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The Big Picture, Sc.4: Sunbathing Black Dude Gives Horny White Twink A Raw Fuck! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 63)
Added: 17/January/2016
Duration: 21 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Never one to hold his exhibitionist tendencies in check, Hector Agusti decides to sunbathe in the nude – no doubt aware that his antics are likely to be disturbed by some innocent passer-by. Whether you could actually describe Xavier Sibley as “innocent” is another matter entirely, however. True, he’s strolling through the woods without a care in the world at the start of this scene; but there’s no denying his reluctance to make a sharp exit when he stumbles upon the black Adonis privately sunning himself. Indeed, there’s an almost palpable attraction to Agusti as he reaches out to touch the handsome dude’s meaty, uncut cock; at which point the young twink’s destiny is irrefutably sealed!

Seconds on and the young French beauty is quite literally down on his knees and doing what comes as second nature to a cock-crazed pup such as himself, hanging off that thick, black shaft and rimming Agusti’s ass. As introductions go this is certainly one of the more memorable; but matters only gain even more intensity when the black stud bundles Sibley onto all fours and promptly rims the young lad’s hungry little pucker in anticipation of a hardcore fucking.

It’s exactly the kind of top-notch interracial set-piece that will have any black-on-white aficionado going singularly crazy; and suffice it to say that the horny little pup takes every inch of Agusti’s over-sized ramrod like a long-term trooper! All the same, even he can’t hold back from the inevitable splurge of jizz in the end; before his black buddy quite literally erupts Vesuvius-style with a cascade of hot, sticky spooge!

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So nice, Xavier and Hector. But, Xavier, next careful about the road you take lol ... But i think you enjoyed very much invading Hector's private property ;) .. Xavier is, no doubt, one of the very best bottoms at Staxus and Hector took good care of him. Loved the way he prepared Xavier's ass (yummy) and about the fuckin' was great ... it was done the way i enjoy !! .. Really nice, guys. Really.

Vaclav, 17/January/2016

Hector is exquisite in every way, Can never get too much of him.

Dong, 17/January/2016

Xavier is the best love him always, thanks staxus, more Xavier please.

robtrob1, 17/January/2016

...not my cup of tea because I´m not into interracials...but its probably just a matter of taste

Chris, 17/January/2016

Très friand de clips interraciaux, j'ai adoré cette très chaude et superbe vidéo à laquelle j'ai octroyé la note de 5/5 sans aucune hésitation. Le très séduisant Hector a magistralement assouvi l'appétit sexuel très vorace de mon petit chouchou de Xavier. Xavier est un jeune homme très sexy et pour l'avoir entendu plusieurs fois s'exprimer, je peux aussi affirmer qu'il est très bien élevé. Ayant très largement l'âge d'être son père, je lui conseillerais d'ôter le piercing qu'il s'est mis au nez et qui n'est pas très élégant. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 17/January/2016

OMH - isn't Xavier's pinkish asshole like the sweetest place of earth? Adorable!!

softwildkiss, 17/January/2016

Ups - I wanted to write "OMG" (not OMH). Apparently, I was distracted by - you know what ;-)

softwildkiss, 17/January/2016

Xavier is adorble, but that thing in his nose makes him not right at all! It's horrible! Why do cute boys take these stupid, horrible things and dishonour their body! Just take it out please.

hetloo, 17/January/2016

I know it's a matter of taste, and I don't actually mind some tattoos or piercings - when they are selected and placed with reason, I even find them beautiful. Some guys unfortunately manage to destroy their great looks with either a flood of tattoos beyond all sense (e.g., Mickey Taylor IMHO is a recent example of that), or piercings in the "wrong" place, or both. I cannot but agree with Pascaloux and hetloo here: that nose piercing of Xavier does not do him a favor. Would be a better match if he plans to appear in Treasure Island porn in the future :( <br> Otherwise, a good clip with nice contrasts, but I've seen better ones both with Hector and Xavier here before... the action seemed a bit restrained to me in terms of pace and energy. All in all, a 4**** for me.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 18/January/2016

Horny clip. Xavier takes it really deep and hard. The piercing is not that nice but suits his personality. Whatever one may say, it is useless, some people will always find that they definitely look better like this.

christian, 18/January/2016

This is by far my absolute favorite of the recent interracial scenes =) I liked this clip from beginning to end, the part I liked the most was the initial penetration, very sexy to watch Hector slowly bureing his cock deeper and deeper in Xavier's ass and then pounding him really hard and deep . I look forward to future interracial scenes, I love watching in Hector in action but it would be fun with some new even hunger black tops on staxus =D

biggerthebetter, 18/January/2016

Bom filme mais acho que deveriam fazer cenas versáteis entre negros e entre negros e brancos ,até agora so vi duas cenas na staxus

Mau mau, 25/January/2016

What a beautiful asshole Xavier has!

Ryan, 26/February/2016

Both guys stay super hard during the entire scene, they are obviously very into it. Rimming is amazing and Cumshots are awesome!

HOT, 26/December/2016

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