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Staxus Model Spotlight #3: Kris Blent HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 66)


Added: 06/August/2015
Duration: 5 minutes, 28 seconds
Comments: 25


With an appetite for cock that almost defies both reason and belief, it’s pretty small wonder that Kris Blent has shot to an almost meteoric level of porn fame in pretty much next to no time. It seems that one day he was living an ordinary life in Holland, the next he was savouring every hard dick that Prague had to offer – of which (as we all know only too well) there’s plenty! Needless to say, he’s quickly – and very unsurprisingly – become a firm favourite with the Czech boys, who now seem to be literally lining up to give him the kind of raw banging that such a wild, unrepentant slut deserves! No fucking here, mind. But with that fabulous butt of his on full display, we reckon there’ll be few complaints!

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Such a teaser !!! Hope to see much more of Kris. Well done to all at Staxus.

bodoman666, 06/August/2015

just a pity the pictures are 999 by 1500 instead of larger [as with previous spotlights]

cappied, 06/August/2015

Kris is a dream come true! :))) As far is styling is concerned, I think he comes out better with a more natural hairstyle (like in his first clip), a bit "wilder" and less like a "dandy" type as in the second one and the solo. But that's only personal taste, of course.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/August/2015

Will there be a model spotlight with Ruben Bart?? Love that cute hung Spaniard.

Dee Pee Zee, 06/August/2015

He is Hottt...and he knows it. I like the floppy hair better as well but I'm not complaining. I could have used a bit of cum here but this was awesome.

❤dr, 06/August/2015

Kris est un ange tombé du ciel qui a fait des débuts pornographiques exceptionnels. Après avoir été étincelant comme actif dans son premier clip avec Yuri, il l'a été tout autant comme passif dans sa seconde scène en encaissant aisément une DP. Depuis le début de l'année, STAXUS a recruté plusieurs minets d'exception : Noah, Ruben, Ray, David SKY et sans oublier le petit Erik que je n'ai pas vu en action sur le site depuis trop longtemps. J'aimerais beaucoup voir une scène d'orgie qui réunirait tous ces petits anges pervers et qui serait sans nul doute le clip de l'année. Pensez-y ?

Pascaloux, 06/August/2015

a rising TOP-STAR!!!!!!

gandalf0123, 06/August/2015

Kris is such a great performer both talented and very hot, it was a joy watching him showing off his body and playing with himself. I love all these solo scenes, it would be really cool though to have some dildo action in some of them, Brad Fitt's solo scene from back in november last year in which he fucked himself with a big black dildo is one of my all time favorite videos =)

biggerthebetter, 06/August/2015

Just Gorgeous! Love the smile, the eyes, the body (awesome 6pack AB's) The hair, though I prefer either the nautral, un-gel'd look or the fully gel'd look. Can't wait to see more action vids of Kris!!!

mwhisky, 07/August/2015

Where's the cum ????

Bill, 08/August/2015

Made for sex with such looks and a really tasty cock. Beautiful ass for rimming as well!

Ryan, 05/March/2016

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