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Police Give A Deep-Fucked Interrogation For One Hot She-Male! (TS Twink Party Scene #3) HD

2.6/5 (Total votes: 138)
Added: 06/December/2015
Duration: 28 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


Everyone knows that the police can sometimes adopt somewhat unorthodox tactics in pursuit of crime, but officers Nick Vargas and Shane Hirch take such procedures to a whole new level when they bust into Joshua Levy’s apartment and find the fellow getting frisky with the glamorous Sasha Shatalova. Of course, what they don’t realise at this early stage of their enquiries is that the young lady in Levy’s company isn’t quite what “she” appears to be; but, having taken the opportunity to make her suck Hirch’s cock, whilst Vargas and Levy watch from the sidelines, Shatalova’s secret is unceremoniously revealed when Hirch reaches for her crotch. The bitch has a dick – a revelation that soon gets the officers into quite a considerable lather!

Indeed, before you know it both the police agents have removed their pants and are pushing their shafts down the young lad(y)’s throat; whilst Levy gobbles away on her swollen ramrod. It’s all just a tad surreal, if truth be known; but still enormously erotic, not least of all when the three guys decide to take it in turns to fuck the she-boy’s ass-hole. First Vargas pounds her from behind; then Hirch pummels her from underneath, cowboy-style.

Finally, the two officers give Shatalova a helping hand by lifting here up onto Levy’s knob and then bouncing her up and down on his lap! Little fuckin’ wonder that it’s no time at all before both Vargas and Hirch are ready to cream all her face; leaving Levy to finish the fuck that he’d tried to start before the interruption, resulting in another heavy load of fresh hot spunk!

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hetloo, 06/December/2015

As a Dutchman I used the wrong word of horrible in my first voting! I absolutly don't like this clip at all! This isn't the Staxus I joined.. I don't want to see this. The clip is - 10*, I can't give it hélas.

hetloo, 06/December/2015

I don't mind seeing more of the guys (is Joshua a new add?), but as far as the trans girl is concerned, I do hope this will remain a singular lapse of taste.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/December/2015

As much as I admire Sasha's performance, I did not sign up for a Tranny site. The only good aspect of this scene was Joshua Levy, more of him please.

bodoman666, 06/December/2015

Agreed more Joshua

epname, 06/December/2015

Joshua is just lovely - but tranny porn - no thanks! Along with your recent displays of dangerous driving, this is pointing towards the fact Staxus is not worth supporting anymore

Mateusz, 06/December/2015

I'm not the least bit sexually turned on be TS action. But I loved this scene just because it was 200% un-expected and super unusual for staxus =D lovely guys, let's hope next time they will be playing with eachother instead ;) (as I said before I don't like TS but for being a TS woman, Sasha is very beautiful so I think she could be really succesful in the TS field, but perhaps not a staxus star :P)

biggerthebetter, 06/December/2015

fantastic. more please

ken, 06/December/2015

No girls, please. Nobody who looks like a girl, please. Nobody here signed up to pay to see girls. We all signed up to see boys with boys. It is very simple, we expect you to be a gay site. I hope you learn from this. No girls. Or here is at least one subscriber you will lose. And I don't seem to be alone in this.

Nslc, 06/December/2015

No issue with your TS model, she is pretty but, I'm with most others here. I'm a big cock and anal sex man and I'll watch all types of it but, in it's right place. I come here to watch boys/men being together as that is my preference but if I want other variants I go elsewhere. I don't want to see anything else here. What next? bi-sex scenes-no thank you

plloc45, 06/December/2015

No girls nor transgenders, please. If I would like to see them, I wouldn't be here.

Porcupine, 06/December/2015

Never again please - this is NOT what i joined Status for. Why don't you try and keep your members by : using more than the same few models (i.e. - rest Kris and Ray), more situations with clothing - i.e., football, suits, jocks, socks etc - the last decent clips were a few months ago with the locker rooms scenes with the boys fucking in jocks and football socks - please sort this site out - other sites are offering better

Jay1, 06/December/2015

If i would like to watch ts porn i would just sign up to a ts site, but i'm here for the guys! So whats next, straight porn on staxus? A huge disappointment and I really think about unsubscribing right now.

bludy, 06/December/2015

First time I have to say something negative about here..trannys?its a no go! Just stopped to watch this video..doesn`t turn me on in any way..please don`t go this way...

