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Staxus Classic: Raw Service - Scene 2 - Remastered in HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 41)


George Basten, Xender Joung

Added: 09/October/2015
Duration: 21 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


George Basten was a constant favourite with STAXUS audiences in the mid-2000s – and no great wonder! Good looks, blond hair, slim physique and an unquenchable sexual appetite made him the perfect model – a fact that Vlado Iresch never once failed to appreciate. Indeed, when looking for a lad who could pull off this scene – involving a car-wash attendant who basically seduces the driver inside the vehicle by provocatively soaping himself down in a mass of bubbles – Basten was the very first choice.

And fuck, what a choice! The young lad is quite literally on sexual overdrive as he prances and writhes through the glass, leaving Xender Joung helpless in his wake. Not that anyone who’d ever seen Basten perform prior to this point would have expected anything less from the boy; but here he’s arguably even more hyped up than usual, and by the time Joung is out of the car and slurping on the fellow’s fabulous, uncut ramrod, there’s every good chance that any viewer watching will already by well on the way to a very satisfying climax.

Basten’s performance seems only to intensify yet further, however, once he’s balls-deep in Joung’s ass – banging his buddy over the bonnet of the car and quickly bringing the horny little bottom to the boil in the process! It’s a show-stopping set-piece all round; and it’s very little surprise that Basten is soon ready to explode himself, in this instance all over Joung’s lucky little face! It’s a signature sign-off for the young maestro – and one that has left a whole legion of fans equally drained as a result ever since!

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A superb scene!

London81, 09/October/2015

Great scene! George Basten is so sexy, and I really love his partner in this scene too. I saw the original lower-def version of this scene, and the HD remastering really does improve the quality.

Maike5, 09/October/2015

This is such a great, hot scen! LOVE it! both George and Xender are so cute and sexy. I love these remasterd clips, they are great clips from the past and belong to the history of Staxus. They have earned remastering to my opinion.

hetloo, 09/October/2015

Must book a service!

Sierradelta1, 09/October/2015

@staxus:Very nice video, remember Basten from many videos in the might he look today? even that sexy:-)? Which year is this sex scene from?

Chris, 09/October/2015

@Chris - It's from December 2006!

Staxus - Andy, 09/October/2015

I'm a big fan of Basten but this wasn't my cup of tea. The fellows didn't seem very enthusiastic and the setting was gross.

Mitch_MN, 09/October/2015

Nothing gross at all : the boys look great in their youth glory. So enthiusiast and passionate. They really love it and it shows on screen ! A super hot classic !

Christian, 09/October/2015

where is this car-wash ,please ? i want to wash my car : i appreciate the washer !!! beautifull guys ! kiss them two ! this knight , i am sure , they are in my house to wash me ! hum.....

bdem16, 10/October/2015

One of my all-time classics from Staxus... George Basten is a no. 1 candidate for the eternal porn hall of fame! 10 out of 5. :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 11/October/2015

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