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Cuddle Up, Sc. 2: Park Stroll Becomes A Flip-Flop Roll For Two Horned-Up Fuckers! HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 48)
Added: 27/February/2016
Duration: 28 minutes, 27 seconds
Comments: 25


Fans of Tony Conrad – of which there are many, as everyone knows – will be in seventh heaven at the start of this, his latest episode. Not because he engages in anything unnaturally erotic or sordid – rest assured that comes later on! – but very simply because he’s filmed being utterly natural and normal, walking in a park on a cold winter’s day. In effect he becomes an “every man” – the kind of fellow any of us could encounter in our daily lives. Suffice it to say, however, that this heart-stealing beginning is quickly transformed once he’s safely back in his apartment – the clothes come off, the sap quickly starts to rise and the lad is soon fingering his arse into a cum-churning fantasy, courtesy of the arrival of young Will Simon.

From this point onwards it’s very much business as usual, with the newcomer quickly engaging in what can only be described as “worship” of Conrad’s handsome body. Mind, who the fuck can blame him? There’s simply no doubting that Conrad is one of the most beautiful creatures ever to grace the screen – not to mention one of the horniest! And it’s in that latter capacity that the fellow is soon laid prostrate on his back taking every inch of Simon’s cock; before the two fellows flip-flop around so that Simon can enjoy the feel of his mate’s dick in his ass in return.

If the sight of these two horned-up beauties doesn’t get the juices flowing then we don’t know what will; particularly since both fellows finish their efforts with an energetic show of pent-up jizz. Conrad calling it a wrap by shooting his wad into Simon’s expectant mouth! Beautiful!

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OMG what a sexy scene. Will is cute, but Tony stole the scene with his super handsome looks =) Tony is a great top, but he's a very sexy bottom please challenge him with a dp with some really really hung guys in the future =D

biggerthebetter, 27/February/2016

WTF, why suddenly shave Tony's pubes??? Awful idea.

trex, 27/February/2016

less ATM, more cum in the hole!

late4swim, 27/February/2016

Is there a wrong picture published in the preview?! We see the two lads of the vid 4 days ago.. hmm, well this video doesn`t convince me all in all, don`t know exactly why but it`s not because of the actors who are definately hot ( we wrote so much about Tony before, do not mention the details again)...but its a little boring for me and there is a lack of emotions and passion in here for my part...I vote 4 of 5 because there were much more passionate videos like Titus paired with some others for example

Chris, 27/February/2016

This scene didn't do a thing for me! A lack of passion/commitment or whatever. Like @Chris I found it most boring. Where is the passion of Ray, Kris, Ruben, Xavier and Titus?

hetloo, 27/February/2016

I just love Staxus videos on the whole. The rimming and the bareback fucking is fantastic for me. I also love both of these models. I do like to see Tony with his sexy hole shaved. But I agree that there could have been a little more passion shown.. But I still enjoy this video quite a lot. It's better than most other studios' efforts!

Ryan, 27/February/2016

I agree with late4swim. I like proper cum-in- arse, where the top cums inside the bottom and you see the cum dribbling out of the bottom's asshole. Sometimes the top pulls out, cums on the asshole and then fucks the cum back in. Not the same!

AliusUK, 27/February/2016

@staxus: as a proposal of me and obviously also other members, please produce videos where the active fucker indeed seeds the passive asshole inside and where then the jizz runs out of the hole and will maybe be eaten be the horny active :-) there was one video in junelast year with Alex Silvers and Piotr Tomek where Pior jerked off in Silversa ass and then after a fart the cum ran was so horny!!!:-)

Chris, 27/February/2016

Nice kissing at the beginning, and I also kiked Tony sroking himself. But then there's Will's diappointing cumshot and his retching at the end - I also don't really know what the intro with Tony alone in the park was supposed to tell us. He's lonely? Then why does Will suddenly appear? Give us a real storyline, this would add so much to the appeal of your scenes. Will - if somebody so obviously isn't into sex with men, why does he do gay sex scenes then? Gay4pay has seldom been so obvious. He should look for a job he likes to do. But the worst about this scene is the added constant moaning which so obviously doesn't come from the two guys. Dear Staxus - I've been a member for almost three months now and have been clicking through old and new scenes on your site - some of them being really great ones with adorable models, others just quite okay. But with scenes like this one you're just ruining your reputation.

Paul, 27/February/2016

Malgré un manque de passion et d'émotion entre ces deux magnifiques jeunes hommes, cette scène est d'un bon niveau pornographique. Compte tenu du fait que l'immense majorité des modèles qui transitent par les studios de porno gay d'Europe de l'Est sont d'orientation hétérosexuelle, il ne doit pas être évident pour ces minets de simuler la passion dans un rapport contre nature. Il est vrai aussi que le manque de passion de ce type de modèle se voit beaucoup plus chez STAXUS que chez BELAMI. Il faudrait que le réalisateur soit moins tolérant et exige que les gay pour de l'argent fassent un minimum d'efforts pour paraître crédibles. Décidément, satisfaire l'ensemble de la clientèle est devenu une équation insoluble pour les dirigeants du site. Pour ma part, je considère que STAXUS reste et de très loin le meilleur site à minets de l'industrie.

