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Alex Whale

3 Scenes

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Model Stats:

We always like to be positive about what our boys do, but sadly Alex is one of those unfortunate lads who hasn’t always found it easy being the man that he is – and whose family hasn’t always been that supportive. A nicer lad you couldn’t ever hope to meet, however – perfect husband material, surely. Before you get excited, however, he’s adamant that he wants to do plenty of porn before he finally settles down with any love of his life!

Interesting Fact:
Alex wanted a stage name that suited his magnificent manhood, so you can imagine the fun and games we had in the office coming up with something. In the end, Whale pretty much sums him dimensions up perfectly – simple, but fucking effective. Just like his cock itself!

Date of birth:
24th February 1999

6'0" / 183 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 20 cm



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