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Cute, Horned-Up Farm Boys Take A Spunky Ride In The Hay! (Scared Stiff Scene #2 HD)

4.7/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 05/October/2015
Duration: 24 minutes, 2 seconds
Comments: 25


What is it about young Czech lads and remote barns out in the countryside? As Sven Laarson and Tristan Archer demonstrate in this terrific set-piece, it seems that director, John Smith, only has to take them to one and they become like beings possessed – totally unable to contain their lust for hard, throbbing, uncut cock! Certainly Archer can’t wait to get inside his buddy’s pants as they sneak inside the building. Indeed, before you know it he’s down on his knees – not to propose, of course, but so that he can get his lips around the blond boy’s meaty ramrod. A task that he undertakes with real gusto, it must be noted. Not that that should come as any great surprise given how much we already know he loves dick – an appetite that only seems to intensify here with every passing moment.

For his part, Laarson just sits back and enjoys every spine-tingling, ball-tightening moment of the fellow’s performance; before eventually joining up with his pal for a sweaty session of 69-ing down in the straw! Just seeing these two handsome beauties rollicking around on the floor is surely enough to get even the most hardened porn-viewer into a full-on lather; but matters intensify still further when Laarson finally presses home the advantage and buries his shaft deep into Archer’s guts.

It’s something that the young bottom has clearly been gasping for from the off; and now that it’s arrived he makes the very most of the occasion, riding his pal’s pole in a variety of positions for all he’s worth. Little wonder that both guys are soon spewing all over each other as a result!

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Welcome back Sven, you were missed. I think Tristan really enjoyed sucking your cock. Both of you were smoking HOTT in this scene. ❤dr

❤dr, 05/October/2015

It was good to see one of my favoutites, Sven, back! I missed him too. Great hot scene guys! Thanks!

hetloo, 05/October/2015

The blonde God of Sex has returned to us at last. Sven is one of the hottest guys Staxus has and my heart leapt when I saw that he was in this scene and hopefully there will be many more to follow,maybe with Noah,Ruben or Kris.

Dee Pee Zee, 05/October/2015

What a way to start the work week -- nearly perfect and certainly worth 5/5. Tristan is a darling, beautiful, sexy new find. More, please. Loved his eagerness and his smooth, elegant body. Perhaps next let one of your beefier dark-headed stallions have his way with this twink and surprise us with a flip-fuck (Pyotr, Nick V, Sam W come to mind). Also loved watching Sven fuck him missionary, especially some of the slower/deeper thrusts where Sven pulled out and we could see Tristan's perfect pink hole gaping open and shut. Lovely fingering, too. ATM - thank you, but a couple instances looked stunted (I'm always checking for a cut in the editing before that cock moves from A to M). I don't mind at all when the fellows prefer not to engage in ATM, but it's very noticeable and off-putting to me when it's stunted (same with rimming -- not everyone's cup of tea, but please don't pretend you're doing it and hide it with camera angles, shadows, etc.) Finally, just a personal taste thing -- I very much prefer a clean, lovely setting like a nicely furnished bedroom. Fucking in straw (or sand, a nasty bathroom floor, etc) just seems uncomfortable. I like it, though, when a scene starts in one of those settings but then moves indoors and the boys can get all nicely showered up before they hit the sack.

Mitch_MN, 05/October/2015

Comme pour le petit Erik, je me réjouis tout autant du retour sur le site du très sexy Sven qui me manquait beaucoup. Tristan a beaucoup de charme et de prestance et j'espère le revoir en action prochainement mais surtout fréquemment. Quant à cette superbe vidéo, elle est parfaitement réussie et je viens de lui attribuer la note méritée de 5/5. En revanche, la note que je vous donne pour publier un nouveau calendrier dans un délai acceptable ne décolle pas du "zéro absolu" Messieurs, certains de vos membres commencent légitimement à s'impatienter. Pensez-y !

Pascaloux, 05/October/2015

So schön dass der Blondschopf Sven endlich wieder zusehern ist so eine geile Sau,aber der neue auch..geiles Ficken!

Chris, 05/October/2015

Tonight no need to make too long comments : the newbie is fantastic : has a flexible greedy hole delightful to watch and he is both cute / sexy and elegant. Hope he'll be with us for a long time. Sven is experienced and as always a good performer whatever he does. Great scene again !

Christian, 05/October/2015

cannot open!

cannot, 06/October/2015

I loved Tristan He is so passionate and to be put with a favorite stud woweee More please

puggsy, 06/October/2015

A dream! Both! :))) And what a stunning beauty Tristan is! From top to toe. Let's hope he'll have ample opportunity to show his talents with Staxus! Perfect face and body. Great hairstyling on his part too, by the way.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 07/October/2015

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