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Staxus Classic: Dream Ticket - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

3.5/5 (Total votes: 22)


Rony Clue, Steff Torr

Added: 27/March/2016
Duration: 8 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


Travelling on a coach can be a tiresome business, especially if it’s a particularly lengthy journey; so it’s always good to try and kill time by chatting to a friend, or perhaps playing a game of some kind whilst the miles pass by outside the window. It’s a rather unconventional “game” that inspires dirty-blond traveller, Rony Clue, and his impish pal, Steff Torr, however. Desperate for cock, both buddies make the most of a toilet-stop by diving straight into the first available cubicle that they find – Torr falling straight down onto his knees so that he can quite literally suck the life out of his mate’s handsome ramrod.

Not long after, Clue is returning the compliment – and who the fuck can possibly blame him? Torr has a very generous shaft of hard, fresh meat that was surely born to be worshipped; and needless to say the floppy-haired Clue is soon eagerly giving the gorgeous phallus the homage that it surely deserves. What the fellow really wants, however, is the said cock deep inside his guts – something that you may think might not be physically possible given the confines of their location.

Vlado Iresch was nothing if not imaginative, however; and needless to report it’s not long before the legendary director has Clue bent over double so that Torr can tear into the young fellow’s hungry pucker. What ensues is a short, desperate coupling that nicely conveys what it’s like to grab sex on the run; and which quickly culminates in both fellows knocking out fine loads of pent-up spunk all over the place. All in good time to catch the coach for the onward journey!

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This video got me really hot. Such sexy boys! Loved their urgency for sucking and hungry rimming. The need to bareback was so lusty! I give them 5 stars. Pity I couldn't give more!

Ryan, 27/March/2016

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