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Horny Czech Boy Gets Doubled-Topped By Two Horny Frenchies! (Spanish Sun Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 73)
Added: 04/November/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 53 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not sure if young Ray Mannix has ever traced his family ancestry and has discovered some Gallic blood, but what we do know is that he sure as fuck gets some French in him in this terrific poolside scene with Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley! In fact, you could say that the horny Czech cock-slut gets invaded en-masse by a volley of Parisian salami that even Napoleon would’ve been amazed at. An act that actually starts in the water, with the trio of fun-loving beauties cavorting and frolicking in the sunshine together; then matters turn decidedly more carnal, as the lads indulge in a literally breathless display of underwater blowjobs before heading off to a nearby sun-lounger to continue their hyper-horny antics.

By which time you’ll have pretty much worked out that Mannix is going to be the centre of the action. Not that that should come as anything of a surprise to anyone who knows this youngster, of course. Mannix already has a reputation for loving cock – and on this occasion it’s an appetite that literally gets doubled, with Angel and Sibley taking it in turns to thrust their meaty, uncut shafts down the boy’s throat before fingering and fucking his clearly well-horned ass-hole.

But it’s what happens towards the end of the scene – once the two Frenchmen have teased Mannix’s pucker, rimming and spit-roasting him in equal measure – that really catches the imagination. First they double-fuck him; then, having seen him spew his own thick wad, Sibley creams his ass and Angel whitewashes his face! Holidaying in Spain has never, ever looked so fucking hot!

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The motto of this clip is double penetration, and the hero today is the cute Ray Mannix, whose sweet and tight hole is flexible enough for taking a good pounding by his partners, together ; the cumming end is hot, although it wld have been better to exchange the guys cumming in Ray's hole, but sure, hard to guess in advance !

christian, 04/November/2015

If this is any indication of the scenes to come from your trip to Spain, GOBBSMACKED is my reaction. Waiting with drooling anticipation for the next instalment.

bodoman666, 04/November/2015

Two nice cocks in a sexy ass, I'm happy for the day!

pllobc, 04/November/2015

magnifique Xavier sibley et Gabriel angel

toinou, 04/November/2015

Hot scene Staxus! Ray is so cute....! Makes my day.

hetloo, 04/November/2015

Will we be seeing Ruben Bart again soon? Fuckin' love that guy and his Huge cock.

Dee Pee Zee , 04/November/2015

Nice double penetration..Ray can take dicks without an end... French Gabriel again changed his hairlook as we look back into his last clip where he appeared as a the outdoor scenes, and they were really produced in spain...

Chris, 04/November/2015

Young Ray is definitely a very talented bottom! Well done to all involved in this one, an excellent scene!

Tommy, 04/November/2015

Nice memories of summer... promising for the next scenes to expect from Spain. And the 2 hot french studs of course... 2 queues magnifiques de Gabriel et Xavier! :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 04/November/2015

Le moins que je puisse dire est que le mois de novembre démarre de façon optimale chez Staxus et que ce clip est un régal pour les yeux. Sans vouloir faire preuve d'un chauvinisme excessif, je trouve que les deux "frenchies" se sont débrouillés comme des chefs. Xavier et Gabriel ont eu la lourde tâche de rassasier le petit coquin de Ray qui a un appétit sexuel insatiable et ce n'est pas une mince affaire que d'y parvenir. Je crois pouvoir dire qu'ils ont parfaitement rempli cette mission et que l'adorable petit Ray semble avoir beaucoup apprécié l'instant. Il va sans dire que ce premier clip tourné en Espagne est excellent et que la suite de ces aventures ibériques sera tout aussi grandiose. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 04/November/2015

underwater sex + plenty of atm + Ray Mannix getting dp'ed => 5/5! I really liked seeing Xavier and Gabriel fucking Ray in the king of clubs position, very hot =)

biggerthebetter, 04/November/2015

A very remarkable video loved every moment awesome xxxxx

Puggsy, 04/November/2015

Nonobstant la coloration trop noire de Gabriel, il faut congratuler l'immense talent du réalisateur pour nous avoir ce soir encore présenté un clip dont la fabuleuse intensité pornographique la dispute au charme remarquable des acteurs Français si mignons qui se donnent avec volupté et une intensité passionnelle qui me ravit de bonheur. Encore une fois la concurrence a fait de la pâle figuration à coté de ce merveilleux clip qui inaugure une série qui promet d'être grandiose et que nous espérons bientôt avec une impatiente avidité.

cl, 04/November/2015

Ray is divine! A classic porno with beautifully maintained hard and firm erections throughout and some lovely ejaculations. Promising start to the Spanish sequence.

Mateusz, 05/November/2015

Wow, three beautiful, big, bare boners! What's not to like

late4swim, 07/March/2016

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