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Xavier Sibley Gets Jizz In The Eye Thanks To A Flip-Flop Fucking! (Spanish Sun Scene #2) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 80)
Added: 06/November/2015
Duration: 20 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


Director, John Smith, is clearly in the mood for something artistically mean and moody at the start of this dramatic encounter between two of STAXUS’s very horniest cock-sluts, Xavier Sibley and Kris Blent; but, having strutted their stuff for the camera down at the beach in the opening moments, the boys soon find themselves poolside at their handsome Spanish villa. Needless to say, all that fresh air, warm sunshine and magnificent Iberian scenery has left both these young beauties feeling even friskier than usual.

As a consequence, the pair are soon smooching away on their sun-loungers; before Blent finally decides to take the initiative and yanks down his swimwear so that Sibley can take a munch on the thick, meaty, Dutch cock that’s now straining for attention. Not that the Spaniard’s shaft is any less excitable, it must be said – a fact that fails to escape Blent’s attention. As a result, both horned-up twinks are soon taking it in turns to gobble away for all they’re worth – ultimately 69-ing each other like a couple of sex-starved bloodhounds!

It’s at this point that you might well be wondering who’s gonna be giving and who’s gonna be receiving given that both these lads have an unrivalled appetite for cock up their ass. Never fear, however. For in the true spirit of comradeship both boys are soon taking it in turns to plough into each other’s fuck-holes; flip-flopping over the loungers with uninhibited gusto, which ultimately results in Sibley jizzing all over his own belly. Leaving Blent to literally give his pal one in the eye for the ultimate holiday memento!

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Both Kris ad Xavier are so cute and above all...HOT! I have just no words. Great scene and above all: a hot filmed scene Staxus! I dont know who did the filming, but chapeau!

hetloo, 06/November/2015

The real passion and pleasure to play together between these 2 guys really oozes in this video ; hard to say if Kris is better in his famous passive or active role : he is always great to watch and his final cum shot on his friend's face was a real nice explosive ending !

christian , 06/November/2015

Two great performers with perfect physique... a pool-side holiday setting under the warm light of the Spanish sun... and a natural flow of flip-flopping action culminating in impressive shots of "leche caliente": classic recipe for a cum drenching episode! Well done! Anything missing? Well... you can guess ;) 5 of 5 anyway, though. And into my favorites, starring two of my favorites :)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/November/2015

Kris ad Xavier were so HOT together. I love the outdoor scenes, so naughty. Xavier is an awesome addition to the Staxus cast, I hope to see lots more of him. Kris gets better with every performance. His long legs slay me. Kris can be quite the dirty boy as well, he can spit on me anytime. FIVE STARS for both these guys ❤❤❤❤❤

❤dr, 06/November/2015

Un dicton français dit que la perfection n'est pas de ce monde. Force est de constater que Staxus contredit clip après clip et du tout au tout cet adage. Xavier qui est mon petit chouchou parmi les minets français a été formidable d'autant qu'il était parfaitement accompagné par le magnifique Kris BLENT. Leur duo a été phénoménal et particulièrement chaud et passionné. Professionnalisme et perfectionnisme sont les maîtres-mots chez Staxus. Amateurisme et dilettantisme sont ceux qui caractérisent vos concurrents. Félicitations à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 06/November/2015

Wonderful duo wonderful outdoor gayaction..nothing to complain about,staxus..:-)

Chris, 06/November/2015

These Boyz were meant for each other great passion and wonderful filming a great Staxus commitment for giving us these awesome Boyz for our enjoyment : Love you all xxxxx

Puggsy, 07/November/2015

No matter in which language this scene is commented: It is the best porn with the best models so far. Einfach klasse, hervorragend und außergewöhnlich gut!

Andi, 07/November/2015

Good quality models and filming - with beautifully maintained erections and good shots of assholes. Very nice cum shot at the end - what a load was shot there!

Mateusz, 07/November/2015

This may be very strange, but I wish they kept their swimsuits on a little longer. I love the look of a hot cock bulging in a tight Speedo, or peeking out. I'm always frustrated when they shed the suits just as soon as the action gets hot. That hot pink Speedo would've made such a great frame for some cocksucking. I'd even like to see them just pull it to the side and fuck with it still on.

Friscodog, 15/November/2015

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