben with David

❤dr, 15/July/2015

@staxus: Where do you produce your videos? Is the studio centrally located in prague? I´m on vacation in a few month in czech and wanted to know are there opportunities/possibilities to join a video production or even meet some of your hot guys?..Chris

Chris, 15/July/2015

@Chris: If you use Twitter, send us a direct message @Staxus and Dennis will reply. If not, <a href="">post a ticket here</a>.

Staxus - Andy, 15/July/2015

Just awesome and hot! WOW!

hetloo, 15/July/2015

Hi guys! Since i've been bashed severely during the last 2 months for not letting you know what's coming next, I've decided to take some time today to make a nice schedule for you.</br></br> You can view the schedule up until the end of September here: <strong><a href="">Staxus On-Going Schedule - Click here</a></strong>

Staxus - Andy, 15/July/2015

wow,the anticipation grows and grows..the schedule looks horny..mhh

Chris, 15/July/2015

Andy, Je vous remercie beaucoup pour la publication de ce long calendrier qui me parait particulièrement prometteur. Je vous demande ainsi qu'à vos collègues de ne pas prêter plus d'attention qu'il n'en faut à l'impatience que j'ai exagérément manifestée il y a trois jours. Une personne de mon âge aurait dû être plus tolérante et nuancer davantage ses propos. Je pars ce vendredi pendant deux semaines effectuer mon second voyage de l'année et, je suis ravi de découvrir par avance ce qui m'attend à mon retour sur mon site préféré. Cordialement.

Pascaloux, 15/July/2015

Cher Pascaloux, ne se sentent pas que cela a été adressée à vous. Je commencé à publier le tout-le-calendrier-avant et il était normal pour vous les gars s'y attendre sur une base mensuelle. Il est juste que je suis occupé avec d'autres choses au cours des 2 derniers mois et ne pouvait pas se concentrer sur ce point. Je vous souhaite un agréable séjour et nous serons là pour vous quand vous revenez!

Staxus - Andy, 16/July/2015

Some interesting scenes coming up but only 10 new scenes a month now? That despite being told on your forum by steve that members can expect at least 12 scenes a month.

Joel K, 16/July/2015

Ray is delicious, with his holy Moans of Lust, his sweet Masculinity, his Cock beautiful as God. Homosexual Love between these two noblew Creatures is pure Spirituality, real Mysticism, Copulation of two sacred Bodies an two sweet Souls: true Manifestation of God !

Paolo (Rome), 20/July/2015

Glad to see that horny little fucker David Sky is due in two new vids!! Got a boner just in anticipation!

Cranberry, 22/July/2015

i wrote Nonsense

PaoloRome, 22/July/2015

Well seems my comment above got ignored by Staxus. Maybe I should write in French, seems that way you get a personal reply from Andy??

Joel K, 25/July/2015

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