Chris, 06/December/2015

Urghhhhh. There is no way I am going to watch this shit

Toss7228er, 06/December/2015

Hm, looks like a pretty unanimous "NO" to this "test to see how the members react", as Andy hat put it in some forum post - doesn't it, dear Staxus?)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 06/December/2015

The guys look very hot in the pics, but I'm so turned off by the TS that I'm not going to watch this. Nothing wrong with them or guys who like them, but I don't think it belongs here.

Jay, 06/December/2015

Wow, really great, something different and surprizing! I feared already that december will continue with scenes from Spain, which we have seen too much the last weeks ;-). Especially Joshua is extreamly hot. There should be more scenes with him. One scene of transgender is absolutely ok ... but I prefer too - as most of writers before -, that 99% of Staxus-Scenes are fully "gay".

ontheway, 06/December/2015

Joshua very hot hes a keeper. dosent matter bout ts but im with the rest im here for hot guys fucking .

robyrob1, 06/December/2015

WTF??? You finally post a scene with Joshua Levy (you tweeted a tease about him several weeks ago!) and this is it? Seriously? No more she-males please. Why would you think your members want to see this? Just delete this scene and post a scene with Joshua getting fucked please.

trex, 06/December/2015

Maybe this video should not be deleted as mentioned before but an alternative would be to put it into the catergory "extras". Also don`t really know what trannys have to do with gay porn?! Then it would have even been better to have watched a natural women and bisexual sex. But for my own I dont like tits and dick in one person (tranny)...probably it was only a trial of you staxus which is ok, but if realized that the members avoid to watch these movies you won`t produce those ones longer.It`s ok

Chris, 06/December/2015

No more women or other woman-looking speciments. PLEASE!!!

titobet, 06/December/2015

Well,It's different, I'll give you that. But not at all interested in this type of porn whatsoever. Stick to what you do best,Staxus.

Dee Pee Zee, 06/December/2015

Je viens de visionner ce clip qui me laisse particulièrement dubitatif au point même d'en être atterré. Je ne ferai aucun commentaire sur la personne de Sasha car ce que je pourrais en dire serait désagréable et péjoratif et qu'il n'est pas dans mes habitudes de jeter l'anathème sur qui que ce soit. Il est tout à l'honneur de STAXUS d'essayer d'être éclectique dans ses choix mais force est de constater que vos deux dernières tentatives ( le présent clip et la conduite à risque) ont été désastreuses. Il faudrait éviter de renouveler ces expériences hasardeuses car vous risqueriez de dégringoler de votre piédestal et la chute en serait très douloureuse. Je regrette beaucoup de devoir pour la seconde fois en moins de dix jours formuler des critiques sévères à l'encontre de mon site préféré.

Pascaloux, 06/December/2015

Well first off all Sasha looks great for a TS. But who ever had the Idea that gays or even bisexuals (some are here too as members) would like TS porn should smoke less weed!! Joshua is great, he has an even bigger (thicker) cock than Jace Reed!! Get his cock into some tight holes please.

secondsky, 06/December/2015


CJ, 06/December/2015

ugly, horrible!!!

G.B., 06/December/2015

More Joshua. He has a fabulous dick and very nice body. Buno more trans. Ii I need I can go other sites specialized on it

MIKALO92, 06/December/2015

I'm NOT Transphobic, but this is not something I want to see on a regular basis. I did find it hot seeing Joshua Sucking Sasha dry & licking up their cum, then Sasha taking Joshua's load & spiting out his cum! Joshua is HOT, by the way!

mwhisky, 06/December/2015

I have not paid to see it. Please, never again !

kevin59, 06/December/2015

No, I didn't pay for this either. Get the two horny boys on here (Josh and Nick), get them safely condomised and let's see some proper one on one horny fucking - no trannies please!

Chris, 07/December/2015

No more!

anon, 07/December/2015

I didn't pay for this rubbish :( C'mon Staxus. We're gay boys & whilst I appreciate some guys do get off on TS, not this one! Totally 100% GAY! No more thank you or kiss my a** goodbye

byronboy, 07/December/2015

Here Here!!!

Spermshot, 07/December/2015

I agree with the other guys in here. We want gay porn, and breasts has nothing to do with that. I'm gay because breasts and girly faces don't turn me on. If you want to make this kind of porn, then make another site for that!

Tjalfe, 07/December/2015

YUK> YUK> and more YUK> I calnt think of anything more horrible as fucking a ts or a girl for that matter. Please Andy NO MORE>

mackenzielad, 07/December/2015

Joshua Levy what a find I already love the guy he is so adorable & will be sensational teamed up with our other Boys. I would also love a solo of Josh I have missed watching your fab Boy solo's.

