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Bonus Content: Skate Off Behind The Scenes HD

4.0/5 (Total votes: 27)


Added: 13/February/2016
Duration: 2 minutes, 26 seconds
Comments: 25


Here's a little extra treat that we kept back from last year - a behind-the-scenes romp, captured in July, 2015, when director, John Smith, was filming one of our biggest hits of the year, SKATE OFF. Featuring Jaro Stone, Kris Blent, Leo Ocean, Pyotr Tomek et al, it's testimony to the genuine fun and camaraderie that exists on-set between the gang of boys and the man behind the lens who makes it all happen. Let us know if you like this sort of thing and we'll make sure you get to see a whole lot more with future productions!

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Very much a yes to BTS videos.

chaszer, 13/February/2016

I do love BTS videos, I'd even appreciate them as regular and not just as bonus scenes. But this one is muchmuchmuch too short!!!

Paul, 13/February/2016

Please, much more of this BTS would be appreciated.

rolle, 13/February/2016

We're planning to do much more in the way of BTS during 2016 so they should soon become a pretty regular feature of the schedules. And we promise that we'll try to make them a little longer than 2:26 minutes in future!

staxuschris, 13/February/2016

Again wonderful - BTS..Calvin Rosse has shaved his asshole; much better than we saw him in the last videos! Yeah, I also would appreciate to watch BTS almost 1 time in is so sexy to see what happens when "the camera is off";-) to hear the boys voices reactions eg....please hold on with it,staxus!great:-)

Chris, 13/February/2016

I agree these "extra" videos are just great. The longer they are the better they are. And when such cute guys show shaved holes it turns me on more than anything. Yummy!

Ryan, 13/February/2016

Just love those scenes the same like @Ryan does!

hetloo, 13/February/2016

This one's really short and not too action packed ;) but me too, I do like these BTS scenes, and it's nice reading there are going to be more ones in the future! :) --- Looking forward to see more output from Jaro Stone's "comeback" at Staxus! He's such a hottie!

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 14/February/2016

I really litke these scenes. For me especially great to see Erik Franke again, knowing that the scene is not new. In my opinion he was one of the most hottest Staxus-Guys of the last years. I fear that he will not come back :-(

ontheway, 14/February/2016

Wow, another annoying sound track on a BTS. I don't mind if these are done in addition to regularly scheduled scenes (I'll just not watch them) but don't waste time on these if they are in place of the regular porn scenes.

Steve, 26/February/2016

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