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Football Focus, Sc.2: Horny Newcomer Gets A Kinky, Spunky Locker-Room Initiation! HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 92)
Added: 14/February/2016
Duration: 35 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Titus Snow might not be any good at football, but one thing he doesn’t have the slightest bit of difficulty in is letting Jaro Stone know just how sexy he finds the fellow after the two lads return to the changing-room at the end of a match. Of course, how anyone could ever find Stone anything other than fucking drop-dead gorgeous is something that no-one associated with STAXUS could ever hope to understand; and dressed up in his football kit the young beauty is quite simply even more stunning than usual!

Certainly young Snow shows no quiver of hesitation whatsoever in sucking on his pal’s nipples and reaching into his jockstrap – a move that immediately draws a very favourable response from the ever-horny Stone, who’s soon slurping on his team-mate’s shaft and then using his soccer-boot to stimulate Snow even further. Indeed, this rather kinky aspect to proceedings continues once Snow has had chance to feast on Stone’s dick in return; with Stone using his feet (still donning football socks!) to first wank his pal’s shaft and then rub against his arse.

Little wonder that young Snow is so eager to raise his legs in the air to underline his availability; with Stone then licking his boots, then rimming his tight, inexperienced hole. It’s almost enough to get even the most seasoned viewer to the point of no return; and needless to say matters only intensify even further when Stone finally asserts his position as lead-role by ploughing the newcomer’s pucker with characteristic gusto. All of which soon results in both boys splattering each other’s faces with creamy goo!

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Wow! I mean, WOW!! Titus Snow is the real deal. Just listen to his moaning, especially when he was cumming - so authentic! And what about his incredibly deep throat? He took Jaro's monster cock all the way down. The enthusiasm when he was sitting on Jaro was amazing. And well done to Jaro too - much better than usual, but what would you expect when he's paired with such a perfect performer? Great rimming and ball-sucking from him . And loved their extensive kissing throughout the video. It's just a shame that Jaro isn't a very telegenic ejaculator - is this because it has so far to travel up his trouser snake?? Oh, and could somebody give him some advice on how to say "Oh,yes." It sounded a bit unnatural. But I'm being nitpicky - this really was a good scene. I was going to give it 4, but this would be an insult to the amazing Titus who put so much of himself into that performance. Any chance of exclusivity?? Titus, I think I'm in love! xxxx

Aino Wave, 14/February/2016

I doubt (yes i do) that a match ends like this. Who scored the best goal ? Who made the best kick ? ;) ... I dont know... what i know is that Jaro and Titus almost forgot there were a camera. Nice kissing, nice suckin, nice fuckin session... And if a match ends better with a goal... well..the last position was a goal .

Vaclav, 14/February/2016

A great, hot, sexy scene with two cuties! Thanks Jaro and Titus for sharing. Jaro, you are amazing!

hetloo, 14/February/2016

I guess that's as good as porn can get. Perfect, awesome, totally gorgeous! Jaro, you're very sweet in this scene. And Titus - I love you, you're amazing and super cute and totally horny and ... simply the best!

Paul, 14/February/2016

This is an amazing video with all you wish to find ... The guys are cute, horny, and passionate : the kissing and rimming is superb and i appreciated the long nice view on Jaro's hole while pounding Titus : original !

christian, 14/February/2016

Sorry, but I couldn`t watch this angelic randy video up to the end, I just had to shoot my load quite early when I saw these sexhungry beautiful boys. I have ever been a fan of Jaro since he appeared first here on staxus but he is now on his "highest level"...I´m such a big fan of soccer and these boys paired togetherin soccer apparel and jockstraps is staxus on its highest level. can`t be better! the ball sucking of titus was so attractive and he and Jaro are besides of some exemptions the only guys who are really doin`soul kissing with passion and feelings. There was nothing robotic, just pure emotions and passion! Wonderful 10 of 5 I vote(joke);-)

Chris, 14/February/2016

This is really a special video. Both boys are hot for each other. When Jaro starts to feed on the yummy hole of Titus it is enough to make the normal viewer crazed out of his mind. Oh HOT! And the fucking is just great, with a really fantastic view of Jaro's luscious hole whilst he's fucking Titus. I lusted for both boys' holes, and could have sucked and swallowed both boys and their cum loads! What a turn on!

Ryan, 14/February/2016

Probably a lost cause here, but is the total pubes shaving really necessary?? Looks awful IMHO.

trex, 14/February/2016

Le visionnage de cette fabuleuse réalisation m'a littéralement estomaqué au point d'en avoir le souffle coupé. Tous les ingrédients pour faire de ce clip un chef d'œuvre du porno gay ont été réunis et excellemment juxtaposés. Le magnifique Jaro s'est parfaitement occupé du sublime Titus que je classe et dès sa seconde scène dans le cercle très fermé des petits minets d'exception. Titus est adorable, espiègle, coquin et insatiable et je réitère ma proposition de lui octroyer sans délai un contrat d'exclusivité. Une avalanche d'éloges s'impose pour saluer l'excellence du travail accompli lors du tournage de ce clip qui ne mérite pas cinq étoiles mais une véritable constellation.

Pascaloux, 14/February/2016

I find it SO. DAMNED. HOT, but don't see it often enough, when Jaro takes Titus' load & quickly stands up & feeds Titus his load whilst he still has cum dripping off his chin! The boys are always too quick to wipe the cum off their faces! Wait till AFTER the cameras are off!

mwhisky, 14/February/2016

Superb - best I have seen!

AliusUK, 14/February/2016

Another WOW scene! Special 5* to make up artists and stylists who gave Jaro that 'little boy' look. It created a very sensuous/sexual/erotic allure that Jaro maintained to the end. Brilliant!

gregorik, 15/February/2016

Unnecessarily long and boring ..... Thus frustrate the performance of wonderful guys.

renda567, 15/February/2016

To start with the weaknesses: there's really only one I can at all notice: Jaro's ejaculation apparently happens after a long cut, he isn't hard (any more) and really only manages to get out a few drops... sadly. Another critique is more of a personal taste question: While pubes should certainly be shaved or trimmed around cock and hole, removing all hair makes these hot guys look a bit like children - not my cup of tea. <br><br> Otherwise, perfect guys in a perfect clip - and also an unusually long one, what a treat! - passionate kissing, sucking, ass play, lots of fucking, including an unsual and exciting, very well shot position, an explosive huge load by Titus, and an ending with facials. There's very little that could make it even better than 5 stars - a cream pie maybe? ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 15/February/2016

great clip, and finally a think that knows how to pull off a good deepthroat, I was prett impressed by Titus ability to take Jaro's cock deep down his throat. Titus does the role of a horny football player very well =)

biggerthebetter, 15/February/2016

Great scene! Titus (maybe we should call him "tight-ass"?) is even better here than in his first scene. Shoe and sock fetishists will love the parts where Jaro is stroking Titus's cock and ass with his feet.

Maike, 15/February/2016

Love the boy. Just the right blend of angel and wrong side of the tracks. I just wish someone would teach Jaro Stone how to fuck. He's such a passive, submissive top. I mean with that huge dick, he's always gonna get cast as the top. So he should watch some other videos (Chase would be a good teacher) and get a clue of what it means to play that role.

gr8andahalf, 26/February/2016

Titus is such a sweet guy. Everything about him looks great. His ass is fantastic and his hole is so rimmable. He takes Jaro's big cock though it looks like it could split his cute asshole right open. I just love the way Jaro fingers his own hole while he fucks Titus. A real turn on. Two very succulent holes!

Josh, 17/July/2016

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