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Staxus Classic: Wet Dream - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 50)


George Basten, Cameron Jackson, Tomi Sem, Phill Berger

Added: 28/August/2015
Comments: 25


A rather fresh-faced Cameron Jackson joins Tomi Sem and Phill Berger for a heated session in a Jacuzzi – a trio of the very hottest talent that’s made all the more irresistible by Vlado Iresch’s decision to add STAXUS favourite, George Basten, into the mix. Basten, of course, was already one of the hottest young men on the circuit by the time this escapade was captured on celluloid for posterity; and he does nothing here to undermine his position as one of the best starlets that our studio has ever produced.

Jackson, meanwhile, is as fucking irresistible as ever – once again putting that magnificent ramrod of his to full use, this time on Berger’s over-eager little pucker. Those expecting a full-on foursome will be possibly left just that tiny bit disappointed – this scene actually constitutes two simultaneous duos, as opposed to a full-on “orgy” – but seeing two STAXUS legends taking on two of the hottest cock-cravers around more than makes up for it.

Indeed, is there actually anyone with a pulse who wouldn’t be totally enamoured of these performances? Jackson, in particular, is in fine form throughout, culminating in him jerking off that slightly upturned shaft of his to an extremely sticky crescendo, whilst Berger hangs his mouth expectantly for the resultant jizz.

Needless to report, Jackson’s rather violent climax is just a quarter of the total spunk on offer in the closing minutes here; and one can only wonder at all the cleaning-up that had to be undertaken once the cameras had finally finished rolling! In short, a five-star, cum-inducing, ball-busting classic!

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this was SO GOOD..

❤dr, 28/August/2015

An amazing scene! George Basten is probably one of the cutest guys on earth. Would love to see him make a cum back. Bet he's still hot.

DeePee Zee, 28/August/2015

Wow! absolutely fantastic.

sierradelta1, 29/August/2015

Great one. George Basten had a long career in porn and here, his partner has a nice swimmer tight body and really it shows he loves to be fucked.

christian, 29/August/2015

Can somebody please turn time machines and beaming into reality, so we can all meet George Basten (and Cameron Jackson, Alex Stevens and a few more) in real life at the peak of their porn careers? ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/September/2015

Dies war ausgezeichnet! I was shocked?!

JRHughes, 25/October/2015

Ich liebte dieses Video. Jetzt habe ich es. Wenn ich Streaming, wäre es verschwunden sein. Denk darüber nach.

JRHughes, 25/October/2015

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