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TS Twink Party, Sc.2: Two Horny Buddies Get The Spunk-Soaked She-Male Treatment! HD

3.2/5 (Total votes: 117)
Added: 07/April/2016
Duration: 29 minutes, 12 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s nothing more alluring than a dominant she-male, as STAXUS stalwarts Tony Conrad and Benjamin Dunn discover when placed in the company of hot Ukrainian bombshell, Sasha Shatalova. Indeed, if these two buddies were ever of the opinion that they were gonna be calling the shots in this horny escapade then rest assured that they are definitely in for a rude awakening here! For the fact remains that there can only ever be one mistress in this house; and within seconds of being introduced to the two, leathered-bound mates she’s definitely firmly in control – flicking Conrad with a horse-tail whip, rubbing her stilettos against Conrad’s shaft, and then forcing the boys to suck each other’s cocks!

To be fair, however, these two lads are clearly enjoying being dominated – or at least if the raging hard-ons in their crotches are anything to go by! For young Conrad, however, the domination quickly ratchets up a notch when Shatalova and Dunn turn their combined attention to his hungry little fuck-hole, smacking his ass with clear impunity and then pushing a sex-toy into his arse.

It’s all a little too much for the horny young fucker, if truth be told; and before you know it he’s offering up his lubed-up pucker to Dunn, whilst Shatalova blows him off. What’s more, the humiliation only intensifies still further when the lady-boy takes her turn to shaft him – working every inch of her dick into his guts whilst Dunn takes his chance to intermittently gobble her. All of which culminates in the lads spewing over Shatalova’s face, before jerking her to a heady climax!

Member comments: add comment

You finally uploaded this video! Very hot!

mpgc, 07/April/2016

I love it! GOOD to see something so different and so naughty! Thanks!

Mark, 07/April/2016

Sorry guys, Not into anything other than guys. This is a real BIG turn OFF.

byronboy, 07/April/2016

Simply great

Gandalf0123, 07/April/2016

Please members,PLEASE...let us not start a drama and conversation like it was with the last transe video. For me I just decided not to watch this video !!!(don`t understand why staxus publishes such rubbish again cause its a gayporn site and we members won`t see tits and pussies) but I refuse to start a new blablabla again! End of the story...just awful

Chris, 07/April/2016

A scene full of surprises! In the past I really didn't like Tony so much. I even couldn't understand why some guys were so much into him. But this time he's adorable. He's never been so cool and into what he's doing before. I think he rally likes having some tits around ;-) Sasha is cool, too - and @Chris there's no puusy around, so you can relax ;-) And Benjamin is a champion anyway - he's one of the few models who's always full of enthusiasm, all smiles and horniness. So the biggest surprise for me: I didn't like this scene - I loved it!

Paul, 07/April/2016

Staxus - we don't like this sort of thing, thanks.

Pinky, 07/April/2016


STAXUS-IS-DEAD, 07/April/2016


Dong, 07/April/2016

Well good job guys, maybe you should start releasing straight porn now or even animal sex, since probably there will be fans of such content among Staxus members as well. Great I'm paying to see gay sex, and I'm getting this. Why should I pay for something I do not watch? @steve: so you basically saying that I'm a minority here? Didn't know that most of Staxus members are female and boobs lovers?

anrose, 07/April/2016

I have already mentioned that I think that that is not the site Staxus. Nedivým that Staxus that loses its customers. And I am thinking of not renewing their membership. Despite the fact that in its membership owe Dennis.

renda567, 07/April/2016

@staxus:steve I can understand you as staxus management and I´m also annoyed and confused which dramatical discussions and party even abusively comments some members post. One can be critical as me about a TV scene like this but I would never hurt an actor or actress in demnable note. You can`t cater every member with every video and satisfy them to 100 %. I was just a little confused and worried when the fist TV video was published and then one again now..:-) Because of staxus is a site determined on gayporn exclusively with real "boys" and I hink members like me who dislike TV and female cloth and wahtever not to do with gayporn should just stop or leave out watching and not hurt write inprpoer posts...Because besides of this blooper I ignored you do real! gayporn on its highest level and I am so thankful to watch mostly faboulous published clips every 2 days for new! So go on your way and don`t feel attacked by some nasty member posts...

