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Team-Mates Take On A Spunky Locker-Room Flip-Flopping Fuck! (Back Of The Net Scene #2 HD)

4.7/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 10/August/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


One glance at his diminutive body tells you that young David Sky isn’t ever gonna be a major threat to the regular studs in the Bundesliga or La Liga, but there’s still a certain charm to the petite Spaniard as he struts his footballing credentials with Xavier Sibley at the start of this terrific locker-room duo. A charm that’s only intensified by the contrast in physiques between these two fellows; with Sky clearly inches shorter than his French counterpart, who you almost suspect could easily scoop Sky up in his arms and throw to one side like one of the balls they’re playing with!

Don’t fall under the illusion that this sweet little coupling is all about Sibley fucking the living daylights out of his slightly framed friend, however. Truth is that that’s only half the story. For having both engaged in a fine session of cock-sucking, and then having had Sibley pound away at Sky’s ass over a desk – the two lads still both donning their fashionable underwear throughout! – the roles are promptly (and perhaps unexpectedly) reversed.

As a result, new-boy Sibley finds himself down on the floor with his legs splayed in the air, with only a blanket beneath him and Sky’s surprisingly generous ass-pucker bearing down on his arse from above! Little wonder that the lad can’t contain himself as his mate massages his prostrate with his cock – squirting out a fine load of teen-goo as a result. Seconds later and Sibley’s face is getting squirted over thanks to the same shaft that’s just buggered him raw; leaving this team-effort a definite score-draw, with both parties nicely drained!

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Staxus at its best with flip floping and great foreskin show! David Sky is clearly a very hot little devil! He could be up for a pissing scene...;-)

Julienxxx, 10/August/2015

This is Staxus at its best!!! Thanks!

hetloo, 10/August/2015

David, you are one HOTT little FUCKER. Xavier is sweet also but you David are adorable. The only thing cuter than a twink getting fucked while on his back is a twink fucking a jock. Nice pairing Staxus.

❤dr, 10/August/2015

Superb - fucking in jock straps and with their football socks on - perfection - More like this pls...

JJay21, 10/August/2015

Oh my god,staxus..this is porn as your much horny action + fun..this little spanish bitches are the dream on earth. David Sky so small but his dick looks so tasty even from the other dude does..I explodes more than one time..quality and video can`t be better!5 stars

Chris, 10/August/2015

Perfection guys, well done!!

cumjump, 10/August/2015

Nice scene! Though I would like to see David in a scene were he only tops a submissive bottom. And i know that he can fuck harder than what he showed us till now...

secondsky, 10/August/2015

David Sky is a true cream dream! Gorgeous face, body and beautifully sculptured prick. Lovely to see him receiving and giving. Partner seemed a little nervous at times...

Thom, 10/August/2015

Gr8 scene - David Sky is a porn superstar. Lovely sucking, fucking and cuming! More of this lovely boy please!

Mariusz, 10/August/2015

Par cette exceptionnelle vidéo, Staxus a une fois de plus atteint les sommets du porno gay. David est un adorable petit minet à croquer. Toutefois, je vais être ce soir quelque peu chauvin en parlant de Xavier qui est mon petit chouchou parmi les minets français. Non seulement il est très sexy et formidable dans l'action, mais plus important encore, il s'exprime très bien sans aucune grossièreté et avec une remarquable vivacité d'esprit. Une nouvelle scène avec Xavier est prévue dans deux semaines et j'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres à l'avenir. Félicitations pour cette superbe réalisation.

Pascaloux, 10/August/2015

Xavier sibley est formidable j espere nous verrond d 'autres scéne de lui

toinou, 10/August/2015

Really nice scene and both the boys are adorable and so cute. Especially like David and his big cock. Also finally some real passion in a scene and two guys actually into each other. Hallelujah !! .....just one thing though PLEASE stop your twinky models from shaving their cocks/legs. I realise making them look more like little boys appeals to the "Gary Glitters" on here but not all of us are into guys looking prepubescent.

Joel K, 10/August/2015

Speak for yourself Joel K! Some of us really appreciate the hairless look of models like Xavier. I like both shaved/unshaved. However when it comes to cute (younger) twinks I prefer them smooth. I'm sure most people would agree that gay porn these days caters to 'carpet' worshiping crowd. This is why I love Staxus♥♥

Stuffedpuppy, 11/August/2015

@Stuffedpuppy "when it comes to cute (younger) twinks I prefer them smooth" you might be into the boys looking like children to satisfy some weird fantasy you have but I do not. It's entering dangerous territory when you start making young looking twinks look even younger, its going to attract the "wrong" type of member and if thats what Staxus wants then fine.

Joel K, 11/August/2015

As an older guy, I definitely prefer the shaved look around genitals and asshole on guys of ALL ages - much better for licking and sucking on. So, no complaints about these two in that department. Maybe we should be questioning more the forcing of these new innocent models to be buggered senseless with non-condomised cocks - and ask for more condom-clad shots of cocks?

Johnny, 11/August/2015

Beeing shaved is a must..a little hair maybe ok,but it is not that attrative! who like to like or even put his tongue into an hairy asshole-disgusting..:-(

Chris, 11/August/2015

Very attractive males - with nice smooth bodies, shaven down below and at the rear (the best way I agree)

Mandy, 11/August/2015

Wow, that was one of the hotter scenes ever, David Sky has a perfect body and Xavier was really hot too, Great Scene.

Staxusfan, 12/August/2015

Would love to munch on those gorgeous Spanish sausages. Both guys 5 star +

Joey, 12/August/2015

Both boys have beautifull eyes and a great smile, they appriciate each other and above all they have shaved pubes and boy- butt's! It can't be hotter!! Thanks David and Xavier!

hetloo, 13/August/2015

I just love guys wearing jock straps.

hornytony, 04/September/2015

Lovely luscious cock not not be able to stop loving it. Bet it tastes sweet too mmmmmmm would drink every last drop of creamy spunk lovely

Stu, 19/October/2015

Lovely luscious cock not not be able to stop loving it. Bet it tastes sweet too mmmmmmm would drink every last drop of creamy spunk lovely

Stu, 19/October/2015

at least with shaved cock & balls, I wouldn't have to stop in the middle of a BJ to remove a hair from my teeth - GROSS!

mwhisky, 11/November/2015

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