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Hyper-Horned-Up Soccer Twink Gets A Monster Cock Pounding! (Back of the Net Scene # 4) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 83)
Added: 18/August/2015
Duration: 27 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


All that hard work out on the football pitch has clearly left young Xavier Sibley feeling mega-horny – so much so that his team-mate, Jace Reed, actually walks in on the fellow feeling himself up in his kit in the changing rooms. At this point, of course, it’d be more than understandable if Reed chastised the horny little soccer star for bringing the game into disrepute.

As it happens, however, Reed does exactly what we’ve all long since grown to know and expect from him – immediately making a beeline for his co-star’s cock, whilst exposing his own oversized ramrod in anticipation of a rampant session of hardcore sex. Needless to report, before you know it both these gorgeous guys are stark-bollock naked and taking it in turns to feast on all the many inches of hard dick that’s on offer; with Sibley in particular making the very most of the generous shaft that Reed has stashed between his legs. A sentiment that continues down on the floor, when both chaps engage in a hot and sweaty 69-ing session; until Sibley’s insatiable appetite for his buddy’s raw schlong gets the better of him, and he parts his legs to take the full, exposed length in his guts!

It’s really not at all surprising that the boy should quite literally grit his teeth as his tight but very hungry ass begins to accommodate its new guest; but those first moments of discomfort are soon rewarded with an uncompromising pounding that Sibley will remember for a long, long time, and which (after umpteen positions) finally concludes with the lad having the jizz literally pummelled out of him. Leaving Reed to work his own unbelievably proportioned pole into a creamy crescendo!

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hummmmm Xavier sibley super hot

thony, 18/August/2015

OMFG!!! 'Scuse me, but I need to leave the room for a few minutes...

Etienne, 18/August/2015

Who doubts that Jace is one of the best tops at Staxus ? Here, with Xavier, another proof of what i think about Jace. And I would say that he almost fell in love with Xavier on this scene just by watching the intensity he shows when he kisses and when he fucks this so cute new boy ! I can see that intensity for example around 19,30. About Xavier, it was so nice to see how he delivered his body to Jace. I feel he enjoyed very much what he did here. And're on my list ;) . Bonne chance pour toi mon jeune !

Vaclav, 18/August/2015

Agree - Xavier sibley super hot

SnappyTomAust, 18/August/2015

OMG- this is staxus what I´m used to watch..there can`t be no more passion,truth and real gay sex between two horny lads.. not to compare with many vids of your best staxus! figure Xavier is the new born gay lad here..can I give 6 of 5 points ;-)...

Chris, 18/August/2015

Really nice scene, both guys have great cocks and Xander is super cute. This is what Staxus should concentrate on, hot white caucasion guys.

Joel K, 18/August/2015

I liked Xavier in his first (flip-flop) scene in both roles, but he really demonstrates again here being a passionate bottom... even if he may still need to adapt to Jace's size ;) Jace, in turn, proves scene after scene that he indeed deserves to inherit the (Staxus model) name "Reed" - a pretty famous one not without a reason. Jace is definitely one of the top studs in Staxus' stable. 5/5! :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/August/2015

this was so HOTT. When Xavier was riding Jace and Jace leaned over to suck Xavier's dick I thought I'd lose it right there.. A hands free cum shot all over Jaces leg would have been awesome at that moment...

❤dr, 18/August/2015

This scene has sooo much passion I found I was in sexual heaven with both Boys breathing heavilly all over me to make sure I was a part of their love triangle. I am soo in love with these Boys & thank you for a longer time together with my loved ones. xxxx

Neville, 18/August/2015 I already mentioned before I must admit this is the best horniest scene for month U can feel and see when these two cuties are kissing its nothing mechanical just pure fervor...oh my god how I wish two join them..fantastic! I exploded again and balls just feel itchy for creaming off very quickly..