Chris, 07/April/2016

I'd really like to express my feelings concerning the ongoing discussion here. If you read my comment above, you can see that I'm apparently among the few who really enjoyed watching this. I openly expressed my opinion about it. From the extremely low rating, you can see that I'm definitely amongst a minority here. Even very controversally discussed scenes usually get a rating over 4.0 - here it's 2.4 - I can't think of anything lower I've ever seen at Staxus. But I can't understand both sides in the discussion. We as gay men are members of a minority that is still seeking and fighting for more tolerance and acceptance. So why are we so extremely intolerant when it comes to accepting people of different likes and/or opinions? Guys who are not into TVs - don't watch this scene. It's been months since the last TV-scene, you get men-only porn every two days. But still I feel that everyone should have the right to comment critically here. The right to freely express one's opinion is the most important one in a democracy. And sorry, Steve from Staxus - you seem to be very easily annoyed with opinions that are not yours. You're acting over-sensitive in this aspect and then you're sometimes extremely impolite in your postings. Threatening to delete negative comments kills the idea of one's free expression of opinion. We all should hold that right highly!!! Of course, personaly attacking models in an aggressive way is unacceptable. But saying whether or not one likes them should be okay, as everyone who shows/publishes their work pubicly (actors, painters, artists of all kinds, and of course also porn models) must be ready to accept criticism as well as praise. The last TV-scene may have had more clicks than other scenes, but this doesn't necessarily mean members liked it. The rating was low, Steve, you must admit that. I love reading comments here, whether they agree or disagree with my personal opinion. Exchanging opinions can be so interesting, sometimes challenging! Steve, if you start deleting comments or even just threatening to do so, you kill off this kind of pleasure. You should be soooo glad members spend their time writing these comments. This is some kind of priceless feedback for yor site. And without it, we would lose some of the feeling of being members of the "Staxus family". Live long and prosper, all of you - and let's try to accept each other and each other's opinions.

Peter, 07/April/2016

Among the Staxus members are probably bisexuals, panasexuals omnisexuals and who knows what else kind of sexuality. Are you going to meet everyone fantasies now? Anyone who joined this site knew what he will find here and to whom its addressed. It is/was a gay site - selfish is changing this, just to satisfy the fantasies of some group. And do not say that gays like such content, no gay man does not choose watching tits over hot guy on guy action. I agree with the most of what Peter wrote - you seem to be very easily annoyed with opinions that are not yours.

anrose, 07/April/2016

@Steve - Do I have to read your last comment as addressed on me?? I tried so hard to see both sides in my lengthy comment. But okay, Steve, that's it. I will not post any comments here again. I will not waste my time any more and help you any more with assessing your scenes if you seem to regard these comments as worthless. But allow me one last remark: Yes, Steve, you ARE overly touchy. And also quite rude sometimes. I think I made it totally clear that impolite comments were unacceptable to me, from members commenting on scenes as well as from Staxus-managers commenting on the comments of members. Bye.

Peter, 07/April/2016

La publication de cette seconde scène avec la transsexuelle constitue une erreur de stratégie monumentale et le site va y laisser quelques unes de ses plus belles plumes. Après l'échec du premier clip diffusé le 6 décembre dernier, vous auriez dû deviner que cette vidéo recevrait un anathème de la part des membres qui n'ont pas manqué de vous le faire savoir par leurs commentaires très durs et mérités. J'ai l'impression très amère que vous faites peu de cas des remarques et des suggestions que les adhérents prennent la peine de faire dans cette zone dédiée aux commentaires. Je vais finir pas croire que vous aimez de temps en temps recevoir "une volée de bois vert" par vos clients. Evitez à l'avenir ces expériences hasardeuses si vous voulez conserver une clientèle pérenne. Désolé.

