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Patrik Donovan

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Model Stats:

He'd be the first to admit that the decision to join us and do porn was not the easiest - it took three attempts to finally get him signed up and in front of a camera! - but it wasn't an easy decision for a lad who'd never even been to Prague before, let alone took his clothes off and had sex in front of a camera-crew. For all his nerves, however, he's something of a natural show-off. Porn, it seems, is a surprisingly natural outlet for a quiet, reserved boy like this!

Interesting Fact:
Patrik is very much the country boy, and amongst his many skills learnt growing up in rural Czechia, is now something of an impressive whittler. Look it up - it involves a knife, a sharp stick and a curious imagination!

Date of birth:
1st August 1996

6'0" / 183 cms

Cock size:
7.5" / 20 cm