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Skin Contact, Sc.1: Coffee-Loving Newbie Gets Rimmed, Fingered, Fucked & Jizzed! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 55)
Added: 12/April/2016
Duration: 24 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


New boy, Jeffery Lloyd, is in the mood for a relaxing cup of coffee – but, as he very quickly discovers, there’s no time to sit supping hot beverages when you’re a STAXUS boy. Indeed, once Joshua Levy has finished his shower and slipped into some sexy, silky underwear, the focus is very quickly on what you’d expect in a top-notch porn scene; with both lads releasing the hard, handsome, uncut schlongs from their pants in anticipation of some clearly much-needed action. Mind, with the kind of equipment that they’ve both got stashed in their crotches is it really any wonder?

First Lloyd feasts on Levy’s delicious ramrod – showing little if any first-night nerves as he does so – before Levy returns the favour on the rookie’s nicely upturned shaft. But the action really starts to intensity once the buddies have enjoyed a nicely choreographed session of 69-ing on the sofa; with Lloyd stretching his legs akimbo almost as far as nature will allow, leaving Levy full access to his tight little pucker. No surprise, of course, that Levy takes full advantage of the opportunity to tongue and finger that hungry hole; before finally ramming his pole balls-deep into the crevice.

That signals the beginning of a terrific session of unrestrained sodomy, with Lloyd’s sweet ass treated to a no-holds-barred stretching that quite literally leaves the boy purring in delight. Never one to disappoint, Levy then concludes his sterling performance by caking his new mate’s hole with spunk, before licking and fingering the creamy residue. Little wonder that the cute newcomer violently erupts just a few moments later!

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NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/April/2016

Joshua is a true delight - lovely face, body and a penis that is definitely to die for. Nice to watch it thrusting a hungry arsehole again!

Pinky, 12/April/2016

Great seeing 2 beautiful enthiusiast tonned guys that are really into into it !

Christian, 12/April/2016

Adorable, really adorable! Joshua is a boy like in a fairytale, like painted fantasy! Extremely handsome, wonderful hairstyle, not to talk abot his xxl dick..This is a vid which staxus is awarded a prize to definately get 5 of 5...the soul kissing was so horny and in contrast to other members I´m so much into ATM! Both boys are jewels and they were so much into each other which is the most important thing for a porn video can rise to highest level! Please no more improper TS clips which most of the members scorned, just these wonderful passionate gay clips! A dream on earth came true, especially when Joshua is involved!

Chris, 12/April/2016

Joshua Levy is a star this lad is one of the best of the past year! Jeffery is a promising newcomer with cock so big seems Joshua had trouble swallowing ;-)

DeWayne in SD, 12/April/2016

All in all, in my opinion, it's a very nice scene, but not a perfect one. I think Jeffrey is a guy who really seems to enjoy what he's doing here, he loves getting fucked. He's not really particularly good-looking, but his horniness makes up for that. But I'm sorry, I don't like the way his eyebrows are plucked. And with his hairy legs, a bit of a tan would look quite good. Joshua is gorgeous as usual, I love his body, his hairstyle and his smile. I like him licking off his own sperm from Jeffrey's ass. Swallowing each other's cum, on the other hand, would have been so much hotter! And whereas I like getting away from John's boring studio in this scene, I keep asking myself: Who are these guys supposed to be, why are they in this house, why does the director set up a quite melancholic mood at the beginning? As it's been the case very often lately, I think some kind of a storyline that explains the setting and the role of the characters would add so much to the scene. And in my opinon, the music doesn't fit to the atmosphere of the vid. Summing up, as I've said before: Very nice, but far from perfect!

Paul, 12/April/2016

I have to echo Paul's comments above. Joshua is amazing and so good looking but Jeffrey really does nothing for me. Big cock but average looking at best. He comes accross as one of those guys who think's he is amazing when he isn't. Joshua needs to be matched with other great looking guys. Re Jeffrey hopefully John won't shoot scene after scene after scene with him as he tends to do sometimes with new guys. Also please STOP with the music, its 2016 not 1986, cheesy music on scenes died in the 80's and thats where it should stay.

Bobcat, 12/April/2016

Will add to my comment above that Joshua queues definately the list of one of the 10 most charming and handsome boys here in the staxus team besides Sven Laarson, Ray Mannix and the two spanish boys, Johny Cherry, Roman Smid, Milan Sharp, Enzo Sky, Rokas Zilina and of course juwel Jace Reed. I didn`t classify the sequence of boys mentioned by means of most horny or handsome..:-) Just wanted to mention my staxus 10`th best...

Chris, 12/April/2016

Cette scène a été excellemment réalisée et j'en ai savouré chaque instant. Par son charisme inné et son charme immense, Joshua personnifie la magnificence. Quant à Lloyd, ce n'est certes pas le modèle le plus mignon, mais je lui trouve une prestance certaine et il est très bon dans l'action. Félicitation :5/5.

Pascaloux, 12/April/2016

Pascaloux do you just give every scene 5/5? I dont think Ive ever seen you give a scene any other score (other than the tranny scenes) ha ha

colin, 12/April/2016

@Collin we should really be a little more critical thats right, but I also often vote 5 of 5 when I´m into it, butI gonna try to differentiate a little more,agreed :-)

Chris, 12/April/2016

Joshua really knows how to take care of someone's body and ass ;) . Joshua is a great top...nice performer...and his thick cock opens any willing Jeffrey's . Oh and Jeffrey...nice to see you here

Vaclav, 18/April/2016

I really like willing bottoms like Jeffrey =) the way he always spreads his butt cheeks and legs wide open for the tops (and the camera) is very hot, some bottoms try to "run away" from big cocks, Jeffrey is the kind of bottom who instead spread his butt cheeks more open so that the tops can go deeper =D sexy, sexy.

biggerthebetter, 19/April/2016

sweet Joshua, so cute.

PaoloMonaco, 11/October/2017

but in a cold mind, the spirit is winning.

PaoloMonaco, 12/October/2017

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