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Waiting For The Director’s Call Leads To A Suck-&-Fuck Frenzy! (Sunny Daze Scene #1) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 53)
Added: 16/November/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 36 seconds
Comments: 25


Porn stars are not renowned for their patience, so Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix show considerable restraint as they wait for director, John Smith, to show up for their shoot at their Spanish villa. All the same, there’s no disguising the fact that both these young fellows are seriously gagging for action; and Smith’s arrival – albeit off-camera – is greeted with unmistakable relief. So much so, in fact, that both buddies immediately get down to business without so much as a by-your-leave – Mannix, in particular, clearly only too eager to get a taste of hard cock, diving onto his French buddy’s shaft and gobbling away like a bitch on heat!

His frantic playfulness only continues when he then decides to spice things up a bit by placing a sock over Angel’s dick – an act that results in much amusement from both pals. Before you know it, however, the cock-sock has been tossed to one side and the two horned-up beauties are 69-ing across a bench without so much as a care in the world; which in turn soon leads to Mannix plonking his ass down onto Angel’s lap and then riding the stiff, uncompromising shaft for all he’s worth.

Never one to want to miss out, however, the young Parisian quickly changes places – taking his Czech mate’s butt-stretcher with all the skill and dexterity we’ve long since come to expect from the boy – before roles are once again switched. Whereupon Angel literally pounds the jizz out of his mate; then sits back down on the seat and jerks out a truly stunning wad of hot jizz all over Mannix’s face. That initial patience has finally gained its sticky, gooey reward!

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Well done again, Ray & Gabriel give us a great performance. That said, i'm not a big fan of those semi shaved haircuts models sport these days.

bodoman666, 16/November/2015

Holy shit...this is really fucking hot. like the beginning when the two cuties talk to each other wondering where their shooting director lingers. To hear their voices is quite sympathetic.would like to get more stuff like this in the future. when two sexual obsessed and always willing boys have sex it must rise to a wonderful seeding at the end! 5 of 5 stars

Chris, 16/November/2015

Je ne puis une fois de plus que féliciter le fabuleux réalisateur de ce magnifique clip pour l'exceptionnelle qualité pornographique et graphique de de cette réalisation superbe qui conjugue avec une efficacité inégalée le dynamisme enjoué du délicieux petit angelot Ray couplé au physique exceptionnel du non moins remarquable Gabriel si puissamment équipé entre les jambes. Voilà qui justifie pleinement que Staxus dépasse là encore de si loin toute concurrence potentielle réduite à la portion congrue et au rôle de spectateur. Que ça continue longtemps ainsi.

christian, 16/November/2015

Those shiny eyes of Ray, full of desire! Great. The Spain clips are so far just so HOT to see! Great!!

hetloo, 16/November/2015

Yummy...this scene was delicious. These guys are adorable.

❤dr, 16/November/2015

Une fois de plus, John SMITH et son équipe ont hissé le porno gay à un niveau de perfection absolue. Le très séduisant et charismatique Gabriel a été très performant dans l'action au point de réussir à satisfaire l'adorable petit coquin de Ray et ce n'est pas une sinécure. Comme le disait fort judicieusement l'autre intervenant français, Staxus réduit la concurrence ou plutôt la pseudo-concurrence à un rôle purement subalterne. J' irais même jusqu'à dire que tous vos concurrents peuvent courir ou pédaler derrière vous jusqu'en perdre haleine, ils ne parviendront plus à vous rejoindre. Il va de soi qu'une avalanche d'éloges et de félicitations s'impose encore ce soir.

Pascaloux, 16/November/2015

Super pretty boys, Ray is a true pro at taking big cocks, and he gave Gabriel a good pounding too =) I really liked the slowmotion cum shot in the end, a nice unusual surprise =) Gabriel did a good scene on his part too. We've seen Ray taking lots of big white cocks these last months, I keep my thumbs up that we'll soon get to watch him take on some big black ones =D

biggerthebetter, 16/November/2015

..have to add to my first comment in the morning..the assholes of these horny lads are wonderful..when both spread their holes its dream on earth. hairless tasty I would like to eat these asses for hours. when Gabriel licks Rays ass you can see the rosa shining skin and a shrugging asshole that only waits for beeing pounded----

Chris, 16/November/2015

Wonderful actions by all concerned. I think John you deserve a medal for creating such gorgeous Boys for our entertainment. A Big well done, love you all xxxxx

Puggsy, 17/November/2015

Another great scene! Not much to add to the above... except maybe that Staxus should definitely go to shooting frenzies in Spain more often! Nice locations, sun, pool, beaches, and also hot local models (as the first examples from this summer have demonstrated on this site, too). -- But where's the "wonderful seeding at the end" that @Chris has spotted? I must be blind... and I was soooooo looking forward to it! ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 17/November/2015

Love the shaved sides - only earring or two is missing. Would love to spunk over those sides after he has been munching my nuts!

Ray Fan, 17/November/2015

I could almost taste his delicious hole. A stunning display of rimming and bareback fucking. Staxus are so wonderful time after time in arousing deep hungry lust. Congratulations!

Ryan, 16/January/2016

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