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College Dropouts, Sc.2: Payback Time Provides Horny Twink With A Hot Load In The Ass! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 52)
Added: 02/February/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no such thing as a free lunch, as young Will Simon is about to discover big style! Having been provided with all the answers to a college exam by the incorrigible Mickey Rush, his buddy is ready to demand a favour in return – which in this instance involves a great deal of naked and excitable flesh! Not that Simon appears in any way put off by his payment in return; though given the exceptional quality of his partner is it really any wonder? For fuck’s sake, this is Mickey Rush that we’re talking about here, after all! Indeed, Simon’s out of his clothes at the very first opportunity – revealing a fine, shaved shaft that Rush dives upon with characteristic eagerness.

It’s a move that Simon himself is soon replicating; before both lads make the most of the full length of the sofa to engage in a heady session of 69-ing that will almost certainly have you tugging on your own dick in appreciation. Don’t be tempted to work yourself into a hot, sticky frenzy too prematurely, however. There’s still the sight of sweet young Simon surrendering his tight, but very hungry pucker to Rush, which the latter (not surprisingly) promptly takes full advantage of. As a result, it’s no time at all before Rush is quite literally balls-deep in his buddy’s arse.

It marks the start of a terrific set-piece that only reaches a crescendo when Rush sprays a terrific wad of pent-up jizz on Simon’s hole; before ramming and felching the goo home with his cock, fingers and tongue. Little fuckin’ wonder that Simon can’t wait to unload a fine spray of hot spunk in return, which horny Rush laps up with relish!

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This is a beautiful video full of hot and down-to-earth sex. Lots of sucking each others cocks until the fucking. Mickey is the perfect top and gives Will's tasty hole a lot of rimming before plunging his cock inside. He shows his lust for Will by licking the cum from his hole and tasting Will's own cum. Oh sexxxy!

Ryan, 02/February/2016

Nice couple, both boys are very cute indeed! What I missed was emotional soul kissing like we saw in some videos before; here the kissing seemed very robotics to my mind...but the fucking was horny, Will is a bottom machine*lol In the end it was very amazing to see Mickey licking out his load of cream from Wills butt...I would vote 4 of 5 this time....

Chris, 02/February/2016

I really don't like Mickey's tattoos but the cumplay in this scene is totally hot!

softwildkiss, 02/February/2016

I love creampies in porn, but this way even better. Very hot to see the cum ouze out of Will as Mickey was fingering him, and then finished with Will cleaning every last drop of cum from Mickey's cock =) This was a good scene, but the end made it to something really special =)

biggerthebetter, 02/February/2016

Also I dislike the excessive tatoos on both the models ; however Mickey still remains cute and playfull. He is a real top and his final cumshot in Will's flexible ass seems to be a rarely seen everyone's favorite ! Hot Vid !

Christian, 03/February/2016

Cette seconde scène sur le thème "du collège" est tout aussi formidable que le premier clip diffusé sur le même sujet. Sans rentrer dans des détails pornographiques salaces, j'ai trouvé le final très chaud et insolite. Quant aux tatouages certes excessifs de Mickey, cette question a déjà été débattue lors de sa première scène et je ne crois pas qu'il soit utile d'y revenir. Après tout, ce sublime petit minet fait ce qu'il veut de sa peau. Félicitations : 5/5.

Pascaloux, 03/February/2016

A great clip and a really hot and spermy finish, makes it still a 5/5 for me in spite of the disgraceful tattoos.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 05/February/2016

I love this video and have watched it many times. There are extra horny things like Mickey cumming on Will's hole and then sliding his beautiful cock back inside. The cum tasting at the end just drives me wild. I could almost taste it!

Ryan, 22/February/2016

Mickey sure loves sexy assholes. This one is superb! I love all the action. the rimming and fucking are the best ever. Both these guys are fantastic. Does Mickey ever get his hole rimmed? It would be great to see it. But he sure is one of the best around doing it himself. two of your best models.

Josh, 03/August/2016

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