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Nick Vargas Hunts Down His Guy – Then Fucks & Creams Him! (At Ease Scene #2) HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 45)
Added: 03/August/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 30 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no need to be concerned, folks. There may indeed be a very rough-and-tumble start to this scene, but we can assure you can no models were harmed in its production! All the same, there’s simply no denying the breathless drama that marks the first few minutes of action; with Nick Vargas (gun in hand) chasing new boy, Calvin Rose, across a field of long grass. With dramatic music pounding in the background, you could almost be forgiven for forgetting (albeit momentarily) that this is actually porn you’re watching; until Vargas finally catches up with his mark just outside a farmhouse and the raw man-on-man action finally begins.

By this point, of course, there’s a very good chance that you’ll be totally captivated by Vargas’s Jason Bourne persona – and it’s likely to get a whole lot more intense when the fellow exacts his dominance over Rose by first pushing the lad against a tree and then (very quickly) inserting his finger into his ass. Before the boy knows it, Vargas’s dick has promptly followed in the digit’s wake, signalling the start of a sweaty, breathless outdoor fuck that will almost certainly have you unzipping and jerking off in no time.

Vargas is the dominant guy, no question – quite literally pounding his target down to the ground! But don’t assume that Rose’s performance here is in some way inferior. Despite his rookie status, he takes every thrust like a pro; and tops his act off by riding the cock cowboy-style, creaming himself in the process, before taking Vargas’s wad on the face. Army games have rarely if ever looked so fucking hot!

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Worst Cumshot ever directed.

Pleasure, 03/August/2015

This video, with no sucking and rimming part ( ? ) is a very basic standard and emotionless feature : finger, fuck, cum.

Christian, 03/August/2015

I agree with Christian,though the boys are cute there is a big lack of passion and emotions...Without rimming its boring without long kissing and horny cumshots at least more...this because just average, a lot lower that we are used to by staxus...

Chris, 03/August/2015

Je partage entièrement l'avis des autres intervenants sur ce clip qui est très loin d'être votre meilleure réalisation. Je suis aussi convaincu à 100 % qu'il ne s'agit que d'un faux pas qui sera très vite rattrapé dès la prochaine scène avec le fantastique Kris BLENT. Quant à Calvin, je le trouve très charmant. Désolé pour ce soir :3/5

Pascaloux, 03/August/2015

I really liked the military theme, the clothing and nice outdoor setting. The guys are quite hot especially Nick. But the sex was very robotic and lacked real passion, especially on Calvin's part :(

biggerthebetter, 03/August/2015

A negative comment from Pascaloux? Not claiming that JOHN SMITH is the best director ever since he started watching porn in 1921. Whats going on? :O An boring as hell, totally lacking in passion clip with totally robotic sex thats what ! In a word AWFUL.

Joel K, 04/August/2015

@Joel : Please, do not discourage our regular viewers here to express their suddenly genuine and unbiased opinions by your funny but so ironical comments !! lol

Christian, 04/August/2015

@Christian, that makes no sense at all dude. And I'm sure nothing can discourage Pascaloux from expressing his suddenly genuine and unbiased opinion (whatever that is).

Joel K, 04/August/2015

Joel K, Je te confirme que je considère John SMITH comme étant le meilleur réalisateur de porno gay qu'il m'ait été permis de voir depuis que j'en visionne et, pour ton information, il y aura un tiers de siècle le 18 août prochain. Depuis que les dirigeants de STAXUS ont eu l'excellente idée de se séparer de Michael BURLING,tous les clips sont réalisés par John qui doit assurer seul le travail qui était auparavant dévolu à deux personnes. Dans ce cas, il peut arriver qu'il y ait un faux pas. D'ailleurs, toute personne qui travaille peut commettre une erreur. Il n'y a que les gens qui ne font rien qui n'en font pas et nul n'est parfait.La zone des commentaires doit servir uniquement à exprimer des avis pertinents sur les vidéos et non tenir lieu de règlement de compte entre membres aux antagonismes profonds. Je te demande donc à l'avenir de ne plus interpréter mes commentaires et je m'engage à en faire autant.

Pascaloux, 04/August/2015

You see Cristian, you cant stop the man writing the same thing he does on almost EVERY scene that JOHN SMITH est le plus grand réalisateur de porno dans l'histoire de l'univers and that he has been watching porn since 18 August 1921 !! The man is truly a porn god and we bow to his infinite wisdom.

Joel K, 04/August/2015

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