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Four Horny Dudes Take The Drive Of Their Lives For Hard Cock! 2 (Sunny Daze Scene #3 - Part 2) HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 81)
Added: 24/November/2015
Duration: 18 minutes, 1 seconds
Comments: 25


Having avoided being pulled over by the traffic cops – and geez, how the fuck would these boys have talked their way out of that one?! – and having promptly ensconced themselves on a conveniently placed outdoor sofa at their Spanish villa, Ray Mannix, Xavier Sibley, Kris Blent and Ruben Bart continue their über hyped-up antics like a pack of sexed-starved dingos! Indeed, you’d be quite forgiven for thinking that these lads hadn’t seen cock in six months or more given the manner with which they greedily feast on all the rampant male flesh that’s now on offer.

In reality, of course, these boys are by their very nature totally obsessed with sex; so seeing Mannix and Bart 69-ing like whores, whilst Blent pushes his way between Sibley’s thighs and feverishly gobbles dick, really shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. Nor will it seem too amazing that it’s no time at all before the action turns even more hardcore, with first fingers and then cocks probing the gaping ass-holes that are quickly presenting themselves. Blent, in particular, can’t wait to give Sibley’s ramrod a real hard ride; whilst Mannix and Bart take it in turns to penetrate each other.

In the end it’s actually only Sibley who remains an out-and-out top; but given the level of activity on display here we suspect that only the most hardened of porn-fanatics will ever notice! Suffice it to say that most viewers will simply be bowled over by the frenetic performance of all four buddies, topped off by the sight of spunk being splattered in all directions! In short, an absolute classic in every single sense!

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So much beautiful chemistry between Kris & Ruben! Makes every scene featuring these 2 guys SUPER HOT!

mwhisky, 24/November/2015

Glad they have cum off the road - with other cars around. Never seen anything so disgraceful in a porno. But, this is pure hot horn for sure.

Jessie, 24/November/2015

Indeed "pure hot porn for sure" - a great classic ending to the fabulous and funny - while controversial for some - road-movie beginning in part 1! The guys taking turns in topping once again demonstrates what a dream all of them are. And what a flood of sperm to finish: particularly Ruben splashing out loads of cum. Excellent! A new favorite for me. :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/November/2015

Very beautiful I loved every moment. xxxxx

Puggsy, 24/November/2015

Simply amazing! This was something really extraordinary, some of staxus' best work to date =) There where so many things I loved about this scene I can't count them, my absolute favorite moment was at around the 09:00 mark, where Ray started to suck Xavier's cock straight out of Kris' butt whilst being pounded in the ass by Ruben =D

biggerthebetter, 24/November/2015

wonderful continuance to part 1..all the 4 boys are so into each other, you can see and feel no chemistry and no fitted moments. Just pure lustful gaysex. Kris is becoming better from clip to clip, but of course none of the boys did something bad. Horny loads of jizz at the end that accomplishes a4 boys sexorgy. 5 of 5

Chris, 24/November/2015

I loved this. A bit of concern with the driving scene, especially in traffic but the resulting film was great. Ruben is adorable and that meaty dick of his is stunning. All the boys were great and among Staxus' finest.

❤dr, 24/November/2015

Pendant toute la durée de cette scène grandiose, les quatre adorables petits minets ont démontré toute leur maturité dans l'action pornographique. Ce ne fut hélas pas le cas dans la consternante séquence de la conduite qui malgré les critiques n'a fait réagir aucun membre du personnel du bureau de chez STAXUS. 5/5

Pascaloux, 24/November/2015

Les habitués hebdomadaires savent bien qu'à part de très rares exceptions, même s'ils les lisent surement, les gens du bureau ne réagissent pas à nos critiques ou compliments ; ils ont surement raison : ils n'en finiraient plus et ça déclencherait sans doute des polémiques interminables...

christian, 24/November/2015

As a matter of fact, there has been some reaction to driving issue on the blog : So it seems there was a little controversy caused by part one of this double delivery, and I can kind of understand that too. After all, these boys were driving around Spain in traffic with their cocks and asses out, wanking, sucking and fingering each other. That’s certainly not something we would recommend any of you do! Let's move on !

christian , 25/November/2015

please more Ruben

jizzfizz, 01/December/2015


Vinny, 06/December/2015

no one was bribed or paid extra - the car in front was ours and was going slowly and providing cover to make sure that things were as safe as they could be. the models and we thought it was a piece of fun.

steve, 10/December/2015

What an inspired video – both parts. A real piece of innocent fun – loved the boys mucking around at the beach and in the water. Young mens bodies are just so beautiful so when you get to see them naked, long limbed and flaccid like here, it’s like a dream come true for us older guys. The naked car ride was also great fun and I see from the comments that there was a lead car which there would have to be to minimise the possibility of a crash. We’ve commented before that porn needs to be original and fresh to keep the viewer coming back. What Sunny Daze shows is that you can achieve this without getting into the realms of rough sex or aggressive action – let’s leave that to other sites. Yep, inspired just about describes it.

docmoc, 18/March/2018

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