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Football Focus, Sc.3: Inked-Up Footie Buddies Put On A Heavy, Spunked-Out Fuck-Up! HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 42)
Added: 16/February/2016
Duration: 37 minutes, 5 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s face it, if you fall asleep on a sofa in as provocative a pose as newcomer, Tom Uli, does here then you’ve really got to expect trouble – especially if you’re in the company of such a totally horned-up bastard as Mickey Rush! After all, we all know Rush well enough by now to realise that he’s never going to turn down an opportunity like this; and, stepping into the room, he’s soon taking full advantage of the situation by sloshing a generous squirt of oil over his buddy’s exposed flesh.

Needless to mention, Uli doesn’t remain asleep for very long – Rush sure as fuck makes certain of that by running his fingers all over Uli’s back, slapping his pert little ass and sucking on his toes! But of course it’s the response we all want and expect; and proceedings only intensify when the cocks of both lads start to make an appearance and they each take it in turns to enjoy a sweaty, energetic session of hardcore fellatio.

It’s a performance that’s going to especially appeal to those who like their boys on the inked side; but even the less appreciative will surely enjoy the sight of Rush enthusiastically rimming his pal’s sweet, shaved fuck-hole; which sets the scene up really nicely for the inevitable ramming to come, with Uli surrendering his STAXUS cherry to Rush’s handsome shaft with arguably surprising gusto. Clearly this guy isn’t as new to the task as he’d like us to think; but that takes nothing away from the terrific show that both mates put on, culminating in Rush whitewashing and re-fucking Uli’s pucker, before Uli squirts his jizzy wad all over his pal’s face and shoulder!

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Tom is realy hot with a beautifull ass, both have great Chemistry, but all the ink on their bodies turns me off unfortunatly.

hetloo, 16/February/2016

The action was pretty good, but the models were just too rough-looking for my tastes. The random tattoos were really unattractive and made them look like chavs. I liked the constant chatter though, even if I didn't understand a word of it! Still, I gave it a 4 - for the action, not the models!

Aino Wave, 16/February/2016

I love the variety of hot boys that perform in Staxus Videos. These two are as hot as all the boys, giving a wonderful sexy show of beautiful bodies (tattoos are ok for me). Their fucking is just great. Tom Uli exposing his beauty hole and getting it so sweetly rimmed and raw fucked is just fantastic for me. Wish I were there!

Ryan, 16/February/2016

The new guy Tom is a cutie but why are both the boys so damn laced with tattoos?! A little too much for me though I do not deny any tattoos, but too many are to many ( probably a matter of taste but guess I´m sharing my opinion with other members...)The ball sucking of both boys was hot but a real horror for me was the foot fetish, never liked it and surely never will. Also there was a lack of chemistry this time for me, they didn`t "work" together in real harmony. The positive about this video with Aino Wave already mentioned was the whispering between both as they probably talked nasty things though I didn`t understand one word in czech:-) Can only vote 3,5 of 5 tonite, as it was only average for me

Chris, 16/February/2016

Hate the tattoos

Dong, 16/February/2016

It seems all of us 30+ guys ;) will have to live with those overly inked looks - I agree with most here it's overdone and destroys the beauty of otherwise nice guys (even though the cross chain tattoo here doesn't lack some irony ;), but apparently covering the whole body by an arbitrary collection of misfitting tattoos is a growing fashion (hype?) in this generation. - Beyond that, another very long clip, well filled with good action, and even two healthy loads of cum for a change ;)

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 16/February/2016

Finally you are starting to shoot more breeding and less ATM. What would be even better is to actually have the top cum in the ass and then lick it as the bottom pushes it out.

late4swim, 16/February/2016

@late4swim...this is exactly what I`m praying for for month..eating out the warm cum that slowly runs out of the bottoms asshole!!! nothing more randy than this. The taste must be heavenly..Hopefully staxus answers our prayers very soon :-)

Chris, 16/February/2016

I liked this. Mickey Rush is really cute and that does it for me. Would have liked to have seen him bottom though.

KH, 16/February/2016

@NymphoManiac...hehe, I agree the chain tattoo looks funny and ironic, definately:-) but the other tattoos of both of the boys are overdimensionized and just ugly for my taste..sometimes the less or smaller the better it is:-)....

Chris, 16/February/2016

@late4swim, @chris: That already makes three of us! :)) I just didn't mention it, since I'm already taunted as "Mr. Cream Pie" by some members on ;) But indeed we do seem to start seeing some cream pies, breeding and cum play now and then again lately... love it! Good job, John! :)))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 16/February/2016

My little comment will appear redundant with the previous ones : the action is good and hot, both lads for me really wear excessive tatoos, which a matter of taste, but too many is really too much...

Christian, 16/February/2016

Cette troisième scène sur le thème du football est certes moins bonne que les deux précédentes. Cependant, l'action est très chaude et la moyenne des notes de 3.5/5 après 20 votes me semble injustifiée. Tom est très mignon mais il est dommage qu'il ait peint son magnifique corps de tatouages excessifs et en particulier le signe ostentatoire de religion qui risque de lui fermer beaucoup de portes dans le vrai monde du travail.

Pascaloux, 16/February/2016

Very mechanical sex, absolutely no real passion, totally different to the great scenes with Titus. Sorry, but for me that's just 3/5.

Paul, 16/February/2016

The tats are so hot

operator, 20/February/2016

Love the footplay!!! More vids like that pls !

xwitter, 23/February/2016

Not a fan of the bad tattoos or excessive foot play. I prefer to see visible cum shots which is very hot when a model shoots a big load. If you do have models cum in asses (as a few others seem to want) please also have them do visible cum shots in the same scene.

steve, 26/February/2016

I love Mickey Rush. He is very cute and his tattoos are artistic. More of him please !

Jerry, 14/October/2016

what tattoos, the foot play was HOTT

dr, 19/November/2016

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