Pascaloux, 07/April/2016

I normally really dislike TS scenes, but for a TS scene this was really awesome one of the best, if not the best TS scene I have ever watched =) Tony and Benjamin looked super sexy in their outfits, a good amount of ATM and some very hot deep bead action going on. The TS scene from december I did not like at all, because in that scene Sasha was the center of attention, in this scene she was more in the backround a bit like a "supporting actress" with Benjamin and Tony playing the leading roles and most of the action occured between them. Please do a scene like this but with 3 guys instead, it would be a blockbuster =D My only real big negative is that I was on 5 minutes before logging onto staxus and bought this exact scene :P (I saw the preview pics of Tony with red beads up his bum and couldn't resist buying the scene) c'est la vie I guess...

biggerthebetter, 07/April/2016

...though I will not pile into the discussion whether Steve is rude and impolite or friendly (we don not know him personally so no one can judge it) there is one critical point I will add to my 2 comments before...neither meant as an assault to staxus or other members nor as defense. It may be the truth that the TS video of 6 dec 2015 had been watched more often than other "exclusive gay" videos we are used to before, but it doesn`t automatically mean that the members were fans of ts or liked it. I wonder it was more an act of astonishment because members weren´T used to it before and could not believe there eyes what they suddenly get presented. Don`t attack Steve or other staxus management people because of agression for this video. Let us better communicate in an objective and resonable way so that staxus can learn from it and stop ! to produce videos for a minority of gays who like it in the future. The focus should be on exclusive gay sex only with different themes and, places....

Chris, 07/April/2016

I'm going to add my opinion to the issue. I don't think the stuff of Staxus are idiots. So I really belive that if they are uploading a TS scene for second time, MUST be a reason. So please, stop being so critic. There are many different tastes. And yes, this is a GAY site. And there is GAY porn in that scene. For me and I think for many people, the important thing is the action. And the action is VERY hot here. I am not a TS fan or even I haven't really watched any other shemale scene out of here. But I have found this HOT. Sometimes I even watch straight porn because the ACTION is hot and the guys are hot. And I am not straight or bi. But in this scene there are awesome twinks involved, and I find very interesting and it's a turn on see Sasha playing with them. So as if the manager says, the other TS scene has been the most watched scene in the last 3 months, I understand another try. And this is still a GAY place even with this. And I have seen the Staxus twitter tweeting about this scene and there are many good comments. So some people like it, other people doesn't. This is normal. But the attack I see here for some members is just disgusting. I am a Staxus fan and I don't understand how is possible that a member says that this website is crap. What are you doing here if this is crap for you? And about the manager, I can understand his comments. I suppose they do their job and is not nice to see how other people say that it's crap. So respect from everybody before to ask respect. I am so happy with STAXUS and their mentality of try new things. I am very sure a lot of people will enjoy it as I did even if it's not our thing at all. Staxus ignore those radical gays who are just against everything! Keep making happy your fans with hot scenes. And don't let people say what your produc should be. Do what you think is the best. That's why we are here. Because we like what you do.

Mark, 07/April/2016

but spend too long in criticising....little ridicolous dont you think? If you dont like the two (I say two!) transvestite clips among hundreds, try to get along with that. I am not into that either, but I enjoyed this scene. Or you are types that want to eat everyday for breakfast the same apricot jam of the same brand for all your life??!! Get a life please and dont bother further the majority of Staxus subcribers like me.

many people here have nothing to do in their life, 07/April/2016

I will not elaborate too much again and again on the same stuff, but saying that even if we do not like a TS scene like this one, then we just refrain from too strident cristism and just wait for next update when Staxus will surely give us again nice good hot gay sex again, that 's it.

Christian, 08/April/2016

Sorry... this video left me with a very limp penis.

Blow2go, 08/April/2016

not a bad scene. i enjoyed it for what it was to me: something different and out of the ordinary. could we see more of the boys in those hot outfits?

whatsinaname, 08/April/2016

The ratings would be lower if you let us give it a zero. Just not what you should be posting on a gay porn website.

trex, 08/April/2016

it would have been a lot sexier if Tony had the cumshaw all over his face and mouth. I hope we see that soon.

The_Prince, 08/April/2016

absolutely not what i signed up for. 100% not into it, seriously....somebody thought this was a good idea?

