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Staxus Classic: Doctor Dick - Scene 3 - Remastered in HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 33)


Cley Ozzborn, Max Fonda

Added: 07/June/2016
Duration: 18 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


Let’s face it, if Cley Ozzborn didn’t want other guys to perve over his beautiful, pert arse then maybe he should’ve thought twice before trying to do a bit of maintenance on his ski-bike in such a position that his ass is stuck up in the air. Then again, maybe it’s a deliberate act on his part. Whatever his motives, he sure as fuck gains Max Fonda’s attention – as the handsome bulge in his mate’s jeans clearly demonstrates.

Needless to say, Ozzborn is soon taking advantage of the situation – turning his attention away from his bike in favour of Fonda’s straining crotch, and promptly exposing the thick, meaty shaft that’s clearly gagging to be examined. A task that Ozzborn undertakes with relish; before his buddy returns the favour, positioning himself so that the two buddies can rub their cocks against each other. It’s a horny little show from both lads, that’s for sure; but the temperature in the room only increases when Fonda decides to take his adoration of Ozzborn’s arse that one stage further by rimming the tight little pucker for all it’s worth.

That, of course, is but a delicious prelude to a truly magnificent round of fucking that sees Ozzborn pounded like a bitch; before the action takes a very nice twist and the two lads flip-flop positions. The sight of Fonda being banged over the ski-bike will almost certainly get the juices flowing for most folk; but it’s surely seeing Ozzborn lap at his mate’s erupting shaft whilst he himself continues to pummel Fonda’s arse-hole that will push you over the edge. All nicely wrapped up by him then white-washing the hole for wraps!

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Since I've stopped reading the mostly annoying, absurdly hyped-up synopsis before watching a video, it has been much more fun. Like in this case, the really unexpected twist of this scene turning into a flip-flop. Although this video must be really old even for "Staxus Classics" standards, I liked it - it's somehow "natural" in a way I can't really define exactly. - Especially liked the simultaneous sucking while fucking after the switching of roles. All in all, 4/5 for me :)

NmFs, 07/June/2016

This is a really great classic. Good snow scene as an opening setting. Then quickly on with the action. Both of these guys are extra sexy. Together they are breath-taking. I just love the rimming and the flip flop. They both seem to love fucking each other. Great touch where Cley sucks Max's cock whilst fucking him. So horny!

Ryan, 07/June/2016

Agreed with the comments written before! This is really a special classic in high quality, remember it exactly cause I´ve watched it as often as possible but never was bored of it! Cute boys and the dicks...mhh meaty and juicy..:-) 4,5 of 5 definately one of the best classics!!!

Chris, 07/June/2016

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