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Staxus Classic: Wet Dream - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 39)


Milan Breeze, Alex Friezer

Added: 21/August/2015
Duration: 10 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


We clearly have no wish to detract from this fabulous classic scene, but there’s no denying the fact that we can’t help feeling just that little bit disappointed that it represents the only time that the gorgeous Alex Frezier ever appeared in front of the STAXUS cameras. With his dark, handsome looks and his toned physique, we’ve absolutely no doubt that he’d have been a top-notch favourite – but some things, as they say, are just not meant to be. Milan Breeze, in total contrast, was unquestionably one of our more prolific performers during the mid 2000s – a young little cock-whore, who could always rely on to put on a class show each and every time. As indeed proves to be the case here in this shower-room duo.

Indeed, if Frezier was in need of any inspiration of how to perform in front of the camera, he’d most definitely got the right partner here – Breeze quickly tempting the stud out of his swimming trunks so that he can slurp on the big, fat cock inside, before presenting Frezier with one of the hottest, horniest man-holes in the biz to do with as he pleases!

You don’t need a degree to guess that the hot stud takes full advantage of his blond buddy’s generosity by rewarding him with surely one of the hottest fucks of his life – Frezier’s balls quite literally gaily slapping against Breeze’s rump like Newton’s Cradle! Indeed, this surely has to be one of the hottest locker-room couplings of its ilk; made all the hotter by the magnificent wad of jizz that Frezier spews over his pal’s rear, before Breeze fires all cylinders over the stud’s tongue and face. A definite ball-buster!

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There's a nice blast from the past... Short and sweet, whenever Speedos are concerned I always Stand to Attention. I don't remember what was the name of that specific DVD but it sure would be nice to see it back in a remastered version!! Such an amazing cast♥ Thanks!

Stuffedpuppy, 21/August/2015

Great remastering. Hard well toned bodies. + there was such intense passion between the 2 guys ! Sure we could see that they both really enjoyed playing hard together.

Christian, 21/August/2015

I enjoyed every moment of these two very beautiful Boyz. Such intense passion and so very hot. Gorgeous smiles and youth at it very best. Perfection xxxxx

Neville38, 21/August/2015 comparison to the staxus classic scenes before...this was a very,very hot interaction..Milan Breeze is a horny little slut who can take even the biggest dicks..yummy

Chris, 21/August/2015

I've always found Milan Breeze to be extremely erotic. I love that smooth, ripped body and the mischievous grin. Are you holding onto any scenes of him with a different hair style? He was such a pretty man, great lips, flawless body -- and I've wondered what he'd look like with a shampoo and a more flattering haircut.

Mitch_MN, 03/October/2015

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