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New Boy Gets It Big In Every Hole Thanks To Jace Reed’s Cock! (Breed 'Em Big Scene #3) HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 75)
Added: 28/December/2015
Duration: 26 minutes, 49 seconds
Comments: 25


Talk about being thrown in at the deep end! New boy, Tony Conrad, dreams of making it big in the world of gay porn – and he really couldn’t have asked for a bigger or better introduction than here, when he quite literally comes face-to-face with Jace Reed’s oversized mamba! In fairness, there are guys aplenty who would claim to be able to handle such material, only to balk at the final hurdle – but not this young cock-whore! No, he’s down on Reed at the first opportunity – slurping over every handsome inch, and very obviously loving the experience.

It’s an impressive opening gambit; and one that clearly pleases Reed, whose cock seems even bigger than usual, if that’s actually possible! By this point, of course, most viewers will probably be wondering whether Conrad’s appetite for Reed’s dick will transfer quite as easily to his ass-hole; but first the two fellows take time out to 69 each other, before Reed’s attention inevitably turns to his newfound play-buddy’s pucker, which he rims and fingers in anticipation of the hardcore wrecking to come. To the big boy’s credit, Reed eases Conrad in nice and gently at first – working his crown in, but little more.

We all know, however, that that’s unlikely to satisfy a guy of Reed’s credentials; so it comes as no surprise that he’s soon adopting a variety of positions in a bid to get more of his dick inside. He doesn’t fully succeed, however, until Conrad adopts a reverse-cowboy – at which point Reed is quite literally balls-deep and banging the jizz out of the slut, before creaming Conrad’s arse in return just a few seconds later!

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These boys have chemistry, have desire, have fun, like each other! Awesome! This is twink quality porn again! Thanks.

hetloo, 28/December/2015

Ridiculous HOT! Jace's huge towering cock looks so nice in Conrad's holes. Just DAMN! Also Jace looks so much hotter with his hair shorter like this. Mmmm mmm mmmmm!

Robby, 28/December/2015

Another Tony Conrad video.... It must be Christmas!

KH, 28/December/2015

Outstanding! This is what a boy like Tony deserves...cute Jace with an xxl boner who pounds Tonys butt till he almost cries:-) liked very much that Tony kept on his sexy red skatershoes! For me it was indescribable horny to see Jace examine Tonys asshole..when he relaxed and he opened his asshole one could see the rosa shining inside. Would have been even more horny if Race had put his nose or tongue inside the cunt to inhale Tonys boy odors which are flowing out of his asshole :-) when I imagine the odor I could almost explode...this is a video which deserves even me rated more than 5 stars...

Chris, 28/December/2015

Has anyone in Staxus staff noticed the "Staxus Blog" has not been updated since Dec.4th.

titobet, 28/December/2015

Great clip, both Tony and Jace have perfect bodies, Tony's cute face is awesome, and how Jace pounds him with his massive cock is so hot I can't imagine anybody not getting hard and off watching it. Finally some cream pie again too, would love to see more! Deserves an excellent 5 of 5 stars.

HappyGuy, 28/December/2015

True that Tony is definitely one great recent addition ! He definitely has a cute smiling face, nice body and fantastic ass that he knows to use at best for our viewing pleasure. Thanks for this !

christian, 28/December/2015

Cette scène très chaude est excellente au point de faire l'unanimité parmi les intervenants de ce soir avec une moyenne des notes élevée (4,7/5) après 28 votes. Si le dirigeants de Staxus se fient à cet indicateur très fiable et lisent un tant soit peu les commentaires des adhérents, ils devraient se rendre compte que la clientèle de ce site veut voir en action des minets ou jeunes modèles et personne d'autre. En conséquence et s'il est encore possible de la faire, vous seriez très inspirés, Messieurs, de revoir le calendrier de janvier qui prévoit deux clips avec des bodybuildés qui déclencheront de nouveau une avalanche de contestations parfaitement justifiées avec le risque de faire fuir certains membres.

Pascaloux, 28/December/2015

Passionate,delectable& explosive. I love this scene. New Boy Tony is an Awesome addition. It would be great see a solo of him.

Puggsy, 28/December/2015

This was a good Fuck... especially Jace putting that big dick in Tony. Tony is sweet but I do feel that he'd best watch his weight! He could workout more and tighten up some! I liked the Director in this film, he seemed to know how to film these hot Euro dudes... I like that they aren't American!

BNB, 28/December/2015

OMG! this was marvelous, Tony is fantastic, it was nice watching him talk a bit in the beginning, he has a deep and very sexy voice (aside from picture perfect looks) I don't know a word in czech but it would have been sexy to watch without the subtitles =) Jace is an awesome model and great top, so this was a bit of match made in heaven =D I would really enjoy to see Tony in a scene handling several huge cocks at one time and taking a dp =D (and it wouldn't hurt a bit if one or several of those big cocks where black ;)

biggerthebetter, 28/December/2015

Biggerthebetter has a good bunch of imaginative horny nasty ideas ! lol Definitely all love Tony. Let's see what comes next...

christian, 29/December/2015

This video is sheer poetry. Beautiful asshole. Tried to hold on until the end but lust prevailed!

Ryan, 17/January/2016

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