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Staxus Classic: Dream Ticket - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

3.5/5 (Total votes: 31)


Robin Lukko, John Flunnery, Frank Milo

Added: 21/September/2015
Duration: 15 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


Who doesn’t remember the fun that we all used to have on the back-seat of the school coach in our younger years? It’s definitely the inspiration of this classic scene from Vlado Iresch’s dirty imagination, featuring three of the horniest, hottest students on the STAXUS academy books: buff, cropped-haired Robin Lukko, spikey-haired Frank Milo and fresh-faced blond, John Flunnery. Of course, it doesn’t take much inventiveness on the part of the viewer to realise what’s going to happen when Lukko encourages his two mates to stay behind on the vehicle when the rest of the cast leave the coach for a pit-stop; and within a few moments the hunky fellow has pulled off his pants and is encouraging his two buddies on either side of him to wank him off.

It’s an invitation that neither of the pals can ever hope to refuse; and before you know it all three cocks are on full display as the trio take it in turns to suck each other off. Not that these lads are ever gonna be content with just a bit of oral, least of all young Milo, who clearly has a big appetite for cock and is soon riding Flunnery’s hard, uncut shaft for all it’s worth. Even that doesn’t satisfy this horned-up bitch though. Indeed, he’s not really happy until he’s being brutally spit-roasted like a back-street whore – Lukko pounding him from behind and Flunnery thrusting his shaft down his throat! It’s a set-up that can naturally only have one conclusion, with Milo being splattered by pent-up spunk at both ends; before the lad finishes the performance by spewing his own heavy load of jizz all across Flunnery’s face!

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cute boys :) now I'm gonna ask a question I've asked 100 times before :P and here it goes: when is the next release schedule due to be released? I really liked the recent one that spanned over a long period of time, but one month at a time is just as good too =)

biggerthebetter, 21/September/2015

I will try to post some of the upcoming scenes today, trying to get some photos first!

Staxus - Andy, 22/September/2015

Any piss scenes coming up?....;-)

JulienXXX, 23/September/2015

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