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Bonus Content: Fire Me Up Behind The Scenes HD

3.7/5 (Total votes: 31)


Added: 04/June/2016
Duration: 20 minutes, 3 seconds
Comments: 25


Director, John Smith, provides us with more behind-the-scenes action - this time from his recent movie, FIRE ME UP. From Chad Johnstone playing with a blue emergency light under the bed-sheets, to some rather provocative hose-play courtesy of Johny Cherry and Thomas South, these boys are out to have fun. All the same, it's a hard job - but as Smith always says, someone has to do it!

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Adorable! The cutiest boys from the last shootings mixed up in a wonderful BTS..this is what I meant in my last see the boys just as they are, unadorned and just humane. Hope to see much more of this material regulaly. Besides Johny and Danny are so cute, like cherrys ;-) Keep them forever, staxus :-)

Chris, 04/June/2016

So nice seeing all those sexy boys around set =) Here I go with the same ol' comment but I think there was a bit too much music no need to mask the guys giggling, talking in their native language, John giving them directions etc, hearing all of those things would really add to the BTS experience =)

biggerthebetter, 04/June/2016

@biggerthebetter for the third time staxus made the same fault with the loud distractive music..don`t they learn from us members who claim about..;-) but the rest was fantastic, wasn`t it?!

Chris, 04/June/2016

Well there was less music in this BTS clip as compared to some other recent ones =) I think a little music can be nice (and perhaps a little may be needed if there's any unpleasant sounds), this bts material is really great on it's own no need to add lots of music =)

biggerthebetter, 04/June/2016

Je partage entièrement l'avis des deux autres intervenants sur cette musique exagérément forte au point d'en devenir au bout de vingt minutes très désagréable pour mes vieilles oreilles de quinquagénaire bien avancé. Ceci étant dit, j'aime beaucoup ce genre de séquences qui permettent de découvrir tout le travail effectué en amont par John et ses collaborateurs pour produire d'exceptionnelles réalisations. Cette scène bonus s'est beaucoup attardée sur le magnifique petit Johny qui est pour ma part et à l'heure actuelle le minet le plus mignon et le plus craquant de toute l'industrie. A l'avenir, il serait néanmoins opportun d'envisager de baisser les décibels de façon significative.

Pascaloux, 04/June/2016

What is the purpose of the annoying music that seems totally unrelated to the visual content?

Steve, 28/June/2016

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