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Football Focus 2, Sc.4: Horny Players Head For A Spunky Shower-Room Spit-Roasting! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 46)
Added: 10/July/2016
Duration: 31 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


For some guys it’s the ninety minutes on the pitch that counts. But for others, it’s what goes on after the game that really matters. If you class yourself in the latter of those categories, then rest assured this scorching hot trio – featuring STAXUS regular, Joel Vargas, and gorgeous newbies, Mike Cole and Zane Pieters – will most definitely be of significant interest. For having taken time out for a kick-around outside, the three beauties head for the showers, where they quickly strip down and start splashing about in the water.

Of course, you don’t need to be a genius to realise that their seemingly innocent cavorting is but a prelude to something far more hardcore – the fact that they’re all sporting quite remarkable hard-ons tells you that! Indeed, all three lads are soon energetically gyrating against each other; before Cole and Pieters finally succumb to their youthful desires and simultaneously begin to slurp on Vargas’s handsome cock. That signals the start of what can only be described as near hero-worship of the older lad’s body, with the two buddies eagerly rimming Vargas’s arse; before Vargas asserts his authority and starts to bang Cole’s pert little ass.

Cue the beginning of a truly terrific fuck-fest that’ll almost certainly blow you sky high – Vargas fucking Pieters, Pieters fucking Cole, Vargas fucking Cole fucking Pieters! All of which culminates (unsurprisingly) in a succession of cumshots – first Cole, then Vargas, then Cole again! Before Pieters finishes things off by jerking out a heavy wad of prime goo, which his two filthy-minded mates very eagerly lap up!

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Yes ! I dont know if this happens in the Euro-2016 :) but unquestionably this is an excellent way to have a good time after a match. Mike is indeed a good bottom and Vargas was very good (as always) and it was so nice watching mike lickin' his hole :). Great moment of sex. And very wet by the way :)

Vaclav, 10/July/2016

YUM! another one of those super sexy staxus threesomes =D

biggerthebetter, 10/July/2016

Yes I loved it when Mike licked Joel's hole. He seemed to like the experience very much. The fucking in line was great as always. Sweet Mike got so hot being in the middle he couldn't hold back and his cum pumped out a shade early. Who could hold it back in that situation. Daisy chain fucking is such a great experience, and mind blowing when reaching orgasm. This is a great scene to watch. Zane is a great newcomer. Nice cock and asshole too.

Ryan, 10/July/2016

This innovative trio is great. The boys are playfull and all very nice ; so cute Mike evolves to be a great performer, also as a good top. His gready rimming of Joel under the shower was so nice and the newbie Zane, versatile and hot, makes here a remarquable start. Thanks to all.

Christian, 10/July/2016

C'est un grand moment de voir Mike Cole pris en sandwich entre Joel Vargas et Zane Pieters jouir de façon imprévue avant la fin de la scène... ce qui ne l'empêche pas de remettre ça après! Allez, je me mets au football !

Jerry, 10/July/2016

Joel Vargas is the reason I became a member of

AlecB, 10/July/2016

The complete scene was in one word perfection and was very very wet..;-) Even the beginning starts promising when cute Mike and ne boy Zane enter the bathroom with hard dicks, was so yummy! The rest was enchanting. Enjoyed every second til I exploded!

Chris, 10/July/2016

@staxus: One question keeps myself busy for a long time. Would like to know if the most or many of your models are also gay in their reallife? Or is it like at Belami where almost every model is bi or even straight?

Chris, 10/July/2016

hi i guess at this point most of our models are guy, a few bi and a small amount straight.

steve, 13/July/2016

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