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A chance to fuck twink ass!

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Paul Stag, Jonny Ryder

Added: 24/January/2012
Duration: 27 minutes
Comments: 25


Nigh on 30 years separate these two fellows, which means that “granddad” Paul Stag had probably been pulling guys for a decade or more before young Jonny Ryder had even been thought of, but that doesn’t stop the fellow from acting like a horny, rebellious teenager when he finds Ryder sleeping in his bed. Before you know it, he’s thrust his aging (but still rigid) dick into the youngster’s face, asking Ryder to slurp on cock like he would on a popsicle! By the time Stag’s returning the gesture, feasting on Ryder’s fresh ramrod with a degree of enthusiasm usually reserved to guys half his age, it’s clear that this is one old man who won’t be content until he’s thrusting balls-deep in Ryder’s ass! An ambition that he very quickly fulfils – stretching the pup’s tight button, before dumping a decent spray of jizz (for a guy his age). Last words go to Ryder, however, whose multi-squirt money-shot is testimony to the vigour of youth!

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It was a great fuck, but it would have been better bareback!

2hornynipples, 04/February/2013

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