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Daddy's Houseboy Sc. 3: Blond Cleaning Boy Pays For His Errors With His Sweet Little Ass! HD

2.5/5 (Total votes: 63)
Added: 12/March/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 8 seconds
Comments: 25


Lucas Mann has made a big mistake. He’s arrived at Zack Hood’s apartment to do the cleaning, armed with only a mop and bucket – and believe us when we tell you that Mr. Muscle isn’t at all happy! Not only that, however, but the cleaning agency has also sent him to Hood’s address at the wrong time! It goes without saying that Hood’s very quickly on the warpath; and it’s not many minutes before young Mann begins to realise the price he’s gonna have to pay to calm his horny client’s fury.

Fortunately, the lad is clearly not averse to a little sexual play with an older guy; which is perhaps just as well given that he’s soon expected to be giving the chiselled gym-king’s cock a hard oral workout! A task that he undertakes with evident relish, perhaps hoping that he can satisfy Hood with a blowjob alone. What everyone else realises, however, is that a guy like Hood is never gonna be happy with a quick suck. Indeed, it’s clear from the off that he’s more than just a little smitten with Mann’s boyish, blond looks; and having given the lad a quick slurp in return, he’s very quickly bundling his guest over onto all fours so that he can finger his tight little arse.

That, of course, is just a foretaste of what’s in store for Mann, who’s then promptly sodomised by the stud without so much as a please or thank you! To be fair, we never find out whether this boy is any good at cleaning. What is revealed, however, is what a fucking cock-fiend he is – a lad who takes dick in a variety of positions before allowing Hood to cream over his lips! Man-on-boy action has rarely been hotter!

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In the interests of decency and fairness I have made the decision to delete all the comments relating to this scene - both good and bad! I trust that everyone concerned will take a moment to step back from the heat of the argument and will appreciate why I have made this decision. STAXUS represents a "broad church" of gay porn - something that we feel the vast majority of our fans appreciate. Occasionally we do produce material that proves controversial - as has been the case here - but we are aware that there are plenty of STAXUS fans who like older-younger material in general and certain "older" models in particular. Hence the production of "Daddy's Houseboy". It's not to everyone's taste, true - but sales have already suggested that there are many, many guys out there who appreciate this kind of thing. With reference to Zack Hood, I can confirm that this will be his final scene with STAXUS. Love him or loathe him, he has been a firm favourite over the years with many fans of gay porn, and everyone at STAXUS wishes him well for the future. In the meantime, I'm sure everyone will be pleased to know that we're kicking off with our new medical twink "drama" this week - entitled RAW MEDICS. Featuring Shane Hirch, Tom Nutt, Milan Sharp, Jace Reed and some much-welcomed fresh faces, we're quite sure that this will be a huge hit with ALL of our fans. Once again, thanks for all your contributions - and thanks for being here with us at STAXUS!

staxuschris, 13/March/2016

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