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Office Cleaner Gives His Hot, Horny Manager A Furious Fucking! (Twinks Destroyed 4 Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 107)
Added: 23/July/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 14 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s an arguably controversial start to this scene – one that will no doubt draw a whole range of reactions and opinions in response – but fans of blond-haired twinks will no doubt be swept away by the charming talents of new boy, Kris Blent, all the same. Certainly STAXUS favourite, Yuri Adamov, seems to be very quickly enamoured of the lad – his (admittedly rather half-hearted) efforts to ignore the fellow’s advances soon evaporating in wake of Blent’s provocation.

Indeed, it’s not long before Adamov is pulling at the fellow’s pants – whilst still sitting in his office chair – to reveal the totally hairless, slightly upturned beauty that Blent has stashed inside. It’s a sight that (not surprisingly) gains the immediate and undivided attention of our white-collared legend, who proceeds to feast on every inch of wanton Dutch flesh like a bitch in breeding season. There’s no question about it, Adamov can’t get enough of the delicious ramrod; and even when it comes to the point that Blent is returning the compliment, you can tell that getting fucked is all that Adamov can really think about it.

The good news for him, of course, is that he doesn’t actually have to wait very long to turn that fantasy into a reality. Before you know it, Blent is licking and fingering his hungry little fuck-hole; before sinking every swollen inch of man-meat deep inside where it belongs. What ensues, quite simply, is an aggressive session of hardcore boy-on-boy fornication that leaves Adamov’s hole wrecked and jizzy; whilst the bottom himself spews furiously over his own belly. If this wild piece of breathless breeding doesn’t blow your load then we seriously wonder what will!

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W O W !!! What a couple! What a scene! Where did you run into Staxus newcomer Kris Blent? Super hot, super cute, great body, totally smooth, and what a stud! He's doing a great job hammering Yuri, who delivers another perfect version of his usual hungry bottom performance - with an almost hands-free orgasm this time while being banged by Kris' solid tool. Not surprisingly, the cum drenched breeding finish really pushed all my buttons... beyond 5 stars, and a new favorite for me! :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 23/July/2015

Mr. Adamov never disappoints. And Mr. Blent ... welcome to Staxus, hot stuff! We're gonna live you (A LOT)

Etienne, 23/July/2015

Hot scene. Kris Blent is a stunner, great find. Look forward to more scenes and seeing that pretty ass of his creamed too. And he has a sexy voice.

Phoenician, 23/July/2015

easily the best scene on the whole site. absolutely magic!

roket, 23/July/2015

OMG - staxus as its best..this is gay porn I want to watch..the new dutch guy is pretty handsome, blond hair tall and his enormous dick...mhh who could resist sucking it and lick the big balls filled with creamy load.. about Yuri one needn`t talk..a born gayporn bitch..his cumming without jerking we saw 1 or even 2 times before...great..really great! would give more than 5 stars if possible :-)

Chris, 23/July/2015

Kris was stunning. He has obviously watched a lot of gay porn, his performance was 10 stars. What a pretty face and gorgeous smooth body. I think I'm over Sven now...maybe. Yuri was as HOT and SEXY as ever. This was his best scene ever. He really seemed to enjoy the pounding and the hands free cum shot was awesome. I hope Kris was in town long enough to do a scene with Noah...yummy.

❤dr, 23/July/2015

The contrast was everywhere : a very tall Dutch blond Krist and small dark haired Yuri, a very active and a very passive as usual one... The new guy is well endowed, smooth skin, and he knows how to use his big tool on Yuri always as slutty as ever. The cum in the end was good and well placed, right in the target !

Christian, 23/July/2015

the ultra blond guy had a ultra horny orgasm ,I bet he could have orgasmed twice .

Pleasure, 23/July/2015

Wow what a find in Kris Blent and so aggressive love this Dutch lad and so good to see his debut scene with Yuri what a contrast!

DeWayne in SD, 24/July/2015

Impressive, kris ! Awesome debut on Staxus. Loved to see your interaction with the Superb (as always) Yuri and that interaction on the blowjob, on kissing and during the fuckin' session helped you to be impressive as we can see. Welcome, Kris ! . And, now, Yuri : you're an outstanding model ! Kris can thank you for this delicious moment.

Vaclav, 24/July/2015

For everybody that is having problems streaming the videos because they cannot see the controls (the video is cutoff): We have upgraded to a new version of our video player and you might still have the old player cached in your browsers. Please press CTRL + F5 or CTRL + R (Command + F5 / Command + R on Macs) or go to Settings in your browsers and delete your cache. This will solve it!

Staxus - Andy, 24/July/2015

@DeWayne, Kris is a good top but stay tuned for his bottoming scenes from twinks destroyed 4 =) Kris has amazing deepthroating skills and can take a good double penetration pounding too =)

biggerthebetter, 24/July/2015

to Biggerthebetter : how do you konw all this about Kris ? ! Where to see him take DP etc.. ?

Christian, 25/July/2015

Christian : It's easy ;) . All you need is to look at staxus twiter, staxus forum or staxus blog. Do it daily or whenever you can and you can see kris doing what Bigger says. You can see there a bit of what happens on staxus before you see on ;) ;)

Vaclav, 25/July/2015

OK Vaclav : understood / i sometimes do ! Saw there now Kris and for sure he seems to be a hot number. Eager to see the next scenes !

Christian, 25/July/2015

Really good scene and the models seemed into each other and finally some passion !! Chris looks good and has a lovelly cock, although please stop models shaving their cocks/legs (maybe it appeals to some members who like models to look more like children?). Also one negative comment ... when Chris cums, seriously was there any need for the total overacting? Your producer finally gets a scene right then spoils it with that.

Joel K, 26/July/2015

Awesome scene. Really like the blonde boy. Some of the best fucking I have seen on this site.

nova1989, 26/July/2015

totally awesome! especially loved the breeding in the ass and on the cock and balls. The handsfree cum was really cool too. Very hot scene! more like this one.

late4swim, 23/February/2016

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