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Blond Beauty Gets His Horny, Tight Fuck-Hole Interracially DP’d! (Twinks Destroyed 4 Scene #2 HD)

4.2/5 (Total votes: 72)
Added: 05/August/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 22 seconds
Comments: 25


You don’t need to be too much of a psychological expert to appreciate that Kris Blent is a young man with one hell of a dirty imagination; so give the blond beauty something phallic like a banana and before you know it he’s dreaming up a truly terrific set-piece with the teasingly provocative (not to mention the ironically named) “Pinky”. Add mixed-race and handsomely hung Gareth Grant into the equation – as happens here – and you genuinely have the makings of a fantasy classic! Indeed, just seeing the horny Dutch lad couched between this pair of ass-hungry dudes at the start of this scene is surely more than enough to underline the potential here; and needless to say you’re not gonna be disappointed in any way.

Suffice it to say that Blent’s rump is in fine form right from the start – positioned in its full splendour over a sofa so that his two buddies can rim the tight little button for all it’s worth. To their credit, Pinky and Grant don’t hold back – getting their tongues deep into the crack and working Blent into quite a frenzy right from the off. But there’s no denying that it’s the blond boy who remains the centre of the action; a point that’s only underlined when he’s being energetically spit-roasted like a common whore.

Never one to know where to draw the line, however, Blent is soon taking matters one stage further; taking both oversized black dicks up his arse at the same time, before eagerly allowing them to spew the contents of their balls all over his face! If that doesn’t get your spunk flowing then we honestly have no idea what will!

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This is sooo goood i loved it & wanted more **** xxxxxx

puggsy, 05/August/2015

Kris Blent blows me away !!! Just so cute & slutty at the same time. More of him please !

bodoman666, 05/August/2015

More of these two fabulous tops! Would love them to take me! LOL

alanoral, 05/August/2015

It is very rare I'd ever be explicit in this place with negative critique. Suffice it to say that I was enchanted by Kris Blent from the first second in his first clip, and really looking forward to this second one - but pretty disappointed upon viewing it. That's not Kris's fault though. I am a big fan of interracials as well as DPs. And "Pinky" (whoever committed the crime of choosing this screen name) has good looks, is apparently well motivated, and does a great job as a top, even finishing with a spectacular cum shot. Unfortunately, IMHO none of that applies to Gareth Grant. Fortunately, the perfect technique of John & team, the script, but first and foremost the stunning beauty, visible joy and (to quote my pre-commentator) "slutty" nature (in the best of all senses) make up for it. Looking forward to many more scenes with Kris! I think he is a new highlight on But please take the painful effort of matching him up with models who really allow to bring out his full potential - be it as a hungry bottom or horny stud.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 05/August/2015

I have to agree with most of Nymphomanics comment above. Kris Blent is great and is definetly a good find and excellent model however Pinky and Gareth? Seriously is the best you guys can do to find black models for interracial scenes? They are not even average quality in the looks department. Did you actually pay to fly these guys to your studio? If so someone has too much money to waste, which we as members pay for with less updates per month. Sorry I never like tobe nasty about a models looks but cmon guys....

Joel K, 05/August/2015

i am madly impressed with that Pinky and gareth grant. fuck them both..

chinghaoyu, 05/August/2015

Awesome from start to finish!! What a total slut Kris is in this scene,fuckin' love this guy!! Gareth and Pinky (Silly Name) aren't bad either. Now i'm off to eat an Oreo cookie.

Dee Pee Zee, 05/August/2015

The sex is nice to this tall durch whore Kris Blent..he has an adorable body and his beahvior is friendly..unfortunately I´m not the biggest fan of interacial sex..but this is just a matter of taste..4 of 5 points

Chris, 05/August/2015

J'ai beaucoup aimé cet excellent clip qui rattrape très largement celui diffusé il y a deux jours. Kris est un magnifique modèle à l'appétit sexuel très vorace et parfait de la tête aux pieds. Je trouve Pinky très séduisant et il constitue un très bon atout pour le site dans de futures scènes interraciales. Je suis plus réservé sur Gareth qui me semble moins motivé. Bravo à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 05/August/2015

I love interracial scenes, a interracial DPs are probably my most favorite kind of scene =) I was very impressed with Kris and his deepthroating skills (and ability to also take a good dp too) I really like Pinky and Kris (and they really seemed to enjoy what they were doing) I'm not the biggest fan of Gareth though, he was a bit robotic, his face isn't very attractive... he got a very nice big cock though =) Personally I think that Gareth is too light skinned to make a good interracial scene, the skin contrast of really dark black skin (like Pinky or Devon LeBron) against light pale skin, seeing a really dark black cock going in and out of a tight pink hole is what I find the most hot about IR scenes. For those who aren't over-excited about Pinky yet, just hold on for Pinky's scene with Noah coming up in the end of this months, it's pure porn magic =D

biggerthebetter, 05/August/2015

The look of the guys is important, but most valuable is their stamina, engergy, and here I must say we got it all : indeed the Dutch guy that we could see pounding heavilly Yuri, is as good here giving his ass and taking DP and also greadilly swallowing big loads, perfectly photographed. I found the clip wonderful in any aspect ! Thanks.

Christian, 05/August/2015

Kris Blent is one of those rare standout finds you just know he is going to be a huge Staxus star. No faulting of the sex here or his taking the DP but I would have spent sometime on better looking black models. I know Devon is in Dominican Rep and thats a cost issue but what about the stunning Hector Agusti? Make him your resident Staxus Stud ;-) I am not knocking "Pinkys" physical appearance but Gareth is not up to standards. Overall Kris is going to be loved by us all he is simply amazing!

DeWayne in SD, 06/August/2015

Completely agree with DeWayne on Hector Agusti. Also, is Tyler Johnson still active? I remember him in "Nutcracker" scenes with Johny Cruz, and I think he'd be another perfect choice, if still doing porn.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/August/2015

@DeWayne in SD, agreed there are a lot more good looking black guys, like Hector and that idea of making Hector a resident staxus top is a very good one =). Pinky to me looks alright and he has nice energy, my biggest issue with Gareth is his face, his face is way below average in my opinion... It would be great to see Tyler Johnson back (assuming he's still doing porn) I read somewhere that Tyler doesn't do bareback anymore, but he's such a good top that I wouldn't mind if he used a condom =) But I'm pretty sure that there are other black guys out there that are both handsome, hung and good performers (like Tyler) =D

biggerthebetter, 06/August/2015

please allow me to say, i never saw at staxus so awfull guys like the two blacks, please no more, please poor Kris Blent, he is a fantastic guy!!!

gandalf0123, 06/August/2015

The tops are ugly. I don't have racial hangups...they're just not porn material.

Jay, 06/August/2015

Kris is such a gorgeous fucking dirty slut!! Love the way he laps up Pinky's load at the end. Fantastic cum shot...

Paulo, 07/August/2015

Lets do it short: Kris is amazing! The two blacks are not. As the non-czech models usually choose their names I guess Pinky wanted to be called Pinky. Tyler Johnson stopped doing BB porn, thats why he is not used anymore.

secondsky, 07/August/2015

Isn`t Kris worth to have sex with handsome guys?

Wolfgang, 09/August/2015

I love that new boys do DP scenes right away.

DF, 30/August/2015

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