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No Birthday Bumps – But Lots Of Hard Dick & Jizz For This Boy! (Breed Them Big Scene #2) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 77)
Added: 18/December/2015
Duration: 28 minutes, 42 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s young Xavier Sibley’s birthday – but if he thinks he’s going to get away with an uneventful occasion then he’s in for something of a shock. After all, his best buddies, David Sky and Jace Reed, are clearly not in the mood to allow the day to go unmarked – bounding down the stairs with a bottle of fizz and playfully jumping on the fellow. Not that a guy like Sibley needs much encouragement, of course – as quickly becomes evident! Before you know it, all three lads are smooching, rubbing crotches, sucking nipples and generally teasing each other; before finally Sibley pulls Reed’s oversized cock from his briefs, unwrapping the best present any boy could hope for in the process!

It’s a move that changes the dynamics of the encounter almost at once, with Sky and Sibley also stark-bollock naked within seconds; at which point a veritable tsunami of cock-sucking ensues. Not surprisingly, however, it’s Reed’s enormous shaft that takes centre of attention, with the French and Spanish boys positioning themselves either side and feasting on the generous roll of rock hard flesh. And who the fuck can blame them? All the same, let’s not forget the fact that this is Sibley’s special day – and what he really wants is hard cock up his ass!

A wish that both Reed and Sky are only too willing and able to help make come true. First Reed pins the fellow down on the sofa, buggering him to high heaven in the process; then Sky pummels him from underneath, cowboy-style. Having dumped his own wad mid-fuck, Sibley then finally gets his cute little face splattered by a river of jizz!

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For my next birthday i think i will ask something like this and will invite Mr. Reed ;) and Xavier and David for my party. Being serious about this, on your previous scene together, Jace and Xavier you were amazing ! Now, with David, another great moment of sex.....what a juicy way to start action ;) ... Jace, you didnt forget (i think it is) champagne. When i saw this one had Jace and Xavier, i thought..."this is going to be great". I must say this scene is amazing!

Vaclav, 18/December/2015

Dear Vaclav, your birthday wish is one certainly a lot of subscribers share - the good news is, you can turn it into reality, too! :) Indeed both David and Jace are hot, well-hung tops, and with Xavier they form a perfect threesome. Hot action, great guys, the "usual" excellent lighting and camera... a new entry in my favorites list, and a clear 5/5. The only question I have after the second scene from "Breed them big" now: can't find any breeding, at least so far? ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/December/2015

Jace Reed..always a dream on earth to watch him in active action when he`s pounding assholes with his huge enourmous dick...there was chemistry between all three..this video is a winner! 5 of 5

Chris, 18/December/2015

I have so much pleasure with these amazing Boys. They are gorgeous & Jace my eyes water at the thought of you xxxxx

Puggsy, 18/December/2015

Lovely guys, my absolute favorite part was seeing David and Jace play with Xaviers butt, I really liked the finger dp =) If I had a magic wish I wish that there could have been more ATM between Xavier's ass and David's mouth and vice versa, that would have been the icing on the cake in my opinion =) But this scene was really hot any how =)

biggerthebetter, 18/December/2015

Une fois de plus, je ne peux que hisser sur un piédestal John et ses collaborateurs qui ont produit une nouvelle vidéo d'exception qui m'a littéralement captivé pendant près d'une demi-heure. Le très séduisant Jace et l'adorable angelet de David se sont donnés à fond pour rassasier mon petit chouchou de Xavier et y sont brillamment parvenus. L'excellence du travail produit lors du tournage de ce clip se doit d'être saluée par un tonnerre d'applaudissements : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 18/December/2015

Fuck yeah!

Robby, 19/December/2015

Just love the scene, great filming.

hetloo, 19/December/2015

Great threesome with such tasty guys! Jace Reed has one hot and huge cock, and David Sky is a beautiful boy that I'd love to pleasure for hours. His cock looks delicious and his smooth skin makes me want to give him a tongue bath from head to toe. Xavier would make a great model for a life size bronze statue!

emit, 21/December/2015

I am loving Jace Reed with that buzz cut and I've really enjoyed watching new cummer Xavier. Nice!

Robby, 23/December/2015

David is gorgeous. Beautifully smooth cock and balls and a wonderful erection throughout. Good squirt of ejaculate into Xavier's mouth at the end too.

Markus, 24/December/2015

All these boys are fantastic. Incredible rimming. How Xavier loved those two tongues working over his hole. David and Jace gave a wonderful show of fingering, rimming and the taking turns to sink their cocks deep into his beauty hole. Then the cum shots at the end were fantastic. Xavier was eager to take both loads of cum in his mouth and to swallow it all. I was so horny!!!

Ryan, 26/February/2016

Cool boys with beautifuly cocks.

Rick, 25/August/2017

Delicious rimming -- both those wet tongues and fingers prepping that lovely hole. While Xavier was teabagging the other lads I so wished each would slide his asshole over Xavier's mouth to have the courtesy returned. I love watching guys eat ass while being fucked.

Ty Huber, 03/February/2018

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