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Newcomer In Prague Gives Horny Local A Hard Fuck & Jizzy Ass! (Mirror Scene #1) HD

4.8/5 (Total votes: 112)
Added: 31/October/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Young Kris Blent looks like the kind of boy who’s already had more than his fair share of hot sexual encounters – some of which have already been intimately chronicled by our STAXUS cameras – but somehow you get the feeling that this terrific set-piece with Noah Matous is one that he’s gonna remember for a long, long time to come. So much so that the scene begins with a rather artistic foray into his mind by means of a mirror; before the action between these two hyper-sexed buddies gets under way against the backdrop of a sofa draped in a sheet of polythene. It’s at this point that you may well wonder why the two beauties are undertaking their dalliance in a somewhat makeshift environment.

Maybe the boys arrived early for the shoot and director, John Smith, was unprepared? Or maybe these lads knew just how hot and horny they were and didn’t want to stain Smith’s new upholstery with the copious volumes of bodily fluids that were to inevitably result? The real explanation, of course, is that Blent has yet to unpack after his move to Prague; but the background soon begins to melt into obscurity as these two horned-up youngsters take it in turns to feast on all the hard flesh that they’ve got aching in their groins!

Matous, in particular, can’t get enough of Blent’s handsome butt-picker; and, unsurprisingly, is very quickly displaying his characteristic need to have that gorgeous ramrod stretching his ever-hungry ass-hole! A desire that Blent is only too willing and able to satisfy! Cue a stupendous arse-splitting romp that soon has Matous creaming mid-fuck, before Blent blasts his jizzy load of pent-up baby-batter all over his mate’s hole!

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Noah, dieses kleine passive dauergeile Stück:-)..wieder mal zeigt er wie leidenscchaftlich Gaysex sein kann..dass er als Exclusiv-Model anerkannt ist, ist mehr als verdient; man merkt ihm an wie geil schwuler Sex sein kann...nichts gespieltes,nichts abgebrühtes einfach Leidenschaft pur! Der Holländer Kris ist nicht weniger geil, hier hat sich ein super Staxus-duo gefunden! 4,5 von 5 Punkten,weil vielleicht noch die letzte Finesse fehlt, wie in vorherigen Videos um alles "perfekt" zu machen...

Chris, 31/October/2015

This clip has it all ! Pairing these 2 passionate and horniest guys together was long awaited ; loved the sloppy rimming and playing with Noah's hole and his greedy well filmed sucking of big Kris 's dick ; Kris in active role is always good and the cummy final was so hot as well ! loved it

christian, 31/October/2015

Both Noah and Kris love it! They go for each other. The chemistry was so good between both boys. Both make this a hot clip! Thanks for that!

hetloo, 31/October/2015

Cette superbe réalisation constitue "le bouquet final" qui conclut en apothéose un mois d'octobre exceptionnel au cours duquel Staxus a particulièrement choyé ses membres par d'immenses spectacles pornographiques qui ont réuni les minets les plus sexy et lascifs du site. En ce qui concerne ce clip, je dirai que jumeler un modèle aussi sublime et charismatique que Kris Blent avec l'adorable petit ange pervers de Noah était une idée de génie. Le résultat en a été spectaculaire et a très largement répondu à toutes mes attentes. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 31/October/2015

Oh how I wish I could be spit roasted by these 2 hot guys & suck out both their sweet loads!

mwhisky, 11/November/2015

Georgeous yummy cocks could suck them for ever.Would love to swallow at least a gallon of jiz from each beautiful

Stu, 28/October/2016

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