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Smoking Hot Soldiers Sneak Outdoors For A Suck-&-Fuck Frenzy! (At Ease Scene #1) HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 54)
Added: 28/July/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not totally convinced that cigars come as standard issue for enlisters in the Czech army, but they’re clearly one little luxury that young recruits, Joel Vargas, and new boy, Kyle Willis, are determined to make the very most of. Not that anyone could possibly blame them for taking a break from a life of fighting and killing; and, finding a quiet corner of the woods to relax, these two horny fighters take a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures that only long, hard phallic objects can give a man.

And (obviously!) we’re not just talking cigars here. In fact, the smoking session is very quickly abandoned once both fellows begin to realise that there’s much more fun to be had with the contents of each other’s khaki trousers – at which point Vargas immediately makes a bee-line for Willis’s dick, like a hunter pouncing on his prey! You could almost feel sorry for the new boy were it not for the look on his cute little face that tells you that he’s more than made-up by the move – a sentiment that’s only underlined by the manner with which he returns the favour shortly afterwards.

Indeed, you don’t need to be too much of a sexual expert to realise that this is one young fellow who won’t be truly happy until he’s got his compatriot’s shaft pushing into his guts in order to give his inexperienced ass-hole the stretching it’s always dreamed of! Not that he has to wait too long for that fantasy to become reality. Soon he’s being given a good old-fashioned Vargas workout, taking every inch of solid man-meat and spewing the contents of his nads in the process. All nicely topped off by Vargas collecting his pay-cheque by blasting his goo all over the lad’s pucker!

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Very hot scene , but to muscular boys to my taste!

hetloo, 28/July/2015

"too muscular boys"??? Hm... another case of differing tastes, I guess (or maybe either of us needs new glasses?) Joel Vargas does show some muscle, at least - couldn't say that about Kyle Willis. AFAIAC, a bit more definition wouldn't harm ;) Joel looks perfect though, and he definitely deliver a hot fuck here. And I just fall for army settings... were can I enroll to meet Private Joel Vargas? ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 28/July/2015

In my case, I like the body of Kyle Willis. The scene is excellent!

Capardoq, 17/August/2015

Hot scene more of these guys please!

deekster, 02/October/2015

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