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Football Focus, Sc.4: Soccer-Lovin’ New Boy Gets Stretched By Tom Nutt’s Monster! HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 35)
Added: 21/February/2016
Duration: 22 minutes, 17 seconds
Comments: 25


We’ve known Tom Nutt long enough to realise that he’s a horny little fucker on the quiet, but it seems like he’s found a like-minded buddy in the form of young Rob Rock – a handsome blond beauty that we pretty much know for sure you’re gonna love almost as much as Nutt does in this terrific little scene. Even the projection of some on-the-field footie action can’t distract either of these two mates; as Rock slurps on Nutt’s almost over-generous ramrod with the kind of gusto and eagerness that you might not expect from a newcomer.

Seems like this fresh-faced bugger might not be quite as inexperienced as he might like some of us to imagine – a suggestion that’s then underlined when the two guys position themselves on the bed 69-style! No question about it, these would-be soccer stars are soon going at it hammer and tong; before Rock decides to turn his attention to his mate’s pert, tight ass. What follows is an almost textbook display of mouth-on-arse action, with the new boy clearly all too keen to show off his rimming skills for the camera.

But believe us when we tell you that this is nothing compared to his skill at taking cock – a proficiency that’s soon being tested when Nutt ploughs his hard, uncut dick straight into the lad’s guts! What follows is a showcase display of hardcore sodomy, with Rock quite literally shafted in a whole series of positions; before Nutt concludes his efforts by giving his pal’s tight pucker a much-deserved whitewash. All nicely rounded off by him taking a full-on blast of spunk in the face courtesy of Rock’s exploding dickhead!

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Well, the moaning and talking were good. Cum shots weren't too bad. As for the rest, it was all great in theory, but take away the chemistry (of which there was virtually none) and show no real interest in putting on a good show for the viewers (Tom Nutt, guilty as charged) and what do you have left? A scene that fails to deliver anything very arousing. I know I sound like a misery, but I'm really not. Just compare this to the two recent videos with Titus Snow and you'll understand exactly what I mean. Did Tom Nutt just pop in for a little financial top-up? He should have made more of an effort instead of looking like he didn't give a shit!

Aino Wave, 21/February/2016

Agreed there is not a lot of facial expression, such as in some Staxus videos. But the action is superb. I really love seeing the new boy Rob taking such pleasure in eating out Tom Nutts sexy hole. That in itself made me feel really hot. Then Tom does a great job in bareback fucking Rob in return. Staxus releases so many videos with wonderful rimming and bareback scenes that it just makes them the greatest!

Ryan, 21/February/2016

@Aino Wave - as usual I agree with your comment. Tom is such a beautiful young man and Rob seems to be so nicely inexperienced and eager to please - a pity there's so little ethusiasm, so little sparkling of erotic fire in this scene!

Paul, 21/February/2016

I fully agree with the comments written before. Such a shame that too wonderufl handsome and sassy boys behaved as if they were strangers for each other. Not to compare with eg Titus and some other videos where the passion and desire exploded...nevertheless Tom of course is a juwel but what the matter when he apparantly doesn`t seem in harmony with new boy Rob?! For me it was a little like hustler sex...beeing paired for an attendance:-/ because of the action which was at least decent I vote 3,5 of 5 but it could have been much more romantic all in all

Chris, 21/February/2016

@all members: ok, I`m gonna change my voting which was maybe a little too severe:-) the ass eating and the moment when Tom hovers above Rob`s face was really stunning and horny to watch..It definately could have been a "5 of 5" if there was chemistry:-) So I give 4 of 5 because of the horny ass eating!:-)

Chris, 21/February/2016

Tom Nutt - a favourite is back - hot !!!

operator, 21/February/2016

Tom is hot, Rob is hot. Lots of the scene were so hot, especialy the rimming! But what a lack of Chemistry guys! Great to see Tom back again!

hetloo, 21/February/2016

Je partage totalement l'avis des autres intervenants sur le manque de passion et de chimie entre les deux modèles. J'octroie la note de 4 sur 5 à ce clip qui ne me laissera pas un souvenir impérissable. Le nouveau modèle est mignon et a fait de bons débuts. Toutefois et sans vouloir l'offenser, je trouve que Rob est en surpoids d'au moins cinq kg.

Pascaloux, 21/February/2016

How surprising this Pascaloux who is always giving lessons to everybody and the world that " he would not allow anybody criticizing the models" allows himself today to make such a blatant remark on Rob ??!...

Philipp, 22/February/2016

Further to Pascaloux and Philipps's comments, I quite like models to look sort of normal. I suppose it makes them feel real and attainable.

AliusUK, 22/February/2016

Without a doubt really hot guys, but as previously mentioned they did not show much emotions. I bet the best cure for putting some more emotions in their faces would be either one or both of them getting pounded really hard by one of several really big cocks like Jace Reed's =D

biggerthebetter, 23/February/2016

I don't agree that the scene is bad. Perhaps it's not such romantic as other Staxus-Scenes, but that is compensated with the really hard fucking impression (quite a bit slutty) in the last third of the scene. The moaning of Rob was great, he is an eager bottom. A bit special are the brown spots on the skin of his ass, but I think that demonstrate that they are really "guys next door" which can't be perfect in every sense.

ontheway, 23/February/2016

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