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Ray Mannix Gets His Horny Whore-Hole Worked Over Big Time! (Camp Out Scene #1) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 79)
Added: 07/September/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


Kris Blent and Leo Ocean are out on vacation, soaking up the rays and (as is the norm for these two boys) on the lookout for hot guys – two of whom, Ray Mannix and young rookie, Logan Lech – are camped out in an adjoining field. Of course, we’ve surely all known Mannix long enough now to appreciate that his idea of life under canvas isn’t just gonna be about singing songs around a campfire and enjoying life alfresco. So it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that he’s taken full advantage of the chance to apply some sunblock on Lech’s chest – a move that quickly develops into something a whole lot more intimate when Mannix’s fingers wander (somewhat predictably!) down to his buddy’s trunks.

At that point, of course, Lech is quite literally like putty in the old pro’s hands – a fact that’s almost effortlessly underlined by the ease with which Mannix goes down on the lad’s clearly aching shaft. It doesn’t take a great deal of thought to appreciate where all this headed, mind. Mannix has not built his reputation on being one of the strongest power-bottoms in the business for nothing, and it’s clear from the look in his deep, blue eyes that there’s only one place he wants to have Lech’s dick – an ambition that is very quickly achieved. Indeed, having taken it in turns to gobble on each other’s knobs, Mannix is soon enjoying every solid inch of his pal’s dick up his ass, riding it in a variety of positions before spewing the contents of his sac as a result. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, he gets his hole creamed by Lech, leaving him (and us!) understandably satisfied!

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Hello all, I have no words for these boys and their love making scene! Just love it, I'm speechless! a Big 5

hetloo, 07/September/2015

Oh my God - where do you find all these gorgeous boys?? This scene was terrific with its truly fantastic camera angles and very flattering positions adopted during the anal scenes. I absolutely got very off on Logan's rimming, particularly his thick slimy spit - delicious! Even the little "asides" with Leo, Kris and whoever was wanking in the tent were amusing. As for the two models - wow! I loved Logan's milky white skin and the moles on his chest and stomach, and the way it contrasted with the light olive of Ray's skin. Please please please - more from the beautiful Logan! As for Ray, I think you've found someone really special here. I'm sure all Staxus members have enjoyed watching him grow from a brilliant performer to a first-class performer - as far as I'm concerned, he is now one of the Staxus elite - one of the few that can be considered the best of the best. His enjoyment and confidence radiate from the screen, and he is an exceptional performer. When has Ray's cock ever been less than fully throbbing during any sex scene? I can't recall a single instance! I love the way his pulsating member sticks upright - what a talented guy! And one last thing about this superstar - it is really refreshing to see a bottom take control. Logan's submissive performance despite being the top was a real turn-on. Ray - keep up the truly outstanding work. Logan - I can't wait to see you and your stunning lily-white body again. Kisses to you both xxx

Aino Wave, 07/September/2015

Thanks guys for scene, I was having a shit of a day before downloading this, but seeing two hot boys mainly Ray & loving newbie Logan has cheered me up no end. Well done.!!!

bodoman666, 07/September/2015

Really liking cute Logan. Hope we get to see shit loads more of him.

Dee Pee Zee, 07/September/2015

Logan's sucking of Ray's cock by the tree is truly magnificent. Beautiful erection, lovely sucking and well filmed.

Mateusz, 07/September/2015

Einfach der Hammer, der neue süße blonde Boy gepaart mit der kleinen passiven Sau Ray..Abspritzgarantie.. 5 Sterne

Chris, 07/September/2015

One of the best settings I've seen for a long time =) Cute guys especially Ray which is one of my current favorite models, I was not over-joyed by the sex itself way too slow paced and a bit too "romantic" :P Logan is cute, I like fresh and youthful models, but for me he looks a tad too young for comfort, it's going to be interesting to see his actual age, he can't be many days over 18 :P

biggerthebetter, 07/September/2015

Logan Lech is a doll baby, he could use a bit of sun. Looking at him I thought for sure he was a bottom boy. I was pleasantly surprised. What more can I say about Ray Mannix, he is adorable and is soo damn SEXY. Great job Staxus having the other boys doing cameos, very tantalizing. I can't wait for what's to cum...

❤dr, 07/September/2015

Gr8 choice of models with some gr8 sucking, rimming and spunking...

hornedup, 08/September/2015

I love these Boys and especially the romance and the love that they give to each other. I realy wanted to see more. they deserve an encore xxxx

Neville38, 08/September/2015

Even though I'm a "size queen" - who could resist these angelic, gorgeous guys? And in an outdoor setting? Summer, sun and sex... :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/September/2015

Superbly maintained firm erections and classically performed fellatio. Erotically arousing.

Jay, 06/May/2016

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