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College Dropouts, Sc.4: Drop-Dead Gorgeous Pupils Sneak A Hard Fuck In Tutor’s Office! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 66)
Added: 08/February/2016
Duration: 23 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, let’s be totally upfront here. Jaro Stone and Tony Conrad – what is there not to like? Indeed, this is really the kind of scene that you might be tempted to conclude doesn’t actually need a review, since it pretty much sells itself! In the interests of impartiality, however, let’s try to put aside the fact that it features two of the most popular models on the circuit and concentrate on the action itself – an impossible task in reality, of course, but hey here goes!

Conrad plays a mischievous student, who’s broken into his tutor’s study in an effort to grab hold of some test papers. Stone, in addition, enters the room with exactly the same motive; but he quickly convinces his mate that there’s more to life than exams. Needless to say, Conrad doesn’t take much persuading. Before you know it both lads are laid out on a nearby sofa, engaged in a heavy session of fellatio – during which we reckon most viewers will be hard pressed to choose a favourite between these two mates.

Indeed, by the time that Stone has taken the advantage and is gently rimming and fingering Conrad in anticipation of the inevitable fuck to come, there’s little doubt that most folk will be completely at a loss as to which of these two beauties is the most adorable. A conclusion that’ll only be compounded further by seeing Conrad sink his lithe frame down on his pal’s cock cowboy-style, before he gets taken from behind and promptly spews the contents of his nads over his belly. Leaving Stone to wrap up a classic scene by erupting over his mate’s ass, then sinking his shaft back into Conrad’s hole!

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In the 2 last videos, Jaro was there. He is a nice guy, with a big big and hot body. Noticeable however that he showed in those 2 recent performances very weak / poor cumshots, skillfully hidden with good editing...These hot partners do not make him hot enough ?

Christian, 08/February/2016

Christian's right, Jaro is fucking hot and would look great as part of a Staxus calendar, but how often does he perform well in videos? Not very. And I know you need to get your contract-money's worth out of models, but there's definitely too much Tony at the moment (sorry Christian!). I guess I'm in the minority there, so I'm very happy for my fellow subscribers who think he's hot (sigh...). x

Aino Wave, 08/February/2016

The good news / bad news (dependant on your point of view, of course) is that Tony's going to be taking a rest for at least a couple of weeks now, so you can look forward to watching some other hot lads instead courtesy of our upcoming FOOTBALL FOCUS. :-)

staxuschris, 08/February/2016

I LOVE (!!!) Tony. I can´t get enough of him. Tastes are different... I have read a lot of critical comments towards Tony over the last weeks and I hardly can comprehend why. He really is a beauty queen. Within a very short period of time he appeared in many scenes and was fucked by numerous guys. Tony really is a slut, but a gorgeous one. His looks are perfect in my opinion. His eyes, face, hair cuts, body (he obviously works out now...), his sweet cherry, his legs and hot feet. His current hair cut in combination with this exaggerated tan ;-) makes me so horny. Could watch him the whole day! Would love to see Tony being double-penetrated or at least fucked by Hector Agusti!

Fabelhaft, 08/February/2016

Beautiful. Would have liked some more ATM worship of Jaro's impressive cock. Keep up the excellent work.

Dong, 08/February/2016

I am a very big fan of Jaro Stone...he is a charming sexy boy with an xxl schlong - nothing to complain about him, quite the contrary he is a dream of gayporn action...don`t know why but I don`t like Tonys current skin color, guess he visited the tanning beds too often. It doesn`t appear natural. The cumshots are good but we have seen those two boys with more explosive ones:-) 4 of 5 stars I vote for this vid.

Chris, 08/February/2016

Two handsome stars. Even though Jaro's cum output seems to be less than the average, his performance is just great for me. He fingers, rims and fucks just like other tops. Together with Tony they do really great stuff. Please keep them both performing!

Ryan, 08/February/2016

To be on the safe side with my comments, I just checked out the totally awesome scene with Jaro AND KRIS from September 25th again - what a huge, what an enormous differnce!!

Paul, 08/February/2016

ich kann mir nicht helfen aber Tony ist definitiv nicht mein Fall. zu viel Muskeln und zu viel Bräune machen ihn nicht attraktiver. Jaro hingegen ist eine Augenweide. was mir auch aufgefallen ist sind seine zuletzt etwas mickrige cumshots. 4 Sterne

Chris, 08/February/2016

Can somebody please provide me with the whatsapp or phone contacts of Jaro and Tony? :))) Okay, seriously: I wonder which of the more critical commentators would send any of the two away if he happened to find them undressed on his bed or kitchen table? They're both gorgeous, well-built, beautiful, and putting on a hot session for us here. There's always little things each of us according to their individual taste would change to make it perfect (for them) - but this is a great clip of super hotties! Top.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 08/February/2016

what a nice tan Tony has! The offset in skin color is very nice... and yes I'm sure he deserves at least a couple a weeks off!

csb, 08/February/2016

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce clip qui jumelait deux magnifiques jeunes hommes aux corps parfaits. J'ai beaucoup de mal à comprendre et à accepter les critiques qu'un même membre s'autorise à faire sur les modèles et plus particulièrement sur l'adorable petit Tony. Manifestement, il semblerait que cette personne n'ait pas de miroir chez lui. Nul ne peut s'arroger le droit de porter un jugement péjoratif sur les modèles.

Pascaloux, 08/February/2016

Great scene. Love the contrast between Tony's tan and Jaro's paleness. Will miss Tony - but "absence makes the heart grow fonder". I'd rate 5 if Jaro had delivered a better cum shot.

gregorik, 08/February/2016

PS: Would love to see Tony paired with Milan Sharpe, Tom Nutt, Kris Blent, David S, Ruben B, Noah M - not necessarily in that order, but they would surely make for some pretty erotic scenes!

gregorik, 08/February/2016

Young guys, even beautifull and pornstars, are still human. I think there has to be attraction or chemistry between two guys for to have a sexs scene on fire! They are not machines. Finally sometimes one comes for a part in once bladder, just can happen even to a pornstar. I personaly loved the Spain scenes, because in those scenes the boys had great chemistry and were eager to please their partner! There was fire! Tony is nice, but Jaro still is HOT!

hetloo, 08/February/2016

Just a tiny add-on: I do think Jaro looks much better here without his attempt of a beard! ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 09/February/2016

I also think Jaro and his beard was a bad trial,luckily he has shaved it! Didn`t fit him - was an absolutely nogo...

Chris, 10/February/2016

Christian, maybe Jaro is straight? :(

Jamie Nicholas, 01/February/2017

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