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Staxus Classic: Bareback Frat Pack - Scene 4 - Remastered in HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 24)


Dominik Day, Johan Volny, Martin North

Added: 23/July/2016
Duration: 7 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Whether he likes it or not, young Dominik Day – who in truth looks something of a surfer-boy with his curly bleached-blond hair – has a bit of a reputation. Whether you consider it to be a positive or negative aspect of his personality depends very much on what you think of someone who sneaks off to have a wank in the college toilets between lessons; but it’s clear that both Martin North and Johan Volny are more than just a little smitten with the fellow’s antics. So much so that (first) North and (later) Volny follow the lad into the restroom in order to catch a glimpse of the guy in full wanking glory.

Their response to the fellow’s self-abusing tendencies is very different, however. North quite simply can’t contain himself, and immediately heads to the urinals so that he angrily work out his own load of spunk to relieve the tension. Volny, in contrast, shows a distinctly more controlled reaction, as you’d probably expect from the oldest of the two. Instead of simply jerking himself off, he climbs over the wall of the toilet cubicle and literally jumps in front of a flabbergasted Day.

But the horned-up wanker’s surprise is only magnified further when Volny bundles him over the toilet seat and thrusts that infamous shaft of his straight up the boy’s arse! It’s a move that clearly meets with Day’s approval right from the off, as he moans and groans his satisfaction; but it’s clearly Volny who’s getting the greater part of the benefits of this sticky encounter, culminating in the legend spewing what seems like the entire fucking contents of his ball-sac all over Day’s pretty face!

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I hate it when they keep their shirts on and you can't see their defined bodies!

mark, 23/July/2016

Very nice models, very sexy, but not such a good video by standards of today. Viewers like to see sucking, and close up asshole shots, and many like rimming (for me it's almost essential). But it does have bareback, and the models are sexy. I give it 3 stars.

Ryan, 23/July/2016

This was a time in the past when Johan Volny stood infront of the camera on his own. Nowadays he is used to film for staxus and produce own gayclips. For me this video is just average, nothing special, there are much much better classics as we all know...

Chris, 23/July/2016

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