Damonbk, 08/April/2016

ugly, awkward, big turn off, reason to cancel staxus...

raistu, 08/April/2016

NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Both these guys are well hot and horny, why go and ruin what could have been a very horny scene like this. This is a gay web site and i'm sorry and don't wish to cause offence but I do not want to see TV'S on here. Maybe I need to consider cancelling my membership as just recently I have been rather disappointed in what staxus is showing! what possible reason did staxus think on a gay website that mosy gay guys would want to see this!!!!

dazer1970, 08/April/2016

It's funny how some clips can turn the commenting section to some free-for-all lion's den :P I understand that people are disappointed because they prefer all gay scenes (as do it, I think that staxus should stick to do really awesome all-gay porn) but no need to go all crazy and super angry, treathing to leave staxus, throwing insults and attacking staxus' staff. For those who really like TS scenes this is a very good one (eventhough I personally would have really prefered 3 guys)

biggerthebetter, 08/April/2016

I'm usually not into TV but i really liked this scene and Tony is definitely super sexy!

Julienxxx, 09/April/2016

The ONLY reason for me to even consider watching this scene is Tony Conrad, who is just unearthly sexy and beautiful, whatever he does. Other than that, this is not what I paid for, nor what I intend to pay for in the future, and I am convinced that 98% of paying Staxus subscribers join me in considering the stubborn decision to continue publishing "trans" scenes after the reaction to the first pilot attempt a few months ago is a severe management failure.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 10/April/2016

I think Tony Conrad is really hot, and I'd almost be interested in watching him read the telephone book. But other than him, this scene doesn't appeal to me. That said, I don't understand the hysteric DRAMA in the comments. Not every scene here appeals to me. Most do, and that's why I subscribe. If Staxus started publishing lots of trans scenes, I would probably drop my membership. But I'm not cancelling my membership just because they occasionally publish a scene like this once every month or two. Instead, I just don't download and watch the scenes I don't like. Publishing two scenes in the course of several months does not in my opinion mean that the website has fundamentally hanged.

Maike, 11/April/2016

This is not really my sort of thing, but it's interesting to see unusual videos like this occasionally. Vive la difference!

AliusUK, 11/April/2016

Why the hate? It's not as though Staxus has deprived us of plenty of regular-old twink-on-twink bareback sex. I, for one, enjoy this kind of thing once in a while. I wouldn't want them to change the whole nature of Staxus, but this is no affront to me. So to the Staxus people, keep up the good work. Don't be ashamed to show us a little something different now and then, but make sure you remain consistent to your core mission.

Friscodog, 12/April/2016

Look I know there are all types regarding sexual orientation and all that crap. That said, as a long standing paying member I'd just prefer this type of...what do I call this...this sort of "content" to find a home of its own... I'm sure there's a URL out there that would be perfect for you know.... all that sort of thing going on in this....this uhhhh production let's call it. So wow, let's just say I "used" to find Tony Conrad hot. Not so much now. Okay, I said my piece and now I must go bleach my eyeballs.

Robby, 14/April/2016

You know what, I fucking loved it, I'd love to be fucked by a guy with tits, and then fuck him too

jump8r, 21/April/2016

Tony Conrad is HOT no matter what! I like him in that scene although it's really not for me. Tits with dick really doesn't do it for me but there are obviously loads of people who enkoy this stuff; I am sure many people would hate the type of sex stuff I enjoy! LOL That's life ... our world would be boring if everyone liked the same things :-) It's ironic that we, gay men - as a still oppressed minority - would be intolerant and agressive toward other minorities ... I appreciate the right of members to express their disappointment in the comment section (and we should have the right to do so, be it positive or negative feedback) but the anger, threats and name calling is unhelpful and unnecessary. This is only a video, no-one died! And if we don't like this, we don't have to watch it! :-) There's enough other stuff on the site. Live and let live and peace to all. <3

DeeJay, 28/April/2016

Great !!! True and noble Worship of Masculinity and of the Sperm in all its Forms.

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

I think the video is getting a bad rap for pretty innocuous reasons. I was particularly drawn to Sasha, someone who loves the male penis, as do I, and also has one. Appears pretty Gay to me. I enjoyed it very much.

Mark, 02/February/2018

I commend Staxus for occasionally including some unconventional scenes like this and for providing this comment thread for viewers to contribute. While viewers may have strong feedback to contribute, remember that Staxus, like all websites, can perform detailed analysis of what people watch, re-watch, download, etc. -- so they know what sells and what doesn't. The scene that might cause one member to cancel might also produce four new subscriptions, and net gain for Staxus.

Ty Huber, 04/February/2018

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