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College Dropouts, Sc.3: Hockey-Loving Fucker Joins His Mates For A Spunk-Soaked Trio! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 67)
Added: 04/February/2016
Duration: 27 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


Whoever knew that Martin Muse was such an avid fan of the Czech ice hockey league? Or that he had such a stunning collection of stickers featuring the top players? Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates such things – Tony Conrad and Roman Black included. These two horny fuckers want to play, but it’s most definitely fucks rather than pucks that’s grabbing their interest. Not that Muse appears in any way reluctant to follow their lead, it has to be said. A couple of sultry, lingering kisses from Conrad and he’s very much in the game!

That’s all clearly very good news for the two visitors, who are soon munching down on Muse’s handsome shaft – taking turns to gobble on all that delicious man-meat like a couple of hungry hounds feasting on a bone. By this point no doubt you’ll be well and truly boned yourselves – wondering, maybe, which one of these gorgeous buddies is going to find himself at the centre of the inevitable action. The clue, it seems, is arguably in the skin-colouring – Black’s pale physique in total contrast to the darker hue of his mates.

As such, get ready to enjoy the sight of that light-skinned arse serving as the focal point for the remainder of the scene – first by means of some terrific toy-play, then a session of rimming, and finally when Muse and Conrad take it in turns to bang it with their cocks! No question about it, Black’s butt doesn’t miss out on a single stroke; culminating in it being jazzed by Conrad, whilst Muse’s dick whitewashes Black’s cute face. Leaving Black to wank out his own very sticky, and ultra-satisfying emission!

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Quite good. Martin is beautiful and Roman is a good performer. I hate to be a misery, but Tony really isn't right for this site. He never really seems to make an effort, his muscles are too big, I don't like the tan or the slicked back hair. Why is he so highly regarded? It's a mystery to me. x

Aino Wave, 04/February/2016

Nice scene. They are very hot and fit very nice together. I really can't understand why people is complaining about everything. Not complaining about Tony? About his tan? about his muscles? Wel.... I think he is so highly regarded because he deserves it. He is hot as hell and I love every single one of his scenes. He is in the TOP 5 of my models! Good work STAXUS! I can't get enough of Tony Conrad. And well... he never seems to make an effort? LOL I think he takes dick like a mother fu****!! Is awesome. I really can apreciate the effort!!!

Chris2, 04/February/2016

Roman ..... you have a fan here ! This dude interacts so nice with his partners. Looks already a pro ;) . I enjoyed this 3way . Tony could ride a bit this time (lol) and Martin is (no doubt) a good top. I enjoy this 3way, but i must confess i was always (lots of time) looking at ... Roman ;))

Vaclav, 04/February/2016

Aino Wave, this time I think you're right: Tony doesn't belong on this site. When Staxus paired tony with Zack Hood (who was great in his day!) It was clear, Tony didn't belong here - Staxus didn't deserve him, they undervalued his skills, persona, eroticism, and knowing how to use it them together - and thus become 1 of my top 10 models of the sites Staxus and Belami. Tony is a gem, and by now you know it

gregorik, 04/February/2016

Hi guys! We are proud to announce the re-launch of the STAXUS-Forum ( From now on, the Forum will be actively moderated in both English and German, and regularly updated. What’s more, it’ll be your way to tell us what YOU think! We’d like to cordially invite you to register (if you haven´t already done so) and to participate in future scene developments. For more information, click on the link now and discover all our brand new features!

Andi, 04/February/2016

Very sexy performance. All three guys are just great. I especially love Roman and his sweet deliciously lickable asshole. Yummy! These scenes are in particular the reason Staxus is so great. That and the clarity of the photography which is just breathtaking. Martin, Roman and Tony are just fantastic for me.

Ryan, 04/February/2016

I LOVE TONY!!!! Tony is the one and only. THE BEST!!!

ivannavarro, 04/February/2016

What an unattractive ugly underpants Martin is wearing...but thats the only thing to complain about...the rest was the anal plug stuck in Romans ass..would like to have eaten his shiny hairless asshole.yummy! again a winner,staxus!

Chris, 04/February/2016

I agree with Aino - Tony just doen't fit to the Staxus site. If I loved muscular guys like him, I'd subscribe to BelAmi instead. Roman, on the other hand, is super cute. And I still love Martin's smile!

