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Twinks In Love Sc.2: Raw Springtime Fornication For A Big-Dicked Bud & His Lover! HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 65)
Added: 22/May/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Springtime is always a perfect time to fall in love, and in Prague – where all the boys seem particularly cute and well-hung – the chances of it happening appear so much higher. It should therefore come as little wonder that young Titus Snow appears to have found his knight in shining armour in the form of Jace Reed, as the two fellows survey the cityscape amidst a backdrop of rising sap and tree blossom. Not that they waste much time admiring the view, it has to be said.

Before you know it the horny lads have abandoned their outdoor sojourn and are enjoying a little private time together – their pants very quickly abandoned as they promptly forget all that romantic slush and engage instead on a hard-hitting session of cock-sucking and ass-banging! All nicely prompted by Snow, who clearly can’t wait to get his mouth around Reed’s handsome chopper – and no fucking wonder given its infamous dimensions!

Not that Reed appears in any way less reluctant to return the compliment; but you don’t need to be a rocket-scientist to appreciate where this coupling is headed, and before you know it Snow is enjoying having his arse-hole fingered and rimmed in anticipation of a good, old-fashioned stretching courtesy of his mate’s oversized schlong. Indeed, it’s a no-holds-barred fuck-fest as Snow quite literally gets banged to buggery in a whole series of positions; culminating in Reed creaming the lad’s well-worked pucker. That leaves the bright-eyed visitor to sign off proceedings by squirting out an eye-watering blast of pent-up spunk, coating Reed’s face in the process!

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Sex is supposed to be done with chemistry and emotion. With excitement too. Jace and Titus had everything. The outcome is a great scene. Sometimes i say the boys forget there was a camera in the room. It means they loved to do what they had to do an did not care there was a camera... Titus had to handle with a great power top (and i bet he loved) andJace...well, he showed his best ! Again :)

Vaclav, 22/May/2016

Jace has appeared in many scenes for Staxus, and every one is exceptional. He makes a great lover for a pretty boy like Titus. Watching him playing with that sweet, sweet hole is SO hot! Titus enjoys all the attention he gets. The finger in the hole, the hungry licking and tasting, and the thrusting cock deep inside of him. The cum shot in his hole was just great. But the best was Jace taking all of Titus's hot load in his face and then swallowing it. I would really love more scenes of these two stars together. They just get me so hot!!

Ryan, 22/May/2016

agreed with everything written! Oh, how much do I like Jace...not to mention something about Titus, these are twinks we want to see in such perfect harmony and action! Wonderful...Jace has been perfection from the beginning here and he is still now, if one model ever deserved to be exclusive for his reliability for his durability and for his undescribable charming he is the winner!

Chris, 22/May/2016

Par cette formidable réalisation, Staxus a encore rendu-ce jour- une copie parfaite et réduit à la portion congrue toute la pseudo concurrence. Comme à l'accoutumée, le très charismatique Jace a été très efficace pour entreprendre le magnifique petit Titus qui est maintenant devenu un modèle exclusif et je m'en réjouis. En revanche, je constate avec regret que certains petits minets d'exception ont déserté vos studios depuis trop longtemps. Je pense notamment aux merveilleux petits Noah MATOUS, Ray MANNIX, Erik FRANKE, Yuri ADAMOV ou encore les deux petits anges espagnols (Ruben et David). Reverrons-nous un jour toutes ces petites merveilles en action sur le site ? J'apprécierai beaucoup d'obtenir une réponse à cette question.

Pascaloux, 22/May/2016

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wackotacko1!, 22/May/2016

same failure: error loading media. can you please fix it? thanks

date, 22/May/2016

A great scene full of passion. It seems that the two actors really enjoyed it. Extremely hot were the cum shots at the end. Scenes like this shows that beeing a follower of Staxus (who pays for that) is worth it. Also the often critisized "behind the scenes"-sequences are great. Continue in that way, it doesn't need a change. Thanks!

ontheway, 23/May/2016

This is so awesome, the setting, the camera angles, the whisperings & sexual sounds very beautiful. I love the gorgeous Boys you keep bringing to me Staxus. Keep it up ! xxxxx

pugs, 23/May/2016

This clip was awesome from beginning to end. Please make Jace a resident staxus top, with him in a scene it's guaranteed to never get boring :) Love intense/rough scenes like this it brings out so much more emotions from the models, really raw lust and passion and Jace is a pro at bringing out emotions from the bottoms with his impressive third leg =D Jace's recent scene with Jeffrey was 5/5 too. At first I wasn't so sure about Titus as an exclusive, he's not perhaps what one would call classicaly handsome, but there is something about the "mathematics" of his face that works (very well) and he has shown to be a good performer too =D

biggerthebetter, 23/May/2016

I'm getting into danger of assigning excellent grades at an inflationary frequency lately! ;) Great models, action, setting, filming... congratulations! Jace Reed is always a guarantee for a hot, well-performing stud... and Titus proves a hungry bottom well worth him. Love the cummy finish! :))

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 24/May/2016

Definitely this clip belongs to the BESTand horniest seen recently. Jace Reed is always a powerful and imaginative top ( could we see him at least getting rimmed one day, let alone getting fucked ??...! although I doubt this last one...) and the slim Titus really did a great performance, giving his ass and visibly enjoying it all on screen : we quiver with the guys and the hot cummy finale on Jace's face was a well deserved ending.

Christian, 26/May/2016

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