Puggsy, 07/December/2015

Opposite to most guys I have to say I loved this scene - but then I have to admit I'm not entirely gay so with a shemale you get a bit of both ;) Joshua is absolutely stunning and what an amazing cock!!!

HC, 07/December/2015

For G***'s sake! All these negative reactions for a scene which is definetely not mainstream? Come on guys, don't be so moralistic, otherwise you'll sound like the omophobic gender. You don't like to see a trans once every 10 years, just skip this scene and carry on. I am not personally into trans so much, but I enjoyed this scene, for a change. Thanks Staxus for some - needed - provocations, just to remind all us that being gay means being tolerant and liberal. Cheers to all, be happy

Pittypatty, 07/December/2015

love it!!!! Be tolerant!!! All have nice cocks!!!

thomas, 07/December/2015

@pittypaty, @thomas: This is a porn site, guys pay for content that they want to watch, not a discussion forum about tolerance, lgbtq issues or your worldview. Just because someone expresses negatively about content that is completely not interesting, it does not mean that he's transphobic. This is an economic matter. I pay for gay sex (since its/was a gay porn site) and I want watch a gay sex only, and instead of a regular update we got this. There are plenty of sites that cater to the needs of people like you.

way2big, 08/December/2015

Sorry guys, not my cup of tea either. This left me soft and limp.

Noel, 08/December/2015

The spitting out of the spunk is cool at the end but would have been better from Joshua's mouth!!! He's a real cutiepops. Not so sure tits and cock together work :(

Ray Fan, 08/December/2015

no more, please

christian2015, 09/December/2015

Interesting to see cock and boobs bouncing when she sits on Joshs gorgeous manpole but not the best of Staxus offerings by a long long way

Mauro, 09/December/2015

Relax =) Andy said in a thread in the forum that this scene was just an experiment to see how the members would like it, obviously most didn't like it (including myself) This was just a single scene It's not like Staxus is having a "TS theme month" where all we will see is tranny stuff for weeks :P

biggerthebetter, 09/December/2015

this clip has been downlaoded more than the last chris blent scene and has alos been streamed more - we try to keep the site varied and interesting trying different action, different models - if you dont like the look of one scene i suggest you dont watch it. some people like piss, some like fisting etc etc - the ones that dont like it complain - we try to keep everyone happy by doing a bit of everything. we have coming up - wrestling scenes, football scenes, mixed body type. some you will like some you wont. you can keep some of the people happy some of the time - you cant keep all of the people happy all the time. we just try our best.

steve, 09/December/2015

J'attendais avec impatience la réaction d'un membre du bureau de Staxus. Les explications données par M. Steve m'ont paru convaincantes et surtout sincères. Sachez,Monsieur, que plaire à tout le monde est une utopie et que vous n'y parviendrez jamais.L'année 2015 a été-pour ma part- exceptionnelle chez STAXUS et il ne fait pas l'ombre d'un doute dans mon esprit que la suite des événements le sera tout autant. Je souhaite néanmoins que l'expérience transsexuelle et encore plus le scénario de la conduite à risque ne soient pas reconduits : ce sont les seuls faux pas de l'année qui s'achève.

Pascaloux, 09/December/2015

No, me no like.

CJ, 10/December/2015

I agree. Better had been just Joshua and Nick. Nice and horny boys.

Heinrich, 10/December/2015

@steve: this is a totally separate niche, and has nothig to do with gay audience, we dont fancy female physicality even if has dick attached. If you want to experiment, go ahead but make a separate site for ts/ non gay content, but not at the expense of the majority of users, which do not enjoy it. If someone would request bestiality, skat or straight porn, you'll also willing to experiment to make everyone happy? The scene was streamed/downloaded often, probably just out of curiosity, I myself looked at the part of the scene, with the hope that I would find there something for me, but I have not, so the number of views or downloads not an indication of its popularity. This scene has the worst ratings and comments so far, and thats a real indicator of popularity.

way2big, 10/December/2015

I'm into the gay scenes, but I also thought this one was hot. What's wrong with putting up a little something different now and then, as long as it doesn't detract from the other contents?

Friscodog, 11/December/2015

Friscodog... cos we only really wanted to see Joshua and Nick, the two really horny boyz

RayFan, 11/December/2015

It may be because I am bi, but this was a pretty good video. I certainly don't want TS vids on Staxus all the time, but every now and then a change can be good. Especially if the models get into it.

Stephen, 11/December/2015

i dont get the current trend between gay porn site owners, everyone want to add 'something' extra to make their sites less gay. tranny here, women there like if it was something that their target customers - gays want to see. this is a great gay site from the beginning why to change that? if you are bi and like shemales, than go elsewhere accept that this is a gay site and don't try to change that. do you also request gay sex on a straight sites when you join them?

danny, 11/December/2015

Love it!