Paul, 04/February/2016

Cette troisième vidéo sur le thème "du collège" est à couper le souffle et m'a littéralement subjugué. Martin est un excellent modèle et le magnifique Roman a confirmé de façon irréfutable l'excellent impression qu'il m'avait donnée lors de sa première scène. Quant au merveilleux petit Tony, il est magnifique de la tête aux pieds et n'est en aucun cas exagérément musclé. Je viens de lire votre intention de relancer le forum. C'est à coup sûr une excellente initiative mais qui semble aussi écarter d'office les membres qui ne pratiquent pas la langue de Shakespeare ou celle de Goethe. C'est bien dommage de se sentir exclu.

Pascaloux, 04/February/2016

It sounds again a bit funny (a rather sad / annoying ) to hear again nearly that Tony is too nice, too muscled, too tanned, too neat and too well groomed ! We love you Tony and think here again you are great. Let alone Roman and Martin who are also so cute : great trio ; more like this please !

Christian, 04/February/2016

@christian I completely agree with U what is wrong about Tony..he is so sexy and charming and not over muscular...some people seem to complain and be annoyed by everything..a shame

Chris, 04/February/2016

What a fantastic scene! I love threesomes but this was an extraordinary one =D Very hot watching Martin and Tony play with and "explore" Roman's asshole. I love toys, but beads is probably my favorite it's very intriguing with beads watching them go in bead by bead seeing how much the model can manage to take =) too bad that Tony didn't try to rival Roman, who knows perhaps he would have been able to take all of those beads down to the base ;)

biggerthebetter, 04/February/2016

@ Chris, christian ... Why are you making such a drama about someone not liking the model you apparently like? I do have the right to state my opinion concerning Tony or whoever else here as well as you do. What's the problem about that? And secondly, if you read my comments carefully, you'll notice that I don't complain about everything but only about specific aspects and praise what I feel worthy. Let's be glad we all have the right to freely express our opinions!

Paul, 04/February/2016

OMG ... that's "complaining on superior level" (in German: "Jammern auf höchstem Niveau"). In my opinion it's a really great scene in every aspect. And please: It's the mix which makes the quality of work of a studio. It would be annoying if Staxus would only prefer one type of models. Muscular guys are part of that mix as well as slim twinks. I look forward to see further scenes of that Quality :-)

ontheway, 04/February/2016

@Paul - And the same can be said about their opinion, why do you think it's unfair for them to say what they think of your opinion? lol Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. Having someone reject your opinion or argue against it is just as valid as you stating your opinion. No one has prevented you from doing so. Personally, I think it's a little strange that members complain about a model not matching their very specific needs, from hair length to body type to athleticism... if people have such desperately specific needs then they should be paying the thousands of €'s it takes to make a video, and make it just for them. You will not find a single site out there which caters specifically to your every desire with every model conforming to every tiny little detail. All of these guys are gorgeous and they delivered a great scene in my opinion. I would love to see more of this from these stunning young men, and it seems most of the other members would too! :)

Tommy, 05/February/2016

@tommy: well said, Tommy! This is also what I think about, it is impossible to cater every single video for all the members tastes... I also say one person drinks beer the other dislikes it and prefers are only bagatelles as one complains about to long hair or even the color of it...the most important is indeed that there is passion and that the boys paired together fit together with empathy and not with frustration and boredom.:-)

Chris, 05/February/2016

What a TREAT! :-))) Three true treasures in one movie! Conceded that Tony is a bit reluctant occasionally, and I don't think the hairstyle in this clip does him a favour either - but nevertheless his looks are just perfect, and he fucks like a devil... Martin Muse is a gem in every way, and Roman Black... almost a pity he seems to be purely bottom - but what a great bottom he is! A hot threesome, great piece of work! And, of course, that finish with Roman's two cummy openings... and his gaping hole when Tony fucks him (around minute 22-23) - perfect! Even the skin tones of the guys (in 3 gradual shades) are so aesthetic... at least 5 of 5 stars, and a new entry into my list of favourites! My kind of porn, Staxus! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 05/February/2016

Tony is great! Can't see enough of him.

Borstrelser, 09/February/2016

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