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College Dropouts, Sc. 1: Two Horny Students Take Time Out For Hard Cock & Hot Spunk! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 74)
Added: 29/January/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 6 seconds
Comments: 25


The jury’s out on whether everyone’s favourite horned-up beauty, Jaro Stone, looks better with or without facial hair – but one thing fuckin’ certain, guys, and that’s that any scene with him in is almost bound to be a sure-fire winner! A point that’s once again underlined when he teams up with young Roman Black in a kids’ play-park of all places. Not that anything untoward takes place there, of course, save for a game of kiss-chase; but once the two renegades from the illustrious STAXUS Academy have returned to the privacy of an apartment you can be sure that such chaste antics don’t continue for long.

Indeed, Stone being the kind of boy he is, the lad is soon reaching into his classmate’s uniform in search of hard cock – something he finds without the slightest difficulty! As such he’s diving down onto dick almost before Black knows it; eagerly slurping on the hard shaft and, in the process, demonstrating to his pal exactly how fellatio should be done. What’s more, Black appears to be a quick learner, returning the compliment with equal vigour; and in the process hyping Stone into a session of energetic rimming.

It’s a foretaste of the hardcore anal bashing that we all know is soon gonna be heading Black’s way – though not before Stone has enjoyed a further gobble on his buddy’s shaft. Before long, however, these two fuckers are busily engaged in a tremendous session of wanton sodomy – Stone pummelling Black’s pucker for all its worth and spewing as a result. Leaving our long-time hero the pleasure of taking a sticky mouthful of hot spunk from Black in return!

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Realy guys, Roman Black is so hot!! I Always adored Jaro, but his small beard and moustache(in Dutch also known as "pratend cutje) is awfull! Great mistake. Nevertheless there is a new hot boy Roman!! Therefore 5*

hetloo, 29/January/2016

I like Jaro's beard!

mpg, 29/January/2016

Brilliant. Staxus back at their best. Roman is already a favourite - lots more please. I like Jaro's fuzz, it reminds me of the older boys when I was at school who tried to grow beards to look more manly. Only one little criticism, please get Roman to grow his pubes back, the stubble is not a good look. Jaro has them just right. 5 Stars

Blondguy, 29/January/2016

Sorry,but i like my guys clean shaven, as in no facial hair. Other than that, Jaro's looking good. Roman's a hottie as well!

mwhisky, 29/January/2016

Wahhww ! super movie. The boys are well into each other : good chemistry between them. Jaro's new look is seducing and the new Roman is hot, let alone his abds and big dick that Jaro likes to lick erotically at the start ! All nice.

Christian, 29/January/2016

Really a very nice movie. Jaro changed his style a little, his beard astonished me at first but with it he looks eben more masculine:-) Wonderful paied couple with feelings and emotions not just "fucking for bucks"...4,5 of 5 I vote this time

Chris, 29/January/2016

Jaro's beard is awesome. Damn hot and sexy!

ac, 29/January/2016

Cette vidéo exceptionnelle est un véritable régal pour les yeux et atteint une fois de plus la perfection absolue. Le nouveau modèle est magnifique et très sexy. Les débuts de Roman sont très prometteurs et j'ai hâte de le revoir en action sur le site. Quant à Jaro, avec ou sans barbichette, il est d'une beauté renversante avec en plus une prestance et un charisme innés. Mon abonnement annuel s'achève demain et je vais bien évidemment le reconduire pour un an. Dresser un bilan exhaustif de la période écoulée serait trop long. Toutefois, je persiste à dire que dans l'industrie à l'heure actuelle, il y a STAXUS et loin derrière toute la concurrence qui doit se résigner à faire de la pâle figuration. Félicitations.

Pascaloux, 29/January/2016

I can only agree: Roman Black is a great discovery for Staxus! I do hope he turns out to be versatile! Jaro is a member of my all-time favorites of this site, even though in my humble opinion, he looks much better without that attempt of a beard ;) Seems like the audience is split 50/50 on this issue though. With or without, a hot guy, and the two together really put on a great show. Loved it!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 29/January/2016

Roman Black is excellent and a valuable addition to the site. Well done for finding him.

AliusUK, 30/January/2016

I think Jaro's scruff is HOT...

Etienne, 30/January/2016

Roman : you're welcome . It's your first scene for Staxus and all i can say is that i enjoyed your performance. And there is one moment that i save on my mind : your precum while Jaro fucks you from behind on first position. That precum is/was amazing and sooo big ;))) .. More of Roman, of course !!! And i do have a request : Joshua Levy and Roman together ! ;)

Vaclav, 31/January/2016

Roman's leaking pre cum is sensational

jump8r, 31/January/2016

Jaro? 1 of my favourites. Love his scruff! And to be paired with this beautiful big dicked newcomer? What did Jaro pay for that? Nothing, for what he gives us, I'd surely give him 1st crack at any Roman who comes along. Love to see Roman paired with Milan, Daryl D, Tony, Jace or Tony. Great scene guys

gregorik, 02/February/2016

Horny rimming and fucking! Beautiful! Give us more!

Ryan, 03/February/2016

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