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Hot, Oily Rubdown Results In A Hard, Spunky Flip-Flop Session! (Sunny Daze Scene #2 HD)

4.1/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 18/November/2015
Duration: 19 minutes, 48 seconds
Comments: 25


When he’s not working in front of the camera enjoying copious amounts of hard cock, young Xavier Sibley is a rather deft-handed masseur – a fact that has obviously not escaped Josh Milk’s attention, who is only too willing to lie in the shade and take full advantage of the twink’s skilful manipulations. What Milk doesn’t realise – or, then again, maybe he does!! – is that his pal’s idea of an “all-body” rubdown is quite literally that.

As a result, it’s no time at all before Sibley’s fingers have wandered away from the Spaniard’s shoulders and back, preferring instead to concentrate on Milk’s more intimate areas. What’s more, the handsome stud encourages the fellow further by promptly rolling himself over onto his back, enabling the young Frenchman to concentrate his efforts on the straining rod of cock-meat in Milk’s crotch! By this point, of course, the copious flow of massage-oil has ensured that things are getting decidedly slick and oily; with both fellows eagerly grinding themselves against each other like a pair of over-sexed alley-cats.

But the truth, of course, is that there’s simply no stopping these two beauties now; and having sucked on Milk’s shaft and allowed his friend to zealously finger his ass, Sibley has very quickly positioned his rump over the Spaniard’s mast and is riding it for all he’s worth! Cue a terrifically passionate set-piece that only ends when Milk decides he’d like to get skewered in return. It’s a move that soon gets the dude from Madrid squirting like a fountain; before jerking Sibley off and snowballing the resultant stream of goo!

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Damn , this is one hot scene.!!! Almost did'ent make it to the end. Well done to all involed.

bodoman666, 18/November/2015

Hot stuff again, I actually haven't seen any scene from the shooting voyage to Spain that wasn't at least excellent. Was a bit surprised by Josh topping in this episode, but obviously just a few moments before the end he remembered his true passion ;) and flipped over to riding Xavier instead... who is really a sizzling hot French sex bomb! Just wondering if we'll ever see some cum on or in a gaping hole again at Staxus... after all, isn't that what bareback is about?

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/November/2015

Quel bonheur toujours renouvelé de voir que notre réalisateur préféré nous donne encore à voir des réalisations parfaites mettant en scène de façon époustouflante le délicieux petit angelot français Xavier qui s'offre un moment de bonheur avec le non moins magnifique Josh sachant utiliser ses fantastiques atouts de la meilleure façon qui soit pour notre bonheur visuel . Nul doute que la concurrence anémiée sera une fois de plus totalement prise de court devant une telle vidéo si exceptionnelle qui datera dans l'art érotique de l'année finissante. Que ça continue sur cette formidable lancée.

christian, 18/November/2015

For me it was also at first unusual to see Josh bouncing as the active part. But later he couldn`t resist to be pounded by enourmous big sized prick french whore Josh. Till now every Spain located video was outstanding. Congratulations, staxus!

Chris, 18/November/2015

Cette vidéo est excellente mais néanmoins un cran en-dessous par rapport aux autres clips tournés en Espagne et diffusés précédemment. Cette situation ne justifie cependant pas la moyenne des notes de 3.8/5 après 21 votes que je juge exagérément basse. Cela est sans doute dû à la séquence de massage qui a duré trop longtemps (1/3 du temps de la vidéo). J'ai trouvé mon petit chouchou de Xavier excellent et attends avec la plus grande impatience la suite de cette escapade ibérique. 4/5/5 ce soir.

Pascaloux, 18/November/2015

I've been on a downloading binge the last few weeks checking out content I've missed over the last couple years. I nearly passed on this one because Josh Milk appeared a little too old and unattractive. Big mistake on my part. This scene is awesome, and while Josh may not fit the Staxus profile, he's a passionate lover. The contrast with the younger Xavier is thrilling. This is a really lovely spin on the classic gay porn theme of a massage going very, very right. After seeing this (and the subsequent pairing of Josh with Ray Mannix), my first action was to go back through the archives for other Josh Milk scenes. If they're half as hot as this one, I'll be delighted to own them and wank to them again and again. Thanks, Staxus, for providing a monthly membership option that includes downloading.

Ty Huber, 23/February/2018

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