Dave, 12/December/2015

it coud have been a good coming-out scene! the police turn Joshua into gay? like a change of scene's. as i like it in sex. keep doing the good work staxus., 12/December/2015

Absolute shit!

BA, 13/December/2015

Nothing wrong, I like this scene. Specially because of Joshua. Don`t care what he fucks. Hope to see more of Joshua.

Wolfgang, 13/December/2015

I'm usually not turned on neither bei women nor trans, but I loved the scene and I really enjoy the search for variety that Staxus is going for tne boys are cute and maybe some of them more aroused than usual because they have breasts at hand...;-)

Julienxxx, 13/December/2015

I'm shocked at how many people are angry about this scene. It's not that Staxus has a problem, it's that YOU have a problem. It's not as though the scene detracted from the normal gay content of the site. There are plenty of gorgeous scenes with nary a breast to see. I would understand the complaints, if suddenly Staxus reduced their breeding-twink content in order to make room for transsexual porn — but they have NOT done that. Nor was it a surprise that the scene contained a transsexual. It was obvious from the thumbnail picture, and the title of the scene included TS. So if you watched it "accidentally," it's your own fault. I thought it was hot. I rated it highly. I'd like to see more. I'm MORE a fan of gay porn than of trans porn, but I like to break it up once in a while. I wish the rest of you guys would take a pill, relax a little bit, and accept different sexualities than your own. You don't have to watch, but you also don't have to hate.

Friscodog, 17/December/2015

@Friscodog: and i'm shocked that a minority is trying to impose something to majority. if the idea with ts content has met with acceptance, there would be more such scenes, so it would reduced the gay content. When you join GAY site, you do not expect ts content on such site. staxus is a GAY site from the beginning if you cant accept that go elsewhere with your ts fetish, there are plenty of ts sites. i pay for membership, thus my money help produce content i want to watch. in this case, my money was wasted. if I would like to watch ts porn, i would simply join such site, and not try to impose my sexual preferences to others. your argument about sexuality is lame. there are also different religions in the world, would you try to hang a cross in the mosque? enough already with this ts crap! leave staxus alone!

way2big, 18/December/2015

Great scene - I'm all for variety!

fuckworthy, 20/December/2015

To the whiners who whiny in their whiny little voices that they're not paying to see anything but vanilla gay porn -- do you also whine if you go to a hamburger diner and they happen to have quiche on the menu as well? It never ceases to amaze me how people get up in arms if a single Staxus scene is not to their liking. It's not as if there weren't a thousand more. You can beat off to a different scene every day for years and years. Like way2big says: leave staxus alone!

fuckworthy, 20/December/2015

Please consign this aberration to the dustbin. It is neither sexy nor attractive. Ms Sasha may think 'herself' irresistiible but she's a freak and there is work for her on other sites. Joshua on the other hand is gorgeous. More of him please. Soon.

pottspointer, 24/December/2015

Joshua is a beauty - but otherwise a crap video. NO more trannies pleeeezeeeeee!!!

Thom, 08/January/2016

This truly is dreadful. Was everyone in your office high on drugs when you decided to make this scene? Jeez !!!

BuckDC, 09/January/2016

I like femboys more than trannies, feminine looking with stockings and panties w/ a plug in smooth hole underneath but still look very twinkish not really into the TS but a femboy twink scene would be hot so don't feel discouraged. I would love a trap scene

JDC, 14/January/2016

checked the stats, this scene is the 16th most watched in the last 12 months.

steve, 19/January/2016

Fantastic. My most sincere congratulations. More of him please. Soon.

bimouth, 08/February/2016

Please, let us see more scenes with Sasha the TS!

late4swim, 09/February/2016

I've been with you for over 6 years, but If i ever again see a female-a-like on this website, i'm gonna cancel my membership, and look for a real twink gay site.

nomoreTS, 08/March/2016

this scene is funny in the context that half the site complains when they see facial hair or pubes, so staxus finally just gives you what you want (a girl). If you're going to demand ultra femme anorexic guys, eventually the natural progression of that is chicks with dicks, just saying.

peen, 09/January/2017

This has NOTHING to do with the known highest quality of staxus productions! This is a gay porn site and nobody wants to see tits and pussies here, especially not shemales! Rubbish just rubbish, sorry, its the worst scene ever! Please stop the trials to produce shemale vids!!!!

Chris, 10/August/2017

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