Chris, 18/August/2015

En tant que français, j'ai été comblé de voir pour son second clip mon petit chouchou de Xavier et je vais me faire un plaisir de le hisser sur un piédestal. Xavier est adorable, mignon tout plein et très performant dans l'action. Il est aussi et surtout très bien élevé, très posé et remarquablement intelligent. Il faut dire qu'il était très bien accompagné par Jace qui (comme à son habitude) a été époustouflant. Il va de soi que ce clip est un nouveau chef d'œuvre du porno gay comme seul Staxus sait en produire et qu'un tonnerre d'applaudissements s'impose encore ce soir.

Pascaloux, 18/August/2015

@pascaloux..I see you also often post comments like me..would like to know what your opinions are..unless I dont speak any french...wouls it also be possible to post your comments from now on in english instead of more people can understand?I´m german but rarely post in it ;-)

Chris, 18/August/2015

Chris, Je suis désolé mais je n'ai pas pratiqué la langue de Shakespeare depuis que j'ai quitté l'université (c'est à dire depuis 35ans). Si je me risquais à écrire en anglais, le résultat serait catastrophique et les phrases seraient incohérentes et bourrées de fautes de grammaire et d'orthographe. En revanche, je lis tout le temps vos interventions qui sont très constructives et pertinentes.

Pascaloux, 18/August/2015

ah english is also mixed with many do not think I´m into it..I took google translater for your opinions till translates very very bad from french or eg. italian into german but one can presage the content.. :-)

Chris, 18/August/2015

I also speak a bit of French but prefer to use Google Translate, much safer. As long as you translate French to English then English to German, it will be ok. French to German will sound very weird :D

Staxus - Andy, 19/August/2015

I tried for fun several Google Translate combinations to translate Pascaloux's remarks. Even if his French is " high end" and very formal , the result even in German is quite acceptable, at least understandable if you are a bit forgiving ... Als Französisch, war ich überwältigt, ihre zweite Clip für meinen kleinen Liebling Xavier sehen und ich bin glücklich, ihn auf ein Podest zu hissen können. Xavier ist entzückend, niedlich alle voll, hohe Leistung in Aktion. Es ist auch und vor allem sehr hoch, sehr aufgeworfen und bemerkenswert intelligent. Ich muss sagen, es war sehr gut von Jace, die (wie üblich) war atemberaubend begleitet. Es ist selbstverständlich, dass für diesen Clip ist ein neues Meisterwerk Homosexuell Porno so kennt nur Staxus produzieren ein donnernden Applaus und noch erlegt heute Abend. In English not too bad either ! As a French, I was overwhelmed to see her second clip for my little darling Xavier and I will be happy to hoist it on a pedestal. Xavier is adorable, cute all full, high performance in action. It is also and above all very high, very posed and remarkably intelligent. I must say it was very well accompanied by Jace which (as usual) was breathtaking. It goes without saying that this clip is a new masterpiece gay porn as only knows Staxus produce a thunderous applause and still imposes tonight.

Christian, 19/August/2015

Great !!!!! But Jace should shave his pubes again. It looks much better.

Mick, 19/August/2015

Another great scene, Xavier is really hot and love when the models get into french kissing and explore each others tongues. Yuri is the best at that but looks like Xavier will be too

Staxusfan, 21/August/2015

Great guys and great passion =) Jake is a fantastic top he both has a big cock and really know how to use it well and knows how to give hard poundings. Please pair up Jace and Ray Mannix together =D or even better a threesome with Jace topping Noah and Ray (Noah and Ray makes excellent scene partners in threesomes as in their scene with Benjamin Dunn)

biggerthebetter, 21/August/2015

Xavier is unbelievable HOT! Just love to see him more, as well as Ray Mannix and David Sky please!!

hetloo, 18/October/2015

Holy shit this is beyond hotter than fuck! I completely lost it starting at 17:25. Just DAMN!!!

Robby, 25/December/2015

I'm addicted to bareback and rimming. So this video is just pure perfection. I could almost taste Xavier's beautiful hole myself just watching Jace so obviously enjoying the taste of it . Incredible how Xavier took such a big cock up it. Would love more like this!

Ryan , 08/February/2016

Simply perfect!!!

Paul, 20/April/2016

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