Pascaloux, 27/February/2016

So I took an extended break for a few months and decided to come back and see if Staxus had improved. The answer, no, in fact I think the scenes have got worse. Ive browsed a few of the recent ones and there is still a lack of chemistry and passion in the majority of them and the boys are so robotic, and this one, well my god, I've seen more passion between two snails fucking. I am sure the people who comment here must be on drugs with the utter rubbish they write. And @Chris how can a scene and I quote "its a little boring for me and there is a lack of emotions and passion" be 4/5? Cmon dude rate the scenes properly or dont bother at all hey ! And I see my old friend Pascaloux is still here. Hey buddy :)

JoelK123, 27/February/2016

And @Paul, I totally agree with you, some scenes are great, some are mediocre and some are downright awful. There is no consistency on this site with the quality of the scenes. I said this before, but Surely a good director should be able to get some level of consistency with the films he makes. And I dont buy the excuse that it depends on the guys he uses, a GOOD director should be able to coach, and DIRECT the guys so they make a good scene. This guy seems more interested in taking pretty photos, and nice lighting and makeup than the actual action in the scenes. Maybe time for a fresh face to come in ?

JoelK123, 27/February/2016

perhaps I'm sometimes over positive, but how can anyone be negative about this sexy scene. Tony is so hot he's basically on fire. Will is cute too,

biggerthebetter, 28/February/2016

All the previous comments here were negative. Don't think all the majority of silent viewers think the same...Agree, we have seen better ones, but it is still not that bad. I just wonder how and which site will all the people complain about when Staxus gets fed up of it all and simply closes down the open comment section, demotivated whatever they do ?...

christian, 28/February/2016

Christian, we are paying customers and we are therefore entitled to voice our opinion, whether that be good or bad. Unless of course this is some form of dictatorship where we are only allowed to post nice things? If a company gets demotived over a few bad comments then they shouldnt be in business. A company should use bad/negattive comments as feedback, and as a tool to improve upon their product.

huxtel, 28/February/2016

This is exactly what I´m also into...mostly I voice positive opinions cause the videos here are great but if they aren`t such like this video it is my right to declare why it doesn`t the producers can enhance! Absolutely uo to U

@hostel, 28/February/2016

I thought this video was professional and competent, just not inspired. We can't expect all videos to be above average:). It has some good bits, such as Will's tongue-deep-in-ass rimming of Tony. But I really, really hate shaved pubes:(.

AliusUK, 28/February/2016

@AliusUK.. you`re right sometimes the models are shaved as if they were babies, none hair anywhere..But my opinion is better shaved (al least shorted pubic hair), instead of a jungle with pubic hair. And a shaved asshole is a most ( my predilection)...a shaved butt looks and tastesmore comfortable:-)

Chris, 28/February/2016

Great scene !!! And Tony has shaved his pubes finally - that looks much better than before !!

Mick, 29/February/2016

On the subject of comments: please be aware that you are not the only viewer and you cannot expect every video to meet your exacting demands. This site is not just for you, the videos are not just for you. People seem to have developed the impression that because we now have the freedom to comment on videos this means that every video which doesn't meet their specific needs deserves complaints as though they did something wrong. If you expect every video to suit you then you're in the wrong place, you should go and start paying thousands of €'s to pay boys to make porn especially for you. Protip: No site out there will deliver custom made videos to suit you every week, so stop being silly and expecting that here.

Tommy, 29/February/2016

@Tommy, are you saying we should only write nice comments on the scenes and if the scene is bad then we should stop being silly and say nothing? I realise as a Staxus member of staff (I am sure we all know you are the guy who does the Staxus Blog) you don't like negativity, but we are paying customers and we do have a right to an opinion if a scene is bad, or if we feel something can be improved. To tell us to "stop being silly" is extremely patronising and condescending. You may want to remember that without customers there would be no Staxus, and in turn you would have no job. Protip: Maybe some customer service training is in order.

JoelK123, 29/February/2016

@JoelK you are absolutely right! Of course it is even necessary ! to vote positive and negative comments...this is what staxus can learn of and avoid scenes or sexual practics who many members comment negative about. The world is no paradise, there are extrem positive and horny scenes here and there are on the other hand scenes that displease a majority of members and so on these won`t no longer be produced...

Chris, 29/February/2016

Bien que j'aie eu par le passé beaucoup de différends avec JoelK, je partage entièrement son avis sur les propos inacceptables tenus par Tommy. Vous semblez, Cher Monsieur, avoir perdu de vue cet adage français : "le client est roi". Mais qui êtes-vous pour vous permettre de qualifier de "stupides" les interventions des membres. N'oubliez pas que sans clients, vous n'auriez pas d'emploi. Vous avez manifestement manqué de tact et de discernement dans vos propos.

Pascaloux, 29/February/2016

@Tommy - I feel personally insulted by your calling negative comments "being silly". You know as well as me that Staxus allowing customer comments is a clever (and cheap as it really doesn't cost them anything) way of creating a feeling of customers being closely linked/related to the site and thus renewing their subscriptions. So Staxus having created this comment area, I and everyone else expressing whatever opinion they may have in a polite and adequate way have the right to say what we think about a particular scene. I've frequently expressed my praise on top-quality scenes with models who show us passionate and horny porn. And I can also, on the other hand, freely express my opinion on very bad scenes like this one with models who seem bored about what they're doing. I fully agree with JoelK that you should attend some customer service training. My advice: First step would be to post an apology. Live long and prosper!

Paul, 29/February/2016

I agree with all the members who say the comments section should include critical as well as positive remarks. I have said it before, and some have said it here too: Staxus can ignore the unusual complaints, but if the same complaint keeps appearing, then they can do something about it. Tommy is wrong to criticize members in the way he does here. By the way, I didn't watch this scene. I have had enough of Tony's bored and boring performances. It seems that no matter who he's paired with, it becomes a sub-standard scene. Even the one he did with the delectable Joshua was only good in the second half. Sorry to all those members who for some reason beyond my comprehension like Tony.

Aino Wave, 06/March/2016

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