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Staxus Classic: Doctor Dick - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 33)


Marco Bon Phoenix, David Garret, Miky Krejn

Added: 14/June/2016
Duration: 26 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Even the passing of time has not made the start of this scene appear any less comical than when it was first produced – young Miky Krejn visiting his doctor (David Garret) to explain that his boyfriend’s cock is simply too big for his tight ass-hole and that it’s affecting their love-life. After all, as medical problems go this one seems trivial in the extreme; and you can tell by the smirk on Garret’s face that the lads find the scenario rather amusing.

What’s more, the humour only ratchets up still further when Krejn – having had a dildo thrust up his arse! – is sent out of the doctor’s room and encounters fellow patient, Marco Bon Phoenix, who is obviously curious as to why the guy is sat in such a peculiar position. When Krejn explains that he has a sex-toy inserted in his guts, Bon Phoenix immediately wants to see – at which point the tone of the scene quickly turns much more sexualised. Indeed, it’s barely a few moments before the über horny Bon Phoenix removes the aforementioned dildo from Krejn’s fuck-hole and replaces it with his own thick, uncut cock! At which point Garret suddenly steps out of his office, questions what’s going on, and then quickly demands that the two fellows step inside the room.

Cue a truly fabulous trio with three of the hottest, horniest lads in the business at the time, which sees Krejn literally treated like a sex-object by the two tops; and which ultimately results in the lad getting his arse-hole splattered in lashings of creamy, hot spunk! Little wonder that the boy can resist jerking out his own heavy pent-up wad all over his belly!

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Very beautiful.Loved every moment. Three Gorgeous Cocks. xxx

pugs , 14/June/2016

A well thought out scene for its originality and artistic beauty - not to forget the three stunningly lovely actors!

coemegan, 14/June/2016

Amazingly well worth seeing classic that I remember having often watched in the mid 2000..Especially the boy with the highlights in his hair is absolutely my cup of tea, think he is Miky?! This classic is above average! Congratulations

Chris, 14/June/2016

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