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Two Would-Be Skaters Head Home For A Raw, Uncut Fuck-Fest! (Skate Off Scene #3) HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 60)
Added: 07/October/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 37 seconds
Comments: 25


If there’s two things that can be learned in the opening sequence of this spunky little number between ever-popular Brit boy, Leo Ocean, and his sexy Czech counterpart, Pyotr Tomek, it’s never to go skateboarding if you can’t actually skateboard and never to go walking along the inside of a railway track! After all, both these activities present varying levels of risk to life and limb; but when you’re young and carefree such risks always seem trivial.

As a result, we’re treated to the sight of Ocean trying out his skills on wheels – which admittedly are seriously lacking – before the pair head home arm-in-arm without a care in the world for the trains that might run them down at any moment! Fortunately for everyone concerned, the two boys do indeed make it home safely – at which point we are duly rewarded with a fantastic duo between two of the most horny young pups on the circuit. Of course, what makes this pairing so intense is the contrast between them each. Ocean, as pale as any English lad you could ever imagine; Tomek, as tanned as the Brit is colourless!

As a result, this set-piece between two Caucasian buddies almost seems interracial in tone; with Ocean once again underlining his credentials as one of the biggest cock-sluts on the planet! Why, he’s down on the Czech lad like a whore possessed; slurping on every inch of Tomek’s love-stick, before allowing the lad from Prague to quite literally fuck him in every imaginable position. All of which results in a mid-fuck jizz from Ocean; whilst Tomek squirts his multi-shot wad over his mate’s face!

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Both boys getting rimmed, such a hot scene. love the shaving, makes it so hot! Thanks leo and Pyotr!

hetloo, 07/October/2015

the ever gorgeous Leo Ocean !

JAM, 07/October/2015

Cette scène est excellente et je suis parvenu à la télécharger alors que je viens de lire sur un blog spécialisé qu'il ne serait plus possible de le faire à partir du 05 octobre pour les nouveaux adhérents. Mon abonnement actuel expire le 30 janvier 2016 et je crains de devenir à ce moment-là un nouvel abonné. En effet, je paie tous mes achats sur le Web à partir d'une carte bancaire sécurisée à usage unique et il sera impossible de me refacturer d'office. Pour reconduire mon abonnement, je dois demander à ma banque de me donner une nouvelle carte unique et je serai alors d'office dirigé vers le streaming. Cette situation me préoccupe beaucoup et j'apprécierai d'être rassuré sur ce problème.

Pascaloux, 07/October/2015

Despite Pyotr cuteness and energy, i would not say that this scene is a keeper. Mr Pascalous is using ( twice already ) this commenting space for a " mysterious " semi private question that we can not see anywhere else explained on the site : some future changes in downloading possibilities ? what is the truth of the matter if any ?

Christian, 07/October/2015

Goodness - Staxus is off to a great start in October! This pairing is superb. Now please let Pyotr do that with newbie Tristan Archer. And re Christian's question -- I received an email as a former Staxus member that the site was going to streaming only on Oct 1. Current members and those who signed up before Oct 1 should be able to continue downloading as always, but new memberships would be streaming only. There's a posting on this on the forum, too. I re-upped my membership so I could download the last 20 months or since I last had a membership. I'll cancel before the month is up -- not that I'm unhappy with Staxus but because I have really unreliable web service and prefer to view my porn from a hard drive. I'm hopeful that Staxus will either go back to a downloading option or periodically run specials that include downloading.

Mitch_MN, 08/October/2015

No longer possible to download??? :( :( :(

J, 08/October/2015

J - as I understand it, you'll still be able to download if you were already a member of the site when they made the switch on Oct 1. I knew about the switch because I had cancelled my membership over a year ago and they emailed me with a promotion to take advantage of downloading before they made the switch. I don't know what they've done to communicate this change to existing members, but theoretically it shouldn't be noticeable to those who maintain their accounts. If I understand correctly, the risk is to those who cancel their accounts -- when/if they rejoin, it may be streaming only. Or not -- who knows? One thing I'll give Staxus credit for -- they stuck to their word; when I checked the Join button on Oct 2, the only option available was Streaming. I have a hunch that they'll offer downloading again, if only as a special attraction to capture former members like me who prefer downloading to streaming.

Mitch_MN, 08/October/2015

<p>Hi J! That is correct, as of the 1st of October there are no longer any download membership options available to new members. </br></p> <p>Old members however can continue to have them as long as they keep their membership active and the members that joined for 1 year for streaming + downloads can continue to have them if they rebill after the 1 year is over (as the 1 year join options don't automatically rebill so we give them the possibility to do it manually).</br></p>

Staxus - Andy, 08/October/2015

And with a bit of a delay (I apologize for this) click the link below to see the schedule for the remaining part of October:</br></br> <strong><a href="">Click here for the Staxus October Schedule</a></strong></br></br> I haven't dated the images, but as you are familiar with our update schedule, they will be every other day, starting tomorrow (George Basten & Xander Joung - October 9)

Staxus - Andy, 08/October/2015

Je constate avec regret que j'ai n'ai pas obtenu de réponse à ma question hormis les critiques d'un autre membre qui ne s'est pas gêné pour me désigner nommément . Toutes les explications que vous avez fournies sont écrites en anglais et la traduction par Google se fait dans un français très approximatif qu'il m'est difficile de comprendre. Je vous reposerai cette même question une semaine avant l'expiration de mon abonnement actuel, soit le 23 janvier. Si je n'obtiens pas alors de réponse convaincante, je ne repartirai pas avec vous pour une troisième année consécutive En effet, le faible débit de ma connexion à "internet" ne me permet pas de lire des vidéos en streaming dans des conditions satisfaisantes. Cordialement.

Pascaloux, 08/October/2015

Cher Pascaloux, comme je l'ai mentionné dans mon commentaire précédent, tous nos membres qui ont un plans d'adhésion de l'année sera en mesure de continuer avec les mêmes continu + téléchargements adhésions après leurs adhésions expirent. Donc, une fois votre abonnement actuel expire en Janvier, vous pouvez nous contacter et vous serez en mesure de rejoindre Staxus et continuent d'avoir accès à des téléchargements!

Staxus - Andy, 09/October/2015

M.Andy, Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre réponse très prompte et qui me rassure totalement. J'apprécie également le fait que vous ayez pris la peine de le faire dans un très bon français. Une semaine avant l'expiration de mon abonnement actuel, je me permettrai néanmoins de vous recontacter pour confirmation. Bien cordialement.

Pascaloux, 09/October/2015

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